Kids Are Victims of More H’ween Hijinks from Kimmel & Co.: Watch

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After already placing dozens (if not hundreds) of kids in the stressful situation of losing all their hard-earned Halloween candy, Jimmy Kimmel assigned his cousin Sal the task of greeting trick-or-treaters at his home and, in some cases, scaring the you-know-what out of them.

It was all part of a bit called “Cousin Sal Tricks Trick-or-Treaters,” which was seen Tuesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

What were Cousin Sal’s tricks? Well, as you’ll see if you watch the clip, above, they ranged from benignly presenting the kids with a salad bar from which to choose “healthy” treats to frightening them with the sudden appearance of a monster with the head of a Giant Panda and arms made from those foam swimming-pool noodles.

The bit came one day after Kimmel unveiled the third edition of his annual Halloween YouTube Challenge, in which he invites parents to inform their children they ate all their Halloween candy and then videotape them while they throw tantrums and cry.

We posted that one earlier — right here:
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