CNN Eyes Entry Into Late-Night Comedy Arena: Report

Former ABC newsman Bill Weir might be hosting a comedic late-night show on CNN (Photo: Getty Images)

Newsman Bill Weir might become “funnyman Bill Weir” and CNN might morph into the Comedy News Network under a reported plan to develop a light-hearted late-night show.

Weir would host the as-yet unnamed show, which is described as “in development” in this story in the New York Post.

Weir, 45, was hired away from ABC earlier this month. He was one of the rotating anchors on ABC’s “Nightline” (now seen at 12:35 a.m. weeknights), and will officially join CNN next month.

The Post story cites unnamed sources who are billing this new project as CNN’s answer to TV’s two satirical news shows — “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

The story credits CNN President Jeff Zucker with pushing this news-as-comedy idea, but as one source in the story points out, “CNN has always been straight news. This would be a big gamble.”

The Post story notes that rumors circulated only in the last few weeks that CNN sought to hire John Oliver, the “Daily Show” contributor who received rave reviews when he subbed for Jon Stewart last summer. Oliver reportedly passed because he is still under contract with “The Daily Show.”

CNN had no official comment on the Bill Weir story in The Post. Nor was Weir himself apparently available for comment.

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