‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Bailey Wrecks Her Relationship With Her Husband & Her Mentor

Jason George of "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

Thursday night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Thriller,” put a medical twist on the Halloween episode, cleverly using horror movie-style camera work and music, along with patients who seem slightly supernatural, to put a fresh spin on the show’s typical bizarre medical problems and relationship angst. It’s also Opposite Week as the selfish Arizona is empathetic and the usually awesome Bailey is just the worst.

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Bailey Does Not Appreciate Her Perfect Husband

Richard (James Pickens Jr.) needed surgery on his cyst. He told Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to select a resident to perform it because he wants them to learn. She found reasons to reject all of them. Richard told her that she was the problem because she won’t let them learn. He kicked her off his case. Her husband Ben (Jason George) surprised her with a visit because Halloween was his favorite holiday and he wanted to spend it with his family. Bailey, of course, does not see the point of making a big deal about Halloween because she hates anything that is not work related. After making an adorable, elaborate mad-scientist costume for her son, he told her he was quitting his surgical residency to move back to Seattle. He explained that the long-distance marriage was not working, and he loved her more than surgery. Instead of being thrilled, she told him she was disappointed in him. She is upset about the big changes without consulting her. And because, apparently, she considers being an anesthesiologist instead of a surgeon to be slacking.

Murphy Gets Bitten by a Zombie

Murphy (Tessa Ferrer) spent the night at Arizona’s house, because she is completely okay with being the booty call for someone who previously rejected her. She bolted in the morning apologizing for spending the night and annoyingly claiming she is “easy peasey.” A patient who thinks he is a zombie, but is actually just a violent drug use who miraculously survived being shot in the chest, bit Murphy on the neck with such ferocity that he leaves a tooth behind in her bloody wound. She had to wait for the results of an HIV test before she could go back to work. Arizona found her crying and waited with her, sharing the story of the time she got stuck with a needle and had the same anxiety. Murphy turned out to be fine.

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Meredith and Cristina Are Still Broken Up

Richard asked Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to take over his case. She told him she doesn’t have time. He apologized for saying she should have let him die, expressing gratitude to her for saving him. She relented and supervised Jo, who successfully removed his cyst. Meredith had mended fences with her surrogate father, but her friendship with Cristina (Sandra Oh) was still on the rocks. She did not invite Cristina to the Halloween party she was throwing for doctors with kids. When Cristina found out, she awkwardly told her to stop by for a drink, then texted her that she should bring cupcakes if she decided to come. She discussed the situation with Owen (Kevin McKidd), who advised her not to overthink it and just show up. But when Cristina arrived and saw the room full of parents and children, she dropped off the cupcakes and left before anyone noticed her. She went to Joe’s Bar where she encountered Shane, whose knight costume should have had a sign on it that said, “Welcome to the gun show.” He had exorcised a few demons when he took over treatment of one of Heather’s former patients, an old woman who didn’t have the money to pay for her asthma medication. He bought her a drink. Given the knack he showed for cardiac surgery last week, they could be Burke and Yang: The Next Generation.

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Jo and Alex Make Up

Alex’s (Justin Chambers) daddy issues impacted the way he treated the father of a little girl whose adrenal glands had stopped working. He harshly judged the man when the girl sneaked away from her room because he was making a phone call when she left. Meredith informed Jo (Camilla Luddington) that Alex acts like a jerk whenever he feels vulnerable. So Jo apologized to him for encouraging him to give his dad a second chance. He forgave her, perhaps because she was dressed like Tinkerbell.

Odds And Ends

  • Meredith’s grant was approved.
  • With help from Ben, Derek figured out a new surgical procedure.
  • Stephanie got Lasik, went back to work too early, then freaked out about her bad vision. Jackson, having learned from his relationship with the high-strung April, was supportive and calmed her down.
  • Emma dumped Owen because he never told her he used to be married, which she took as a sign that he was not ready to date. He left her an awkward, apologetic voicemail and they started talking again.
  • Arizona and Callie declared a ceasefire so they could both spend Halloween with their daughter.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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