‘Revenge’: Emily’s Ultimate Plan Revealed

Nick Wechsler, left, and Gabriel Mann on "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

This week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Dissolution,” had a lot more genuine emotion than the typical episode, as Emily’s friends finally called her out for her selfish expectation that everyone will put their lives on hold to accommodate her plans, an intriguing character bid farewell, and Emily’s revenge took an unusual form.

The Bromance Gets Serious 

Charlotte (Christa Allen) told Jack (Nick Wechsler) she falsely confessed to tampering with Conrad’s brakes to protect him. When he told Emily (Emily VanCamp), she informed him that Patrick (Justin Hartley) did it. He’s annoyed that she left him out of the loop, given that he was directly involved. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) tried to break up with Patrick, claiming his life was complicated, but Patrick made an impassioned speech about their epic romance, saying that he didn’t understand why their friends and families got a vote on their relationship. They kissed passionately, just because Patrick is the sexiest priest-killer ever. Nolan told Jack he was dating Patrick. Jack told him that Patrick killed Father Paul. Nolan realized Emily told him, and, fed up with the charade, told Jack that it was ridiculous that they were both pretending not to know that Emily is really Amanda Clarke. In one of the best scenes in this show’s history, Nolan admitted that he always knew. Nolan told him: “If our relationship ended, at least it ended it truth.” But Jack was not ready to give up on their bromance. So they hugged it out. Then Jack told him that Patrick didn’t know Charlotte took the blame for him. He was concerned that Patrick could do something violent again. Nolan couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to him, so Jack offered to go above and beyond the call of wing-man duty and get rid of him. Jack once again had a plan that was more effective than Emily’s. He offered Conrad (Henry Czerny) a ceasefire, then told him that Patrick tampered with his brakes.

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Million Dollar Listing

Conrad decided to solve the Grayson family’s financial woes by selling the mansion. Emily was alarmed because she needed the house for the denouement of her revenge plot. Emily told Aiden (Barry Sloane) they need to do a take-down on the house. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was livid. She put the art gallery in Patrick’s name so Conrad could not touch it. Patrick pretended to question her decision. She told him she knew he tampered with the brakes. Patrick had no regrets about attempting to murder Conrad but pretended to feel guilty about killing Father Paul. Moved by the gift of a profitable business, he called Victoria “Mom” for the first time. Emily stole files from the assessors office, then arranged for the realtor to see a massive remodeling project at her house. Emily claimed that the foundations of every house on the beach were permanently damaged and the beach was eroding due to climate change. The realtor waved the Coastal Commission report that Emily had doctored in Conrad’s face. She accused him of trying to scam her and vowed to make sure other realtors didn’t work with him. Unfortunately, Emily did not cross out a photo of the house with her Sharpie.

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Victoria told Conrad that now that the family was truly broke, she had no reason to stay in the marriage. Emily freaked out because her plan once again had an unintended consequence. Aiden showed Victoria a roomful of gold bullion — the missing Grayson fortune. This begged a thousand questions about how and why they turned all that money into gold. Was Rumplestiltskin involved? Victoria confronted Conrad about the money. He had no idea what she was taking about but told her he knew Patrick tried to kill him. Victoria told Patrick to leave town for his own safety. They shared an emotional goodbye, though with his ownership of the gallery, it seems unlikely he’s gone for good.

Emily’s Ultimate Plan Revealed

Emily announced that she and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) decided that for their honeymoon, the entire family is going to take a yacht ride to Nantucket immediately after the wedding. The idea that they would want a bunch of people that they hate, and that hate each other, to go on vacation with them strained credibility even for this show, but no one questioned it. Aiden talked to Emily about the romantic trip they were going to take after she completed her revenge. Then they had sex. Nolan told Emily that Jack went to Conrad. Emily was mad that they went rogue. Nolan told her, “Aiden, Jack and I are the only moons circling planet Emily.” He opened up about how isolated he has been because of all the secrets she demanded he keep telling her, “All I ever really wanted was friendship.” Emily, chastened, shared her endgame with Jack and Nolan. She will disappear for good on August 8, when Victoria will be arrested for killing her.

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Daniel’s Dirty Little Secret Returns

When Daniel helped Charlotte pick up baked goods for the reopening of the Stowaway, to his shock, Sarah, the woman he nearly paralyzed in a drunk-driving accident, was working behind the counter. She told him that she was flat broke due to her medical bills since the Graysons screwed her over in the accident settlement. She read Daniel’s biography in Voulez and was incensed that he described the accident that ruined her life as a problem that had to be overcome. To his credit, Daniel did not tell her that Emily actually wrote the bio. However, instead of asking her how much money she needed and cutting her a check, he vowed to dig up the settlement, which he never even read. Daniel, pre-Emily, really was awful. Although, it doesn’t make sense that the Graysons would leave Sarah high and dry. At the time of the accident, the family was rolling in money. Paying her off was a way to ensure she didn’t go to the New York Post with her story. Charlotte told the bakery manager that Sarah was rude and got her fired, then she tracked down Sarah at home. Somehow, Sarah did not realize that Charlotte was responsible for her unemployment. Charlotte told her that Daniel changed and offered her a job at the Stowaway. Daniel saw Sarah at the opening and told her he now realized the settlement only covered her hospitalization, not her physical therapy. He missed her and her townie ways. She told him to grow a pair and stop hiding behind his parents. He vowed to earn her forgiveness.

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