‘Covert Affairs’ Wraps Up Season 4 With Multiple Bombshells in Thursday’s Finale

Piper Perabo on "Covert Affairs" (Photo: USA Network)

On last week’s “Covert Affairs,” Annie (Piper Perabo), Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Calder (Hill Harper) were thisclose to capturing Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) in Hong Kong, bringing him back to the U.S. and exposing all the dastardly deeds he had done. But a phone call in the nick of time, once again saved him.

On this Thursday’s Season 4 finale, Calder returns to the U.S. with a win for the Agency — he has one of Henry’s minions, Oliver Lee (Carl Ng), in tow — but that means that Annie and Auggie are on their own in Hong Kong with no backup — and Annie has revealed to Henry that she is still alive.

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“Calder knows they’re there, but what Calder’s standing is when he lands [in D.C.], we still don’t know,” Perabo says. “He has Oliver Lee, which is good. But we don’t really have friends who are in charge at Langley. The three of us are operating on our own, and we didn’t ask to go. So we have someone who knows we’re there, but that’s a long way from support.”

Of course, we’re all rooting for Annie and Auggie to bring Henry down, but “Covert Affairs” has already been picked up for a fifth season, so there is the possibility that the Henry Wilcox story could be continued.

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To suss out the scoop on the Season 4 finale, xfinityTV joined a conference call with Perabo and Gorham to discuss Annie and Auggie’s relationship going forward, what is happening with Arthur (Peter Gallagher) and Joan (Kari Matchett), is Teo (Manolo Cardona) really dead, and more. Check it out.

Henry Wilcox has been the total focus for both Annie and Auggie. So what happens if you bring him down? What’s the aftermath?

Perabo: Trying to bring Henry down is the primary security risk. Annie and Auggie are working without the backing of the CIA, and Henry has quite a large security force working behind him. So it’s very dangerous to try and take him down. I think that’s one of the fallouts that we’re worried about in going after him.

Gorham: I think that while Henry, certainly, has been the focus of this season, the show overall is really about Annie, her career and her life experiences. So regardless of what happens at the end of each season, we can always look forward to what’s coming next for Annie in the following year.

Perabo: Now that Chris says that, what comes to mind is, part of the fallout — whether we take down Henry, bring him into custody, or don’t get him at all — is what it’s cost Annie and Auggie just to hunt him down. It’s already cost them their relationship and, I think, Annie has changed in some pretty major ways in what she’s had to do to go after him.

So I think a lot about: Can we get back to what she was before? How has this changed her as an operative and as a person? Can she salvage her relationship with Auggie? Her normal life? Can she go back no matter what happens to Henry?

Do you think that since Auggie cheated on her, they can get past that, or does she really understand it?

Gorham: I have to say I don’t think it’s quite so cut and dry as you present it. They broke up and they barely saw each other … until after she ended up coming back months and months later.

Perabo: And your wife being alive was a fairly extenuating circumstance. I feel like Annie could at least consider having a beer with the guy, who didn’t know his wife was actually alive.

Gorham: I think it’s very easy and certainly tempting and juicy to say that Auggie cheated on Annie. And I completely understand that kind of gut feeling. But, I think, one of the things our show has really started to explore — and I hope it’ll continue going into Season 5 — is just how complicated these people’s lives are.

Sometimes with the kind of vulnerabilities that they have to offer up, the secret lives that they live and how lonely it can get at times, you kind of explore what the boundaries are, and are the boundaries different for these people than they are for an account or a school nurse who are married?

Part of the reason Auggie argued so strongly against [Annie going dark] is because there was no guarantee that she was going to come back. Even if she lived through the mission, there was no guarantee that she’s going to be able to come back to their lives as they were. So, there were a lot of things that happened that we didn’t really see on screen.

Auggie stayed behind in Hong Kong for Annie. Should fans see that as a sign of hope for their relationship?

Gorham: I don’t know if you should see it as a sign of anything. It is what it is. Auggie cares deeply for Annie, she cares about the mission, and he means what he says when he says, “I am here for you. I’ve got your back always. I’m not leaving without you.” He’s a soldier, so [he believes], “Leave no man behind,” and he’s not going anywhere unless they both walk out of there.

In last week’s episode when Annie decides to give herself up to Henry, does she have hope for the future, or does she believe in that moment that she’s making a sacrifice?

Perabo: I think that when Annie decides to turn herself in to Henry, it’s in a last ditch effort. And she, herself, is like the tracking device, you know? If she can sit next to Henry in his car, if she can be in the same building where he is, and she knows that Auggie is in that city, she knows Auggie will find her.

It’s not a great plan. It’s a really dangerous idea. And when I read it, I was like, “Wait, that’s how I do that?” But I like that Annie is willing to go way out on a limb. And, I think, part of the reason that she feels like there’s hope still is that Auggie’s there and he won’t leave without her.

One of the great things about this season was how the dynamic changed between Annie and Calder and Auggie and Calder. Can you talk about working with Hill?

Perabo: I love how they wrote the Calder character. He was not on our side at the beginning and, then, it takes a whole season for the three of us to become a team. I like the dynamic of the three of us together. I don’t know if he trusts Annie, but I think she trusts him. I don’t know if she always likes him.

What you can share with us about the future for Arthur and Joan?

Gorham: Arthur has been very frustrated this season by the lawsuit, being forced out of his office, and having to stay at home and rely on his lawyer. You really see him relish being able to take control and fight for his career, for his family, and for his friends in last week’s episode. And then fight for his life in that scene after he’d been stabbed, and he’s crawling and trying to pull himself together and call his wife.

I thought it was just gorgeous. So we can’t really tell you any specifics, but I think it resets Arthur and Joan as the strong couple, who are fighting for each other that we [saw] when the show started.

Can you comment on the possibility of the re-entrance of Arthur’s son Teo, who’s allegedly dead, but we never saw his body?

Perabo: Yes. We love Manolo. When I saw the final cut of the death of Teo, I was really excited because I thought, “You know, we didn’t really put him in the ground.” It makes me really have hope.

The producers have teased that there is a huge bombshell at the end of the episode that will change the whole trajectory of the show. Can you speak to that and what you know about Season 5?

Perabo: Well, it’s so funny because somebody said that to me the other day and I was like, “A huge bombshell? There’s like multiple bombshells at the end of the finale.” To the point that I’m like, “Oh, my goodness.” There’s so many bombshells at the end of the finale. It’s pretty exciting. I certainly can’t tell any of them, but it changes things. Both negative and positive bombshells go off at the end.

Gorham: It’s such a powerful ending and it leaves things in a nice place to start Season 5. It’s funny, because I hesitate to say it’s like a big cliffhanger, because it’s not exactly like it has been in seasons’ past, but it’s powerful and it definitely leaves you begging for Season 5 as quickly as possible.

“Covert Affair” wraps up its fourth season on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 10/9c on USA Network.

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