Cosby Makes ‘Greatest Entrance Ever’ on ‘Tonight Show’: Watch

Bill Cosby on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night (Photo: NBC)

Jay Leno declared it “the greatest entrance I’ve ever seen” after he witnessed guest Bill Cosby come on stage Wednesday on “The Tonight Show” and then wander into the audience instead of heading the other way to the guest chair next to Jay.

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The audience went wild as Cosby, 76, put on an act of befuddlement and confusion before Leno trotted into the audience — in an aisle between the seats — to gently put his arm around Cosby’s shoulder and “guide” him back to the stage. And even after the two arrived at their destination, Cosby remained standing for a bit to soak up the applause.

It was almost as if Cosby intended to take over the show — something Leno didn’t seem to mind at all. Cosby is one of the few guests who could get away with it — he’s been a guest on “The Tonight Show” (and in the era of Johnny Carson, a frequent guest-host) since the early ’60s, as he pointed out in his second segment with Leno Wednesday night.

Watch Bill Cosby make his grand entrance on “The Tonight Show”:
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But it was the first segment in which Cosby was most dominant. In fact, he became so talkative after he finally sat down that Leno did not get a chance to ask him a single question in the entire segment, as Jay pointed out as he went to a commercial.

“You know this is the first time I have ever taken a break after having never even asked a question yet!” Leno declared, after Cosby went on a long riff about old age. It was Cosby’s way of explaining his entrance, but also, we suspect, a way for him to try out material he’s doing lately in his standup performances — including his upcoming special on Comedy Central (“Far From Finished,” Saturday, Nov. 23).

In Part Two, Cosby talked about his first “Tonight Show” appearance:
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