Deep Soap: ‘Days of Our Lives’ James Scott & Alison Sweeney on an ‘Ejami’ Wedding

Alison Sweeney and James Scott of "Days of Our Lives" (Photo: NBC)

Even by soap couple standards, “Days of Our Lives” couple Sami and E.J. — EJami to their fans — have been through a lot. Over the years, they have shot each other, had their baby swapped with someone else’s, and a faux marriage to satisfy the terms of a long-standing vendetta between their families. Every time it seemed like the two star-crossed characters would finally become a couple, the writers would change course and pair them with other people. This year, the powers-that-be finally decided to do what was so obvious to so many fans, and let the dark, damaged duo find happiness. Though they still face internal and external obstacles, they are in love and engaged. At the show’s recent “Day of Days” fan event, their portrayers James Scott and Alison Sweeney shared their thoughts on the “EJami” wedding, how they’ll get past his sister sexually assaulting her brother, and the couple’s infamous portrait in the DiMera mansion.

What’s it like after all these years of stop and go, one step forward, two steps back, to actually be written as a couple?

Sweeney: It’s been exciting and I have had so much fun playing out this story because I think Sami’s been through so much and always had this idea in her head what her relationship would be like, and I don’t think she ever pictured E.J. or this dynamic, and it’s super, super fun and I think it’s great that they get to be themselves. And they’re writing that. They’re writing that conflict and that struggle and that’s fun to play. It’s different from any other relationships I see on the show or Sami’s had in the past.

They now have a little bit of a problem with the whole his sister raped her brother thing. How are they going to deal with that one?

Scott: Well, you know, normally it would not be a big issue. But because Sami invariably gets in her own way and makes a big deal out of it, it’s probably going to become—

Sweeney: (Interrupting) If it were about anyone else in town, I feel Sami would be like, “Really? You have a crazy sister.” But it’s Eric, and that changes the boundaries for Sami are very clear.

Scott: It’s definitely going to cause –

Sweeney: Let’s play a game. What if Sami found out that someone had raped Kristen and she chose not to tell E.J. and she knew –

Scott: (Interrupting) Why did she not tell him?

Sweeney: Because it would ruin the rapist’s wedding. What if it were Lexie or Chad? You see where I’m going with this? Would he be upset, maybe a little, that she did this? She didn’t want to ruin the wedding day. That would be upsetting.

Scott: I have nothing to say. Yeah. Okay.

Sweeney: Point well made.

Scott: Point well made.

But the real issue is will they ever get to put their portrait back up in the living room?

Scott: Didn’t [the show’s producers] sell it on ebay?

Sweeney: They were thinking about it. They were going to try and make it work and then they couldn’t.

Scott: They couldn’t? A five year old with a computer could.

Sweeney: No, I think there were rules about ownership and what to do with the money.

Scott: Oh.

Sweeney: But we still have it which is the beauty of it. It could pop back up at any time.

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What type of a wedding do you think Sami and EJ should have? What would really fit their characters?

Sweeney: I think about it all the time. I really struggle with it, like should Sami wear a wedding gown? Can she wear white? I don’t know if that’s appropriate fourteen weddings later. But I feel like it matters so much for her that she shouldn’t [just] wear a dress. I think big weddings always tend to blow up, so is she going to err on the side of caution?

Scott: I think that my experience with weddings in Salem is that low key with not too many people is best. We should probably just elope one day off camera and get the whole thing done.

Sweeney: That’s not a bad idea. It would certainly be less chance of things going terribly wrong.

But I think the fans want a giant wedding with all the bells and whistles, maybe a location shoot in Ireland.

Scott: I will say this. I 100 percent believe that Sami and EJ deserve – they do, I’m going to go with this – they deserve a really big, beautiful wedding. They deserve a happy ending. They deserve to be able to be married and stay married.

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In the 1980s Days had huge weddings, like Hope and Bo’s. They deserve one of those.

Sweeney: Jack and Jennifer got all the stunts at Universal. I’m with you.

How is the storyline of EJami living with Stefano going to evolve? It’s a fun dynamic for the audience, even though it’s making Sami’s life miserable.

Scott: It keeps everybody on their toes. There’s always trouble when my father’s involved. Always. There’s always stuff happening in the house, and it’s great.

Sweeney: I love how E.J’s like “We’re going to bring Stefano down. We’re going to get him.” And then he, like, overhears him in one prayer in a church over Chad and then he’s like, “Maybe he’s changed.”

Scott: He really meant it.

Sweeney: Sami’s like, “What? What are you talking about?”

We’re losing DiMeras. We’ve lost Chad. We’re losing Kristen. Are any more going to come out the woodwork?

Scott: Who else can come in?

Some fans have suggested that J.J.end up the DiMera fold. 

Scott: Okay. Okay. I could see that potentially. I don’t know. They’re all dead or in hospitals.

Sweeney: We need Chad back.

Scott: We need Chad back. And we want Chad back. There might be a good opportunity for him to come back soon.

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