‘The Voice’: Who Gets Saved and Who Goes Home?

Caroline Pennell (NBC)

Team Cee Lo lost another warrior Tuesday night in the fight for “The Voice” victory.

The bottom three included both of Cee Lo Green’s contestants, Caroline Pennell and Kat Robichaud—another week in which two of his team members faced elimination. Also on the chopping block was Team Blake’s Austin Jenckes.

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So Kat’s elimination was pretty much guaranteed. She was already in this spot last week, and people don’t get two second chances on these kinds of shows. It would have been a toss-up between Austin and Caroline if not for Caroline’s whimsical charm that usually keeps girls like her in the game a lot longer. So she messed up on Monday doing a boring and ugly arrangement of “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” but there was no way she was going home. And the Instant Save came to her rescue.

Caroline now is the last member of Team Cee Lo standing, so she better make that save worth it. Team Blake, too, took a hit with Austin’s exit, leaving only Team Adam whole. And rightly so. The freshly announced “Sexiest Man Alive” thanks to People Magazine does have three very likeable contenders.

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The show kicked off with Team Christina performing a very long Michael Jackson medley. Christina Aguilera’s done a lot of performing so far this season, and once again, she seemed to have forgotten her pants. Instead, she’s got on shiny chainlink-ish undies and a long jacket with tails. Love her curly hair.

Carson Daly then announced Adam’s crowning as Sexiest Man Alive, which leads to a bonding moment of Blake Shelton telling him he’s beautiful on the inside, Adam kissing Blake on the head, and all the coaches getting up and going in for a group hug. It appears that the others did not forget their pants.

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Cher (YAY) kicks off the Confessional about embarrassing moments. All she had to say was that she fell on stage. “I have worse ones but they’re not for television,” she says. Ahhhh, I’d love to see the HBO version of this show just so we can get Cher’s nasty dirty stories!

Also of note: James Wolpert did musical telegrams dressed as a banana, because of course he did, let’s not forget to drive home the nerd thing again. Also Caroline had to wear an eyepatch after a zipline injury. This time, I’d like to see the AMC version of this show, with Caroline as the Governor on “Walking Dead.”

James Wolpert and Matthew Schuler moved to safety.

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Next performing were Team Adam’s guys, Will Champlin and James, along with Kat. The three of them played guitar on “Sugar We’re Going Down.” And they sort of make a good band together.

Also safe: Ray Boudreaux (ehh, really??) and Will.

Performing with their coach were Team Blake’s Austin, Cole Vosbury and Ray. They did another country rock bar song, ZZ Top’s “Every Girl’s Crazy Bout a Sharp Dressed Man.” Every middle-aged lady watching this show erupted into heat. The guys all on guitar impressed Carson, who said there were “more than normal” playing instruments this season.

Safe: Tessanne Chin and Jacquie Lee.

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Carson, who’s doing double-time up in the Sprint Skybox, actually says that his phone battery is running low. Even Carson Daly, even in the Sprint Skybox, even that combination can’t hold a charge. Someone has got to invent a better battery now.

The last pairing of the night is truly weird: Caroline and Tessanne. They sing “Royals” which makes total sense for Caroline. It should have been her competition song on Monday. Tessanne doesn’t seem like the best fit, but in harmony with Caroline, she makes it awesome. As Tessanne does.

The last person moving to safety: Cole.

The coaches had five minutes to comment while Twitter did its thing, and Adam said he would save Caroline. Christina, still in her performance costume, said something that could not be heard over her cleavage. She ended with “Go for it!”

Caroline, of course, got the Instant Save and Kat and Austin said goodbye. And with that, Carson’s cell went dead.

Watch This Week’s Live Eliminations Below:

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