‘Bones’ Moves to Friday Night With Jury Duty, a Ghost Killer and Family Secrets

"Bones" Star Emily Deschanel (Photo: FOX)

FOX has announced several times previously that it was going to move “Bones” to a Friday night timeslot, but it never came to pass — until now. This Friday, Nov. 15, the series, which stars Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as her new hubby/FBI Agent Sealy Booth, finally makes the move.

“For a long time it was always upsetting when we would get moved around,” executive producer Stephen Nathan said in a conference call to promote the change. “We are team players. If they feel they need us someplace, we’ll go there. It’s always been proven that wherever we go, the audience follows.”

The subject matter of this Friday’s episode, “The Fury in the Jury,” is one that “Bones” fans won’t want to miss just because of the comedic possibilities involved. Brennan becomes a member of a jury in the case of professional soccer player Peter Kidman (guest star Brandon Quinn), who is accused of murdering his wife. And, understandably, she has trouble dealing with the other 11 members of the jury.

“It seemed [intriguing] to us, [to put] somebody, who is so incredibly logical and someone who would have the ability to uncover many more facts in a case, on a jury where their hands are tied, in terms of being an investigator, and they have to deal only with the information they are given,” Nathan told xfinityTV. “And Brennan, being supremely rational and logical, follows the judges’ instructions to the letter of the law, so that what she feels is utterly unimportant. She is only dealing with the evidence, and that gets us into a lot of trouble.”

Also on the call, Nathan shared more about Friday night’s episode, the new serial killer that Pelant (Andrew Leeds) cautioned Brennan about, special episodes that will feature Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Cam (Tamara Taylor), and more.

I would imagine that Brennan on a jury opens the door to a lot of comedy. Is this a funny episode?

In terms of being funny, it’s pretty funny having her around a jury, because she wants to be the foreperson, she is not the foreperson, if somebody asks a question in court, she answers. So, it really is Brennan going on a jury.

How does it feel to have the network move your show to Friday night?

Thankfully, this has happened, and this is just me talking, at a time when the days of the week really don’t mean all that much on television anymore. So many people time-shift a show; so many people watch it later. Our DVR numbers go up 35-40 percent sometimes in live +3 and live +7 day viewing, because we are opposite “The Voice.” People are going to watch that live because people are going to be talking about it the next day, and we’re the type of show that you can say, “I’m going to watch ‘Bones’ tomorrow night.”

We still have a large audience that watches us when we are on, but I am really not that concerned with Friday. I think all these loyal fans are going to come over to Friday, and if they don’t watch it Friday because they are going out or something, they’re going to watch us on Saturday, Sunday or the next Monday.

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Can you talk about what we’re going to find out from Hodgins’ past in upcoming episodes?

That’s going to be a little bit further down the line. I actually think that might not air until February, but I could just say very briefly that Hodgins finds out some things about his family. They were very, very wealthy, but he did have a very close family. He is going to find out some secrets about that family that are going to be quite surprising to him. It’s going to be very, very personal.

In another upcoming episode, Hodgins is sent out into the field, something he always loves a chance to do, because there is a murder that revolves around a family that was close to his family when he was growing up. So, he is going into a world of wealth that he no longer enjoys.

Before Booth shot Pelant, he was telling Brennan about a new serial killer. Is that going to be coming soon?

That will be reintroduced in the episode that I was just talking about, when Hodgins goes back to an old family friend. Brennan is the type of person who is not going to forget the words of warning that were given to her by Pelant, and that has been simmering for the past six episodes or so. We will see that surface in a way that concerns Booth and the other people at the lab. It is something they are all going to have to contend with, seeing how immersed and overwhelmed Brennan is by the idea of this new serial killer.

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Pelant wasn’t just a serial killer, he was your big bad. Is this new serial killer going to be a big bad like he was?

In terms of the serial killer, I think we have, in a strange way, gone in the opposite direction. We always feel that it’s best not to try to repeat ourselves. So, Pelant was such a big bad, was such a huge presence in everybody’s life, such an enormous and personal threat, that it’s very difficult to do that again.

So, we have another serial killer who is surfacing, one who has existed for many, many years, and who is anonymous, who we are actually calling the ghost killer. So, it’s a very ephemeral presence, sort of an evil that lurks in the shadows. Someone whose identity we are not even sure of.

When we find out the truth that many of these murders that have gone into limbo in cold cases are linked, we then have to find out who [the ghost killer] is. We are pointed in the direction, in the episode actually that we are shooting now that will be the first one back in January, but all that is happening is we are being pointed in a direction. We also haven’t, let’s say, felt the end of Pelant.

We had family members for the wedding, will any of them or others be back again this season?

What we are trying to do a little bit more this season is to highlight the personal lives and conflicts of a lot of our supporting cast. This is a family that has become so tight and so close that we get to see them through Booth and Brennan’s eyes. This season, we are examining a little bit more of Cam’s life, Hodgins’ life, and even the interns. Their lives, hopefully, become richer and a little bit deeper than they have been in the past.

Actually on that note, what will Cam’s storyline will be in the upcoming episodes?

For the next few episodes, we are highlighting Cam. We are going to be dealing with the struggle she is having with her identity theft, which also becomes an identity crisis. Doing the research on that is really fascinating, because most of the time the police do nothing. They can’t do anything. They don’t have the resources, and people are left to fend for themselves, and try to dig themselves out of a real horrible place. Fortunately, she has Angela (Michaela Conlin). So, we will be dealing with that and, eventually, dealing with the person who has stolen her identity.

In the past, you and [executive producer] Hart [Hanson] have mentioned that Booth had some anger issues, and as we know, he wakes up in pain every morning. How will that figure into this year’s storylines, and will it affect their marriage?

I don’t think the anger issues are really going to affect their marriage. We don’t want to marry them and have them immediately get into marriage counseling. We’ve waited nine years for them to get married, and I want them to be happy for a while. They have enough to contend with, with people shooting at them, trying to kill them, and hanging out over dead bodies. So, we are not really going to focus on his aches and pains, his physical ailments on a regular basis. They will probably rear their head at some point later in the season, but it’s more one of those things that is a fact of his life, rather than something so unique it’s going to be highlighted.

“Bones” moves to its new day this Friday, November 15 at 8/7c on FOX.

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