Who Gets the First-Ever Instant Save on ‘The Voice’?

Kat Robichaud (NBC)

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, both coaches never to win on “The Voice,” each lost a contestant on the first results show of the finals.

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Only 10 contestants were granted the opportunity to move on in the competition. Eight of them got a free pass, but the bottom three had to wait an extra five minutes while viewers furiously Tweeted pleas to save their favorite. Disclosure: I did indeed participate. And I was victorious.

But none of that could happen without a seemingly endless vaudeville of group numbers. The girls of the show opened with Sara Bareilles singing “Brave.” Later, the boys did not get to join a celebrity, but only accompanied themselves on “We’re An American Band.”

Of course, the best performances are always the ones with “The Voice” coaches. Tonight, Cee Lo’s team did B-52’s “Roam,” while Cee Lo himself had plenty of room to roam in some seriously flowy pants. Then Team Adam took the stage with coach to do “Hard Day’s Night.” Adam’s great and all, but his nasally voice and the Beatles should not mix.

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We also got our first confessional of the season, in which we learn that: 1) Austin Jenckes rides a unicycle, in addition to his scooter. 2) Christina has four dogs. 3) Caroline Pennell can indeed whistle. 4) Cole keeps a pen in his beard. 5) Adam got a cutie patootie new puppy!!!

And 6) Cee Lo is the proud parent of a menagerie of creatures. In addition to cameos by Purrfect the cat and Miss Lady bird, we met Tiny the enormous dog, Little Richard the pig, and Old llama. I’d also like to add to the strangeness of this all, that Cee Lo introduced his personal zoo while wearing a silver spacesuit.

Results were mostly doled out in pairs, with instructions on the Instant Save peppered in throughout the night by Carson Daly. First to safety were Caroline and Matthew Schuler. Next were Austin Jenckes and Tessanne Chin. Three of the best moved on next: Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury and Will Champlin. Lastly, Ray Boudreux and James Wolpert snagged spots in the Top 10.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/63284803538/Sara-Bareilles%3A-%22Brave%22/embed 580 476]

That left Kat Robichaud, Josh Logan and Jonny Gray. How to choose? First of all, it would do Cee Lo a great dishonor if he lost two teammates in one night. And Kat could potentially be badass, while Jonny and his moral invective via Phil Collins last night is just a bit too buttoned-up for this moment in time. And Josh Logan? Meh.

I was not alone in my thought process, as Kat was the first “Voice” contestant in history to move on with the audience’s Instant Save. Congrats to Kat, congrats to “The Voice” for getting us to Tweet on its behalf, and congrats to Old lama for making a fine television debut.

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