Streampix Watch: ‘The Good Wife’ Recap: ‘Next’ Marks the Spot

Julianna Margulies and Josh Charles in happier days (CBS)

With all the turmoil of two weeks ago on ‘Hitting the Fan’ and then the morning after hangover of ‘The Next Day,’ Sunday night’s “The Good Wife” episode, ‘The Next Week,’ found the show getting back into its normal routine. If, by normal, you mean a DNA-fueled murder case involving “Weeds” star Hunter Parrish, a botched adoption that threatens Lockhart & Gardner with a $6 million lawsuit (and a $150k windfall for Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Florrick if she agrees to take her former firm’s side in a depostion); a webcam spy ring involving Alicia’s frisky daughter Grace (Makenzie Vega), and the return of her meddlesome gay college professor brother (Dallas Roberts’ Owen Cavanaugh), who tells Josh Charles’ Will Gardner the real reason his sister left the firm was because of her emotional entanglement with him. All in all, just another week in the life of Lockhart & Gardner and fledgling competitor Florrick & Agos as the two firms lob missiles back and forth at one another.

The episode gets underway with college student Jeffrey Grant (Parrish), whose father was an ex-client of Alicia’s, being stopped on suspicion of a DUI, then being taken to the local precinct where he’s administered, not a breathalyzer test, but the taking of a DNA sample, which apparently ties him to the murder of a fellow student he claims not to know.  After a receptionist intercepts his call for Florrick, Will takes over the case, and, with the help of Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda, traces the male familial DNA connection to first, a transsexual uncle (a woman turned man), and then a half-brother, who bolts when confronted by Kalinda. Nevertheless, Renee Goldsberry’s DA Geneva Pine charges Grant with murder, insisting the sample shows “100%” that it is his DNA underneath the fingernails of the victim. Parrish’s denial to Will, stating, “I don’t do drugs. I don’t sell them,” takes on a delicious irony when considering his previous role on “Weeds.”

Back at Florrick & Agos, Nathan Lane’s Clarke Hayden returns, finds the new firm’s books are a mess, and volunteers t work—for free—to help them get up and running, and only then take a retroactive salary, a deal that Alicia gladly agrees to.

Alicia receives a subpoena to return to her old home for a deposition on an adoption case gone awry, involving the genetic parents winning the rights to reclaim a child from Lockhart & Gardner’s clients, who in turn, file a $6 million lawsuit. She agrees to give the testimony provided she gets back the $150k capital contribution she made to the firm on being named a partner, prompting Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart to marvel, “Sometimes I look at you and I wonder if you’ve changed, or if you were always this way,” to which Alicia smirks, “I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn’t help but change.” Zach Grenier’s David Lee, who Alicia notes has wasted no time taking over her old office, has the week’s best line, sniffing, “Yes, after I cleaned the carpet of brimstone.”

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It turns out the child’s genetic father was part Chippewa Indian, giving the tribe the right to block the adoption, and it’s discovered someone in the firm authorized a $10,000 bribe to help it go through, which is traced back to Florrick & Agos member Bhavesh Patel’s deceptive Anthony Wright Edelman, whose testimony shifts the blame from David Lee back to Alicia, making her personally liable for the full amount. Edelman is then seen emerging from the deposition to accept a partnership at his old firm, further weakening the ranks at Florrick & Agos.

While on campus to investigate the Jeffrey Grant murder case, Will runs into Alicia’s brother Owen, who is shocked to learn that Alicia has ankled the firm. Owen later shows up at her apartment to confirm the news, catching her completely unaware. “Oh, this is very interesting watching you flail,” then admiring her resolve, “You’re in Warrior Princess mode.”

Finally, Alicia’s computer-savvy son, Graham Phillips’ Zach, discovers that both his mom and sister’s computers have been hacked and are presumably being snooped on, prompting Florrick and Hayden to disseminate false information, assuming David Lee is behind the eavesdropping. Turns out, it’s a classmate of Alicia’s kids, selling pay-per-view sneaks of Grace undressing in her bedroom, which sends Zach to the school to punch out the perpetrator, Josh Green’s Drew Stiles. The episode comes to an end, as a black-eyed Zach beams with satisfaction.


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