Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal’ Season 3, Episode 4


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“Scandal” keeps peeling back the layers on Operation Remington, and it’s getting murkier by the minute. Here are my ten most memorable moments from episode 4 of Scandal season 3 titled “Say Hello To My Little Friend.”

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1. Devil Dad – Olivia wants Jake out her house because she thinks she is protected from her dad’s evil ways. He tries to explain to her that her pops more of a beast than she can imagine but she doesn’t want to hear it because she knows he’s right.

2. Redwood Johnson case – The Gladiators latest client is Senator Richard Meyers, who is accused of murdering a girl he was sexting named Desiree Oaks. The married congressman’s kinky communications to the girl are some of the last before she’s found dead so it makes sense that he’s a prime suspect. Olivia begrudgingly takes him on because they’ve had shortage of clients lately from her own mess. This is also why I think she was in more gray and bold patterns this episode. There’s no white hat on right now because she’s doing things just for money, instead of because she believes its right.

3. Mellie Mouths Off – Re-election season is fast approaching and one of President Fitzgerald’s opponents is Congresswoman Josephine Marcus. Mellie isn’t worried about her as a threat and after a press conference she has, she confides in another congresswoman that Josephine is “trailer trash.” What she didn’t know was that her confidante’s mic was still on so press picked up her insult and she was in hot water. You GOT to be more careful!

4. Peter Fosters funeral – When Fitz finds out that a navy guy named Peter Foster is found dead, he inquires about it and realizes that the man isn’t getting a real memorial. Peter is the person who tried to run into the Oval Office in the last episode to talk about Operation Remington but he was tackled before he could speak to the President. Fitz calls the office of Veteran Affairs to get him a proper burial at Arlington cemetery. He shows up to the funeral, which was small and only attended by Peter’s sister. Huck was watching from afar, realizing that the person he killed in the trailer was this dude.

5. Folder of Clues – Jake knows about Operation Remington and he wants to let Liv in on the info he gathered from recording a conversation between Rowan (aka Command) and Cyrus. When he goes to the Gladiator office to explain to Olivia, she dismisses him because she wants no parts of the trouble. She may not want to hear what he has to say but Huck secretly does and he realizes that the numbers tatted on Peter was on the folder Jake left behind.

6. Shelley Meyers Testifies – The Senator’s wife is his alibi and his real chance for freedom so when she takes the stand to testify, David Rosen points out her bias. Of course she wouldn’t want him to go to jail. Except she would IF she thought he killed the Desiree girl. Shelley says she knows her husband is a terrible person with perv tendencies and she doesn’t love him. BUT he was at home the night Desiree got murdered. She single-handedly got him acquitted, and after the trial Liv finds out that SHELLEY was the real murdered. Not her husband. WHOA!

7. Jake and Huck at Olivia’s – Finally, Huck knows that Jake is on to something so the two of them visit Liv with the information they’ve discovered. Operation Remington was a Gulf War Naval mission with 6 guys (5 on the ground, 1 flying). The one guy flying was Fitz Grant! Peter was tatted with coordinates of the flight, but how did he end up taking the fall for whatever happened? We don’t know. Yet.

8. New Info on Josephine – Cyrus had sent one of his aides to Montana where Congresswoman Josephine Marcus is from to gather dirt. Ethan comes back and says the only info he was able to gather was that when Josephine was 15, she entered the hospital pregnant but came out without a baby or proof that she was ever with child. But best thing about this moment was Cyrus telling him he shouldn’t be rocking cowboy boots because, ”This isn’t the Bush White House. We wear shoes. Thinking man shoes.” HA!

9. Curious Quinn, Snapping Huck – Quinn has been buzzing around Huck asking him questions since seeing him at his AA meeting talking about his “whiskey” addiction. She keeps prying for information and finally, Huck snaps and tells her to stop being so curious. He knows that she’s only asking about whiskey (aka killing) because she wants to know how it feels. Welp! Baby Huck is feeling the itch, huh?

10. Commanding Attention – As Liv sits on her couch trying not to lose her mind from all the chaos around her, Jake is trying to calm her down and assure her that she isn’t alone in the madness. Just then, her phone rings and it’s President Fitz. Jake asks if she wants more wine and it cut their convo short because… well. No one wants to know their love is spending the evening with someone else.

Fitz hangs up and walks into a building with SSA Tom and Hal. They walk into an office and it’s Eli Pope’s! The President knows who Command is and says “This is a reunion.”

ANNNDDD I feel like Pandora’s box just opened. What is happening and how does Fitz know who Command is so personally? Also, does he know that Rowan is Olivia’s dad? Also, is he a member of B613 too? So many questions and not enough answers!

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