Jimmy Fallon Gets His Ear Pierced By Harrison Ford: Watch

by | November 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM | Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Harrison Ford and Jimmy Fallon on Friday night's "Late Night" (Photo: NBC)

Who wouldn’t want to be like Harrison Ford?

Apparently, not Jimmy Fallon. The host of “Late Night” welcomed Ford to his show as a guest on Friday, and allowed the famed “Star Wars” actor to do something nobody had done before… pierce Fallon’s ear.

“Harrison Ford pierced my ear on our show tonight. #ThereWillBeBlood,” Fallon wrote on Instagram, complete with a photo that showed a feather adorned earring hanging out of his lobe.

To top it off, Ford then wore the matching earring and posed with the talk show host.

“No joke. Harrison Ford pierced my ear. Then we wore matching earrings,” Fallon wrote.