Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal,’ Season 3, Episode 8


Things are heating up for everyone on “Scandal.” And in season 3, episode 8 basically held no prisoners. Literally. Here are the top 10 moments from “Vermont is for Lovers, Too.”

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Mama Pope – Rowan enters the jail cell and tells Mama Pope that Olivia is asking questions about her, so he needs to create distance by sending her to be a prisoner out of the country. Maya requests to see her daughter and he brushes her off and leaves her behind as she screams a blood-curdling “ELLLLIIIIII!” Later on, we see her crouched in the corner of the cell in a pool of blood. SHE IS EATING HER OWN WRIST!!!

The Setup – Cyrus tells his unemployed husband, James, that he submitted his name for consideration to do an interview with the Vice-President’s husband, Daniel Douglas. It’s clear that he’s just a pawn in a scheme to catch Daniel being sleazy; forcing him out the closet and giving Cy an upper hand on Sally Langston. Poor James.

Candice’s Conference – Candice, Congresswoman Josie’s Assistant-Daughter, holds a press conference about the break-in that happened, where her laptop was stolen. Since the missing computer had sensitive campaign information, it could be fraud if the Reston campaign was the culprit. Against Olivia’s explicit orders, Candice points the finger of blame at the Governor. FAIL! Harrison is sent to get her in line and get her to behave.

Vermont is for Lovers – President Fitz has been trying to speak with Liv but she ignores his call. Then when she finally does pick it up, she says they have nothing to talk about and destroys the phone he uses to contact her. When Olivia gets home, Secret Service Agent Tom is waiting for her and says there’s a helicopter waiting to take her to the President. She flat out refuses until he hands her an envelope that contained a pic of her and her father.

The copter drops her off in the middle of nowhere (aka Vermont) and Fitz is hurt that she didn’t tell him who her father really is. She figured that if she had, he’s run away but he said he’d protect her instead. Then, he starts talking about the house and Liv asks why she should care about it and says, “This house is yours. Ours. I had it built for us… I wanted you to see it before I sold it. I wanted you to see the dream.” SWOONS!!!

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Quinn’s Quite Nervous – The Gladiators are looking to find out who murdered the security guard who knew about Omar Dresden and Huck is on the case, making Quinn nervous because he’s the best. But all he had to work with was footage from a security camera across the building where it happened and the reflection of whoever did it was in the revolving door. When it’s just Quinn and Huck alone in the office, he tells her that he doesn’t tell her she does a good job often enough. She’s slightly taken aback. She leaves and meets Charlie in the garage, and he wants her to dish on what has been going on in the OPA office. Instead, she pulls a gun out on him and he basically laughs in her face. She’s in way over her head.

The Popes – Rowan brings Maya pictures of her daughter, who she hasn’t laid eyes on in 20 years. She’s choked up and they look like normal parents for a split second. When she notices that they’re all press clippings, she presses him about it and finds out that the two don’t have a great relationships. She’s disappointed, wondering why he dropped the ball because she wanted him to take care of her daughter. And we find out that the reason Olivia eats popcorn is because that’s what her mom used to give her when she got upset.

Rowan gets upset, saying this is all her fault. And he tells the doctor in charge of her to sedate her well for the move the next day.

Catching Candice – Abby finds out from David that the missing laptop from the break-in to Rep. Josie’s campaign office only had 2 non-essential documents on it. It was wiped clean the day before it was “stolen.” She realizes that Candice must have faked the theft and she calls Harrison to tell him. He seems shocked and is shirtless (heyyy). When he hangs up, we see that he’s in bed with Candice! Scandalous!

The Pawngate – James meets Daniel Douglas at his home and they’re in his office about to do the interview when Daniel forcibly kisses him! James is shocked and when he asks his interviewee why he’d do such a thing, he finds out that Mellie told him that the Beene-Novak union is open. He now knows that he was part of Cyrus’ set up to bring down Sally’s campaign and he’s hurt.

Cyrus is staying up waiting for James to come home and it’s near midnight when he does. His hubby goes straight to the shower and he gets a text message. It’s from the guy he had hired to catch Daniel and it’s a picture of him and DUN DUN DUN James in a VERY compromising position. Mr. Beene is hurt, because his plan backfired. His pawn did what he just knew he wouldn’t.

Huck’s Here – Quinn comes home and when she opens the door, there’s a blurry picture of her on the ground. She picks it up and realizes that Huck is on her couch. He tells her, “We need to talk about who you’re working for,” and there are tools on the ground. She is Baby Huck no more and she’s about to feel his wrath.

Hey Livvie – Rowan comes to check on Maya but she isn’t in her bed. On the floor is the doctor who was charged with sedating her and he’s naked with a syringe sticking out his neck. Deader than dead. Mama Pope was not gonna go silently and she wanted to see her baby girl. Command is PISSED, realizing that she’s on the loose.

Olivia is walking into her apartment building when she hears “Hey Livvie.” She turns around and sees a ghost from 20 years ago. It’s her mother and the woman is speechless and unable to deal with what she’s seeing as the episode ends.

In two weeks, we get to see Huck torture Quinn and how the Pope women reunion unfolds. I AM READY!

It was SUCH a great episode AND it made history. It was the first time a Black woman (Ava DuVernay) directed a prime-time network TV drama created by a Black woman (Shonda Rhimes) and starring a Black woman (Kerry Washington). It was just awesome across all fronts.

Scandal” airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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