‘DWTS’: Guest Judge Cher on Her Own Foot Injury: ‘I’m Pretty Much in Constant Pain’

Cher (Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

The legendary Cher, who will be guest-judging the celebrity competitors on Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” revealed to xfinityTV that she suffered an injury years ago that has prevented her from dancing herself!

“Several years ago I was at a gym and a piece of equipment came off the wall and crushed my foot,” the singer and Oscar-winning movie actress said during a conference call to promote her “DWTS” gig.

“And I was in rehearsal so even though it was a compound fracture, I was supposed to wear a cast — six weeks, eight weeks, something like that — but I didn’t.”

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The multi-talented star confided, “I took it off after two weeks and started dancing on it immediately because I had to be in Las Vegas and the doctor told me at some point you’re going to wish you’d done the right thing and I’ve just been dancing on it all these years, but year by year, it’s gotten worse and [my movie] ‘Burlesque’ kind of put it over the edge because we had 16-hour days and unbelievably high heels, so now I almost have a hard time walking.”

Cher revealed that though her fans “probably don’t notice I’m in motorcycle boots almost the whole time. Every once in awhile I can get into my high heels, but the procedure I have to have is pretty intense and I have to have it soon now because the longer it waits, the harder it is to actually get around.”

The star will be performing her songs “Believe” and “I Hope You Find It” on Monday night’s “DWTS,” but don’t expect to see her do much dancing — because of her injury.

She explained a doctor will soon be going in and cleaning out “all the scar tissue and they have to go in and separate the bones and stuff like that. The doctor said it was just a one-shot deal and it just is kind of a straight-ahead operation and it’s one procedure, [but] it takes time to heal.

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“It’s that I can’t run around. I’m pretty much in constant pain. But the pain is not that bad all the time. It’s just really bad sometimes. But I’m tired of doing it now and it’s only getting worse so I just want to get it taken care of.”

Cher told xfinityTV her doctor has operated on basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal and “I’m much littler than him. I’m excited about it, too, because then I’ll be able to get back in my high heels and there’s not a girl that likes wearing high heels more than me!

“I really haven’t been able to do that. I wear them every once in a while. I have one pair of heels that I can wear — a pair of black patent leather. I think they’re Yves St. Laurent shoes. But I pay for it afterward, but at least I can get into them some of the time. Otherwise, I kind of work in my motorcycle boots because they seem to be the easiest to deal with,” Cher said.

“Dancing with the Stars” airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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