Ex-Couple Silverman, Kimmel Reunite on His Show: Watch

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night (Photo: ABC)

Comedian Sarah Silverman presented ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel with a box of things he left behind when they broke up and hinted at another result of their long relationship when a little boy suddenly came on-stage and asked to meet his daddy.

It all happened Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Silverman’s first appearance on the show since she and Kimmel broke up in 2009 after a reported seven years together. Silverman, 42, came on the show to promote her upcoming HBO special, premiering Nov. 23.

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With their long relationship as a backdrop (since everyone in the studio audience seemed aware that these two had a very intimate history), Silverman came on-stage toting a cardboard box labeled “Jimmy’s Stuff” in Magic Marker. She then proceeded to give him back his belongings, including socks, a toothbrush, a t-shirt that said “Team Jimmy,” and a collage made from pictures of Jimmy’s face.

Watch the reunion of Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel:

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She said, jokingly, that she had the t-shirts made — along with another batch that said “Team Sarah” — after they broke up. She said she eventually found a buyer for the “Team Jimmy” shirts. “I was able to sell them at a profit to the Fallon people,” she told Kimmel.

As for the collage, she said: “I made this collage out of all the heads I cut out of all our pictures together!”

After she emptied the box, a little boy suddenly ran on-stage to meet his “daddy,” but Silverman ordered him to get off-stage while informing him that his “daddy” was a dead war hero, as she has apparently told him many times.

Later, Kimmel addressed their history directly. “Is this uncomfortable for you right now?” he asked her. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“You know what it’s like? Weird, but it’s good weird,” she said. “It’s, like, this is human nature. This is the way life is. People break up, and exes are gonna bump into each other. They’re gonna cross paths. They’re gonna be on each other’s talk shows, you know? It’s the cycle of life! It’s very natural!”

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