Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal’ Season 3, Episode 6

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If Operation Remington got any deeper, it’d be a 20-foot well in the ground. The more we find out, the more mystery remains and the more questions that arise. Below are my top 10 moments from Scandal episode 6, season 3.

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* Mama Pope’s Farewell – In a flashback, a young Olivia is at the kitchen table when her mom (who is filmed in shadows) gives her an extended hug and says a goodbye that seems more final than a “see you later.” Liv didn’t know then but it was the last time she’d see her mom.

* Oval Office Denial – Olivia shows up at the White House unexpectedly and Mellie gets excited because she thinks good news comes with her. She’s desperate to have her manage the President’s re-election campaign because “she wins elections.” However, when Liv comes in and asks for privacy, it isn’t to accept the position. It’s to ask Fitz about Operation Remington. However, he shuts her down with “When it comes to you, I’m an open book… When it comes to #OperationRemington, it does not exist!” WELP!

* Protecting Remington – Cyrus tells Rowan/Eli Pope that Olivia knows about Operation Remington, and it’s obvious that he doesn’t know that’s her dad. Rowan tells him he’ll deal with Jake. The poor guy might end up in a hole before he knows it.

* Crash Curiousity – In a flashback, we see a crying Rowan watching the news of the plane crash when his daughter walks in. He has to break it to her. In present day, Olivia calls her father and says she has many questions but is afraid that if she asks, he’ll kill the ones she loves since her dad is “that thing that goes bump in the night.” He tells her she can ask him one question and she makes it “Did you give the order to have my mother killed?” Rowan gives her a pretty straightforward “no.”

* Harrison Needs Help – Cyrus calls Harrison and wants him to make Liv drop Congresswoman Josie Marcus as client and it’s an absurd request until he makes it known that he is planning on blackmailing the Gladiator. He says the name “Adhan Salif” and it spooks Harrison. Salif is the old boss who spent years in jail while Harrison only served months for a long sentence. “If Adhan Salif sets foot on U.S. soil, I’m a dead man.” Huck offers to delete Salif’s visa application so he can’t enter.

* Dinner and Flirting – The First Couple, the Vice-President and her husband Daniel have dinner. It’s unfortunate that Daniel spends a decent amount of time flirting with Mellie who seems to be enjoying the make attention. This could prove disastrous because the VP, Sally Langston definitely saw her husband flirting and that evil eye was activated.

* Assisting Assassin – Quinn and her new gun are at a range practicing when Charlie shows up. He offers her some tips on being a better shooter and the Gladiator tries and it works. This is one mentorship relationship I do NOT stand behind. Later on, we see that Charlie is working for Rowan, and Quinn is part of a scheme she’s unaware of. EEK!

* Backfiring Interview – Olivia tries to convince Rep. Marcus to stop playing nice because “Nice doesn’t get you president unless you want to be president of Candyland.” After seeing an ad from Governor Reston’s camp saying that she can’t be trusted to really have a backbone when it counts, Josie gets righteously indignant and channels it well. She admonishes James (her interviewer) and Reston for their attempt to discredit her and gives an awesome read that humiliates James. And it turns out that the Gladiators created the ad. Makes sense.

* Security – Jake is digging into Operation Remington and he asks a mysterious woman named Kate to get him more info. They meet up at night in some deserted back street and he realizes he’s been followed. He turns around and Kate gets shot and killed with a bullet straight through her head. Kate seemed to have been working for Rowan and the guy who saved Jake’s life was security detail that Fitz sent to him.

* Denial – President Grant shows up at Olivia’s apartment with the intention to get her to work for him. She is preoccupied with thinking about Operation Remington, so she tells him about the 329 people who died in a plane that seemingly fell from the sky 22 years before. He maintains a stoic face as he tells her that he is not at liberty to discuss it. But Liv drops the bomb on him with “One of the bodies in the ocean was my mother. Do you still not know what I’m talking about?” It’s a bomb because he clearly didn’t know and his face betrays what he wants to be indifference. However, he still denies knowledge of the mission and he leaves.

Oh it’s getting mighty sticky. This episode of Scandal was called “Icarus” and the more they all get closer to the truth about Operation Remington, the more they will get burned. It’s only gonna get better. Fitz will not be able to deny the existence of this mission to Liv much longer.

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