Watch: Ray Romano’s ‘Son’ Wreaks Havoc Backstage at ‘Kimmel’

by | November 14, 2013 at 10:34 AM | Jimmy Kimmel Live!, TV News

The bit revolved around Ray Romano’s “son,” a young man supposedly working as a production assistant on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In a guest appearance on the show Wednesday night, Ray thanked Jimmy Kimmel for employing his son, 20, and giving him this opportunity to gain valuable experience in the working world.

So Kimmel decided to show this proud father some surveillance-camera footage of his son’s behavior backstage as he interacted with various staff members — including Kimmel himself.

The results were hilarious, as you’ll see if you watch the clip — above.

One thing we’re not sure of (which is why the word “son” appears here in quotation marks denoting our uncertainty): We don’t know for sure if this young man is really Ray’s son, despite our best efforts to find out via a fruitless Internet search.

Still, the bit worked well anyway.