‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Dark Side: Phil, Miss Kay Talk About Pre-Fame Infidelity

The Robertsons celebrate the wedding anniversary of patriarch Phil Robertson and wife Miss Kay on the season premiere of "Duck Dynasty" (Photo: A&E)

Duck Dynasty’s” Robertson family may be flying high now, but they’ve had their fair share of low moments in the past. In a new film from the Christian group I Am Second, patriarch Phil Robertson and his wife, Miss Kay, open up about their pre-fame struggles with Phil’s alcohol problems and adultery, which very nearly destroyed their marriage.

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“The drinking got worse,” Miss Kay says in a teaser for the 30-minute movie, titled simply The Robertsons. “And I knew then, but I didn’t want to believe it — he was running around on me. And what I would tell my boys all the time is, ‘That’s not your daddy. That’s the devil in your daddy.'” Later, she adds, “I’ve been fighting for this marriage for a long time.”

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Phil, for his part, admits he let his behavior get out of control. “I got in a big barroom brawl,” he recalls. “The laws got after me.” And that wasn’t even the worst part. “I would say the low point was when I ran Miss Kay and the kids off,” he says.

Kay — who married Phil when she was 16 and went on to bear kids Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep — previously told Us Weekly she wasn’t sure their marriage could be saved. “It got about as bad as it can get,” she shared with Us.

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They hit bottom, she said, when Phil accused her of cheating on him. “For him just to say that…I think that’s the most hopeless feeling I had,” she recalled, noting that she actually briefly considered taking her own life at that point. “[I felt] like I could not save this marriage, I couldn’t save him. I was obviously not feeling like I could rise above it.”

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Fortunately for Phil, she did — and now their marriage is stronger than ever. “I think that I just believed he was the one from the very, very start — from the first time, I knew it — and when I gave myself to him, that was it,” she told Us of not giving up on him. “It was for life, and I would do everything and fight for 10 years [to save the marriage], and that’s what I did.”

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