‘Sleepy Hollow’ Returns: John Noble Joins Cast, Abbie & Ichabod’s Chemistry & Ichabod’s Clothes

John Noble on "Sleepy Hollow" (Photo: FOX)

Sleepy Hollow” fans have spent the past two weeks cursing the World Series’ existence.

Tonight, the show returns for the second half of its 13-episode season with “The Sin Eater,” an episode sure to delight genre television aficiandos. When Ichabod disappears, Abbie (Nicole Beharie) seeks help from the mysterious Henry, played by “Fringe” star John Noble. Noble and Ichabod himself, Tom Mison, previewed the important role Henry will play in Ichabod’s life, whether or not Ichabod will ever see Abbie as more than a mystery-solving colleague and if Ichabod Crane will ever change his clothes.

Here are five things to know about the return of “Sleepy Hollow”:

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1. Henry Will Be Ichabod’s Savior

John Noble’s character Henry is the titular “Sin Eater.” Noble explains, “What’s happened is Tom’s character has been kidnapped and he’s about to lose his life and they realize there’s only one way they can possibly save him and so Nicole’s character goes out and finds this old dude and he has special powers and they want him to help them find Tom and he very reluctantly does, and then ultimately, he turns up at the place and goes through a ceremony or a procedure to remove the evil in Tom’s character at great cost to himself and he saves Tom’s life.” Henry will stick around. Noble reveals, “I’m going to do three more [episodes] this season and then I’ll probably be back next year for quite a lot.” He hinted at Henry’s long-term story: “You will see a relationship develop between Henry and Ichabod, which kind of feels like a father/son relationship. “As for Henry’s connection to Abbie, “I think something cheeky and wonderful and a bit fatherly will come out of that at well.”

Watch an extended preview of “The Sin Eater” here:

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2. Ichabod and Abbie

Though Ichabod is on a mission to reunite with his wife, Katrina, who is trapped in a different dimension, most of the audience is rooting for Ichabod to get with the 21st century and have a modern romance with Abbie. “I think there is certainly something magic between Ichabod and Abbie. They’re forced together whether they want to be or not,” teases Mison. “They’re very different, and they wind each other up no end, but that’s when the sparks start flying … if anything was to happen between them, it would certainly be fiery.”

3. Ichabod May Reconsider His Retro Look

Ichabod has been wearing his surprisingly durable 18th-century outfit for the entire series. Apparently, old-world craftsmanship really was superior. Though the writers have established that Ichabod washes his only pair of pants, fans have wondered how long he can go without a change of clothes. Mison explains, “He’s 250 years away from home so anything that he can hold on to from his time, I think he certainly will. Any time you think of how much he stinks, just think of it as a big stinking security blanket that he carries around with him.” However, “You’ll see the question of clothes coming up.”

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4. Ichabod’s Past Is Explored

Viewers know that Ichabod was a spy during the Revolutionary War, but much of his past remains mysterious. Mison promises that in upcoming episodes, “We will see a lot more of him as the spy in the 18th century, that’s for sure. There are lots more flashbacks coming up when we get more and more involved in his life there.”

5. Ichabod Will Continue to Battle Technology

Though the Headless Horseman wants to kill him, Ichabod’s greatest 21st century foe has been technology. So far, he has had to cope with On Star, plastic packaging and coffee machines. Mison says that Ichabod’s not going to get used to his surroundings any time soon. “When we go into a new set, it’s always nice to have a look around and wonder what Ichabod would be attracted to or repelled by, and what would be baffling and it’s kind of, everything.

Everything’s new. There will be plenty more of that, and hopefully it will be just as fun as the stuff from before.”

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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