Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal’ Episode 305


Operation Remington goes way deeper than we imagine and business is starting to crash with pleasure in Olivia Pope’s world. These are my top ten moments to remember from episode 5 of “Scandal” season 3: “More Cattle, Less Bull.”

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1. Sunday Dinner and Break In – Liv is at the Sunday dinner she promised her father and she is not happy to be there. She mentions her mother teaching her to one outspoken and he says she’s who she is because of him. They wrap up dinner and we see that Jake is at Rowan’s downloading something from his computer to a USB drive. He ALMOST gets caught by Eli, who comes home and looks around suspiciously.

2. Leo’s Loser Claims – Cyrus and Mellie are entertaining a man named Leo in the Oval Office. They want him to be Fitz’s campaign manager and he tries to be candid privately with Cy but First Lady insists he says what he needs to. Leo tells them that he cannot manage the President’s re-election campaign because “I don’t do losers.” OUCH! Apparently, Fitz’s latest scandals have tattered his image, and there’s desperation on his team.

3. Fitz’s Meeting with Rowan – Footage from the meeting between Fitz and Rowan Pope is captured on the jump drive. The President asks Command if anyone else is going to die because of some event that no one is checking for but it turns out that someone is checking! Operation Remington is being looked into, but they don’t know by who yet (it’s Jake and Huck).

4. The Basketball Game – Jake is picked up by 4 men and told to get in a black car as he’s speaking with Huck on the phone. He’s taken to a basketball court and the President is waiting for him. The men play an aggressive pickup game and Jake tells Fitz that he knows about Remington.

5. Getting Poped! – Congresswoman Josephine Marcus has hired Olivia to help her keep her past on the hush. She had a baby at fifteen, and put her up for adoption. Five people in her hometown in Montana know about it, and since she’s running for president, they might talk. Liv sends the Gladiators there to find out what people know and to shut them up with money. At the same time, Cyrus has his boy Ethan there to get the people to talk and give a scoop to the press. Right when the one source they had was going to squeal, the Gladiators blackmail him. Ethan calls Cyrus to tell him “We got Poped!”

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6. Congresswoman Marcus’ Confession – The debate between Governor Reston and Congresswoman Marcus is about to start when Liv realizes that they’re planning on blowing the whistle on her teenage motherhood. She advises her to just do it herself.

7. Olivia’s Phone Crawl – Fired and feeling dejected, Liv is sitting in the Gladiator office when the phone she tossed in the garbage started ringing. It’s the phone she uses to communicate with the President. He’s hiding from his wife, who he doesn’t know is on the other side of the door. Liv helps him write his dinner jokes and he tells her he loves her.

8. Mellie’s Speech – Liv takes Jake to the White House Correspondent’s dinner, and she’s summoned by Secret Service Agent Tom. To her surprise, Mellie is who asked to speak with her. The First Lady asks Olivia to run the President’s re-election campaign because they were a good team, but also since “he can’t breathe when you’re not here. You’re everything to him.” Wow. 

9. Baby Huck’s Gun-Toting – While in Montana, Quinn was tasked with returning some tools the Gladiators used to the store they got them from. She couldn’t convince the store clerk to give her cash back so store credit was all she could get. She looks around and sees a case of guns and looks too hard at them. Back at the Pope office, she opens a case and it’s a silver handgun. Uh oh.

10. Huck’s Realization – When Jake gets home from the gala, Huck is there waiting for him with more intel on Operation Remington. During the secret mission, Fitz was in Iceland, and was involved in a plane crash that had 329 victims. He was ordered by the U.S. government to shoot the plane down. On the passengers list was a woman named Maya Lewis. Had she taken her husband’s last name, she would have been Maya Pope. Olivia’s mother was supposedly killed in the plane that Fitz shot down! And they both go to Liv’s apartment to tell her their discovery.

WOW! So many questions pop up. Does Fitz realize that Olivia’s mother was in the plane he was ordered to shoot down? Does he even know that Command is Liv’s father? And even more important: is Liv’s mom really dead? Next week’s episode will be revealing some truths and I cannot wait!

Watch Thursday Night’s New Episode of “Scandal” Below:

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