‘Grimm’: Old Wesen Feud Takes a Mouthwatering Twist

David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch in this Friday's episode of "Grimm" on NBC (Photo: NBC)

Nick (David Giuntoli) was “un-zombiefied” by the end of last week’s episode of “Grimm” … or was he?

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Something happens on this Friday’s episode — titled “A Dish Best Served Cold” — that looks as if Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) cure didn’t have the same effect on a Grimm, who had been twice infected, as it did on humans.

It turns out there are residual effects from Nick’s encounters with Baron Samedi (Reg E. Cathey), but they are not what you expect. He actually has a lower than normal heart rate that has the doctor confused, but could also take Nick to the edge of death.

“It is both a good and a bad thing,” executive producer/showrunner David Greenwalt told reporters at an advance screening of the third episode of Season 3. “He can stay underwater longer, which will be coming up very soon. It will be a continuous thread. It’s not a quick remedy.”

Also on Friday night’s episode, an old Wesen feud rears its ugly head — and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is instrumental in helping Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) uncover and bring to justice the guilty party, who is preying on Blutbad.

Watch the latest episode of NBC’s “Grimm”:
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In addition to Greenwalt, XfinityTV spoke to Giuntoli and executive producer Jim Kouf to get the inside scoop on what we have to look forward to the rest of this season of NBC’s “Grimm”:

XfinityTV: What is the arc or theme for this season?

Greenwalt: Nobody is what they appear to be. People getting together and new life. “Grimm” started with the micro thing, which is a monster inside a human being, and we still do that on a weekly basis, but we have this macro thing of: What is wrong in the world and who is behind it? It turns out it is this royalty who wants to come back to power. The thing that is behind the thing that is behind the thing.

Kouf: It is changing relationships. We are pushing into the bigger, worldwide problems and how they are going to affect everybody.

One of the things you said at Comic-Con is that this season we are going to see what a Grimm looks like. Are we going to do that? What does a Grimm look like?

Greenwalt: It is a secret what a Grimm looks like. We may have misspoken. The thing about a Grimm is when a Wesen morphs, the Wesen can see the Grimm recognizing the Wesen. That is what it is. We don’t know what they see because we aren’t Wesen. It is the act of recognition that tells the Wesen that he is a Grimm.

Renard’s brother Eric wanted the Grimm for a reason. Are we going to find out why he wanted the Grimm and are we going to find out why Renard wants to protect the Grimm even though he is a Wesen?

Greenwalt: He who can control a Grimm has a great amount of power, both in the royal world and the resistance world. We are going to learn a little more about that as time goes by. There was a period of history when the Grimms served the royals and that is where the keys come from. There were seven Grimms and there were seven keys forged by these Grimms, who didn’t trust the royals to have them. They have been handed down through history that way. If you can get a Grimm on your side it is a cool thing. They are powerful and they can see Wesen.

Is Prince Eric (James Frain) really dead?

Greenwalt: I think he’s going to “Sleepy Hollow,” so I think he’s really dead, but you never know on our show.

Kouf: We have a great actor — Alexis Denisof — coming in.

Greenwalt: He could very well be another royal. He’s got that accent. He will be mostly in Europe.

Kouf: There are a lot of [royals], you know.

The relationship between Nick and Captain Renard still seems to be icy. What was the shift there?

Greenwalt: It is a matter of trust and neither one of them truly trusts the other. Renard has his own agenda and things he wants to accomplish. Nick has his own agenda and things he wants to accomplish. In one episode, they say, “Let’s take Renard to the trailer.” And Nick says, “I don’t think so,” not knowing that he has actually been in the trailer. I like that hard edge from Renard, saying stuff like, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you killed somebody.”

Bitsie Tullouch revealed in our last “Grimm” story that Monroe and Rosalie were going to get married, but they are different types of Wesen, so what happens when they have a baby?

Greenwalt: Not a baby, but all those issues are going to be dealt with. They are going to move in together. The fact that they are different types of Wesen is going to come to haunt them both pretty seriously about midseason. If there is going to be a wedding or not, you have to stay tuned.

Nick has changed over the seasons as he has gotten more used to his role as a Grimm. Does it feel different?

Giuntoli: The process of becoming a Grimm is much like the process of grief. You deny it. Then you bargain, and then you own and you accept it. I feel that Season 3 is acceptance. Of course, there are some more changes. I go ashen from time to time. There will be more of that to deal with it.

The ashen is staying around?

Kouf: When Nick becomes emotionally involved, sometimes he gets a little grey.

Will Adalind (Claire Coffee) have her baby this season and will the baby daddy’s identity be revealed?

Greenwalt: There is an answer to both of those questions. You’ve got to stay tuned. There’s a baby coming, we believe.

Will Nick’s mother return this season?

Greenwalt: That’s top secret.

Kouf: You just said yes, because you didn’t say no.

Does Renard consider himself to be Wesen? He says “them,” but it also sounds as if he might mean “us.”

Greenwalt: Renard belongs to whatever club is most advantageous at the moment, because he is royal, don’t forget. The fact that he is part Wesen, part royal, part “normal,” will come into play this year quite a bit as he tries to help the resistance coalesce.

Nick and Monroe have had two fight scenes so far this season. Are there going to be any actual issues between the two characters?

Greenwalt: There will be some issues. How much does Nick use him? How does Monroe feel about that? Are they really close, dear friends, or is it a thing of convenience? These issues will be raised later in the season.

Are we going to see any new Wesen this season?

Greenwalt: Oh, boy, are we! Next week we are going to see sexy, but quite dangerous mermaids. Then El Cucuy. We are going to explain exorcism and possession with a new kind of creature.

Giuntoli: We have a Christmas episode for the ages.

Is the tape of the bar fight going to come back to haunt anybody?

Greenwalt: Certainly, Renard has the tape, so you never know.

The “A Dish Best Served Cold” episode of “Grimm” airs Friday, Nov. 8, at 9/8c on NBC.

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