‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Surgery Wars 3D

Sandra Oh on "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

Watching Meredith and Cristina at odds on “Grey’s Anatomy” is just uncomfortable. They are the one constant in a hospital filled with dysfunctional romantic relationships that rarely last. So this week’s episode, “Two Against One,” was tough to watch. Not only did the feud between the two women intensify, but there was also a bizarre Bailey, who’s either losing her mind or has some sort of brain defect. At least Richard got his mojo back.

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A Fork in the Road

Everyone except Cristina (Sandra Oh) gathered to witness Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) first use of the 3D printer for her research project. She started slow, with a fork. People made fun of her, but she was buoyed with confidence from doing cutting-edge research. She and Alex (Justin Chambers) were operating on a teen with numerous liver tumors. During surgery, Meredith insisted she could remove a tumor in a difficult-to-reach place. Alex disagreed and advised a more conservative course of action. Ultimately, he and Stephanie banded together to challenge Meredith’s approach. She stormed out of the operating room. Meanwhile, Shane proposed to Cristina that they treat a baby with a faulty heart valve with an experimental Japanese treatment that involved using the 3D printer to print a conduit. Cristina rejected his idea because Meredith was using the printer for her research project. He argued that the printer belonged to the hospital, and they could save a baby’s life while only setting Meredith back a day. Cristina finally asked Meredith about it. She tersely told Cristina if she wanted to use it, she could submit a formal request to the hospital board. Alex called out Meredith for being reckless during surgery because she was trying to prove Cristina was wrong about her being a lousy doctor. He thought she was a bad surgeon during that operation. Meredith caught Cristina using her printer without her permission.

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What’s Eating Bailey?

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) got up at 4 a.m. because she smelled something in Tuck’s room. She made derisive remarks about Ben (Jason George) returning to his old job as a highly skilled doctor in a lucrative specialty that makes surgery possible. Ben arranged to be the anesthesiologist on her surgery and observed her odd behavior. She insisted Jo scrub in for a second time, lost focus during the procedure, then was convinced there was a problem when nobody else could see anything wrong. At home, Ben tried to talk to her about her behavior, also pointing out that she was obsessively touching her fingers. But Bailey insisted she was fine, offering up an old sandwich she found in Tuck’s room as proof she was right about everything. Could her problems stem for the MRSA infection she had last season?

Watch Thursday Night’s Episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” Below:

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Sexual Frustration

April (Sarah Drew) and Matthew (Justin Bruening) got a high score on a compatibility test that they were given by their priest. Matthew still had a complex about April being sexually experienced while he is a virgin. His solution is to have sex before the wedding. Though April was quite horny, she ultimately decided that she had worked hard to get back to living according to her beliefs to give it up. She suspected he would also regret it after the fact. The obvious solution would be to run down to City Hall to get legally married, so they could have sex prior to their formal wedding without breaking any religious rules, but they decided to wait.

Callie Gives Emma the Third Degree

Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) girlfriend Emma interviewed for a job. Callie (Sara Ramirez), in an attempt to figure out if she was right for Owen, asked her numerous inappropriate personal questions. She learned that Emma left a position at the Cleveland Clinic after divorcing another doctor who worked there. Callie’s strategy backfired. Emma turned down the job because she sensed that the entire staff was loyal to Owen and would hate her if they broke up.

Richard Treats a Patient

Richard (James Picksens Jr.) was supposed to walk around the hospital to improve his strength. He was reluctant to do it, but when a patient passed out outside his room, he ran to her and performed CPR. Afterward, he was exhausted but invigorated.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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