‘Revenge’: The Revenge-Free Episode

Nick Wechsler and Karine Vanasse on "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

There was very little revenge in this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Control.” Unfortunately, there was no red Sharpie and the soundtrack did not feature Janet Jackson’s “Control.” But we did find out who sabotaged Conrad’s brakes and got to see a glimpse of a highly anticipated sex scene.

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Who Tried to Kill Conrad?

Aiden (Barry Sloane) persuaded Emily (Emily VanCamp) that he should be the one who figured out who attempted to kill Conrad, and succeeded at killing the poor priest. Aiden told Conrad (Henry Czerny) that if he hired him to find the saboteur, he would get Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to reconcile with him, which was suddenly a big concern for Conrad. Aiden claimed that Jack turned Charlotte against him. Conrad offered Aiden a permanent job if he sent Jack to prison. So Aiden showed up in Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) room holding a baseball bat. Jack had no idea who he was, which seemed unlikely, though the two technically never shared any screen time. Aiden said Conrad hired him to get rid of Jack. He took the assignment to give Jack a chance to leave town.

Victoria (Madeline Stowe) told Emily that Conrad believed Jack sabotaged his brakes. Emily went straight to Jack, who told her he was sending his baby away until Emily finished getting revenge. When he described the British guy who menaced him, Emily realized it was Aiden and assured Jack that he was working with her. Jack made a dramatic speech about how he had no idea who Emily was and wondered what happened to the little girl he played with on the beach. He pointed out that she couldn’t even trust the people who were on her side.

Emily blasted Aiden for his actions. He asked if she loved him, then pointed out that she played right into Victoria’s hands by going to Jack. She ordered Aiden to clear Jack’s name.

Aiden lied to Victoria that Emily did not visit Jack. He informed her that the sabotage was an inside job. One of her children did it. He assured her that he was aligned with her, not Conrad. Victoria told Conrad that Charlotte tried to off him because she blamed him for Declan’s death. Charlotte confirmed it, claiming she felt so guilty she couldn’t face him. Conrad instantly forgave her. But Charlotte was lying because she thought Conrad was blaming Jack for what was an accident. Patrick was actually the saboteur. Was he once again working with Victoria? Stay tuned.

Watch Sunday Night’s Episode of “Revenge” Below:

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Nolan and Patrick Get Shirtless

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) dropped by the gallery to see Patrick (Justin Hartley). They haven’t spoken since their big kiss. Patrick claimed that Victoria knew he was gay, which would explain their overly intimate vibe. Then he revealed that he knew Nolan visited his ex-wife. Hilariously, he told Nolan that if he has questions, he should ask him rather than going behind his back because he does not play games. Apparently, swindling a woman out of her art gallery and killing a priest constitute open, honest behavior in Patrick’s world. Nolan later explained his actions were a defense mechanism from being hurt so many times and sincerely apologizes. After a pretty sincere heart-to-heart with Victoria, in which Patrick avoided mentioning the gender of his crush, Patrick dropped by Nolan’s place and busted a move. There was more kissing, then Nolan took off Patrick’s shirt unaware that he might be having sex with an evil schemer. Again.

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What’s the Deal With Margaux’s Dad?

Margaux asked Jack to be her date to the launch party for Voulez. Nobody had any fun at the party. Margaux’s father, Pasquale, was a no show, as was Jack. Victoria, who claimed to have known Pasquale since before Margaux was born, advised her to learn to control him instead of seeking his approval. The timeline doesn’t work at all, but could Pasquale be David, who has faked his death and started a new life in France?

Emily showed up late because she was talking to Jack. He accused her of no longer being invested in the relationship and again called off the wedding.

The next day, Margaux confronted Jack about standing her up. He told her the half-truth that he could not come because there was an intruder in his house. Her anger turned to concern and they kissed, with far less heat than Nolan and Patrick. Emily, lurking as always, saw them and was disappointed that the man who has repeatedly said he wanted nothing to do with her kissed someone else.

Emily Is Almost Sincere With Daniel

Nolan advised Emily that if she wanted to win Daniel back, she needed to share a piece of herself because Daniel had figured out that she was insincere. After Aiden apologized to her, and they kissed, Emily showed Daniel a childhood picture of the real Emily AKA Amanda with her parents. In a well-written scene in which she was both lying and telling the truth, she told him she grew up in a house just like the one she lived in now, and that she still felt the pain of losing her parents, so she pushes people away. Moved by her revelation, Daniel reconciled with her.

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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