Watch: Nancy Pelosi Delivers ‘Letterman’ Election Day ‘Top Ten’

by | November 6, 2013 at 8:38 AM | Late Show with David Letterman, TV News

David Letterman sought to shed some light on the legislative process, so he invited Rep. Nancy Pelosi to deliver the “Top Ten” list on “Late Show” Tuesday night.

The occasion was Election Day, but her list really had nothing to do with how our legislators get elected. Instead, the list was titled “Top Ten Things You Never Knew About the House of Representatives.” You can watch the whole thing, above.

Here’s a random sampling:

“No. 10: 19 representatives have gone on to become president; 10 have gone on to manage a Sizzlers!”

“No. 6: Every month, we’re tested for steroids!”

“No. 2: We have the power to impeach talk show hosts!”

Want more? Watch the entire Tuesday night “Late Show”: