‘Revenge’: Nolan Takes on His Own Take Down

Gabriel Mann on "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

Last week, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) castigated Emily (Emily VanCamp) for the negative effect her quest for vengeance has had on his life. In this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Resurgence,” he demanded to take the lead on the take down. Granted, the target of the week was an inconvenience to Emily but actually wronged him. Continuing the theme this season that everyone is better at revenge than Emily, he managed to use his virtual high-tech red Sharpie for the greater good.

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Let’s Get Bizzy

Conrad (Henry Czerny) decided that, now that the Grayson family fortune was restored, it was time to rehabilitate the family’s image. He hired a publicist, Bizzy (Ana Ortiz), who decided that a Fourth of July party would be a great way to reintroduce the Graysons to America and wanted Victoria and Emily to participate in photo ops together. Emily was concerned that Bizzy would get in the way of her grand plan to frame Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) for her murder, so she decided that she needed to take the publicist down. Nolan completely revised his anti-revenge stance, because years ago, to cover up a client’s press scandal, Bizzy outed Nolan to the press. His father never spoke to him again. That is an unusually realistic and poignant scenario for this show, although Bizzy certainly was not to blame for his father’s prejudice.

Emily mentioned to Bizzy that she used to be married and was concerned Victoria would find out, knowing that Bizzy would tell Victoria. Was Emily really married? To whom? Based on the similarity of their quests, her husband should be either Oliver Queen or Dracula. How did she find time? What does she want Victoria to do with this information? Unfortunately, we don’t find out the answer in this episode. At the party, Nolan lends Bizzy his reading glasses, which are equipped with Google glass so he can record her typing her password into her cellphone. The whale-cam has gone mainstream now. This is also the first use for Google glass that couldn’t be just as easily accomplished with a phone or tablet. In addition to learning all of her clients’ secrets, Nolan discovered that Bizzy was cheating on her devoted husband. He confronted her about what she did to him, informed him that he emailed all of her clients about her lousy security, effectively shutting down her business. Then he offered her a choice: either she ended her affair or he would tell her husband. How would he know if she stopped seeing her sidepiece if she bought a burner to communicate with him? Oh, who cares. Nolan’s kinder, gentler revenge was great. Bizzy even apologized for outing him.

Watch Sunday Night’s New Episode of “Revenge” Below:

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Daniel Wants to Eat Sarah’s Cake

Daniel (Joshua Bowman) noticed that Sarah added cupcakes to the menu at the Stowaway and decided to start to make amends for injuring and bankrupting her by giving her the money to start her own bakery. Well, that’s what he would do if he were a better person. Actually, he wanted to hire her to bake his wedding cake. Yes, he asked her to work for him. Maybe if she cleaned his house she could pay off the rest of her medical bills. Emily liked the idea. He invited Sarah to the party and reintroduced her to Victoria, who rudely asked her if she would be more comfortable watching fireworks in a field. Charlotte pointed out to her that Daniel was still attracted to Sarah and she might be able to break up Daniel and Emily. As they watched the fireworks and reminisced about their childhoods, Daniel went in for a kiss. Sarah pulled away. The next day, Victoria apologized to Sarah and offered to help her win back Daniel.

Nolan recorded Daniel and Sarah’s almost-kiss on Google glass. While drinking wine from one of Olivia Pope’s giant goblets, he played the footage for Emily, who vowed to make sure Sarah and Daniel had no future. Are the next few episodes going to be her removing obstacles to her plan that have in no way wronged her?

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Jack Gets Some

Jack (Nick Wechsler) couldn’t bring himself to do more than kiss Margaux (Karine Vanasse) when they went on a date. Men really don’t like pixie cuts. Actually, that was not the reason. She noticed he was still wearing his wedding ring and left. After a heart-to-heart with Nolan, Jack visited faux-Amanda’s grave and delivered a monologue complete with man tears about moving on. Then at the party, he apologized to her. Though they still did not have any chemistry, they kissed as fireworks exploded and then had sex. The next morning, she mentioned that she was meeting with Conrad about potentially publishing his biography but assured Jack that she would let Conrad think she would write a puff piece while actually ferreting out the truth about his dirty dealings.

Hit the Road, Aiden

Victoria ordered Aiden (Barry Sloane) to seduce Emily. He made a show of talking to her in public, but Daniel was unfazed. Once she realized that Sarah could be the key to wrecking Daniel and Emily’s relationship, she kicked Aiden out of Grayson Manor.

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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