‘Castle’ Recap: Bringing Up Baby

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and baby "Cosmo" on Monday night's episode of ABC's "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

This week’s episode of “Castle” — titled “The Good, The Bad, & The Baby” — proved it is possible to develop Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) relationship in a lighthearted, case-of-the-week episode while simultaneously creating subplots that showcase the supporting cast.

Kudos to writer Teri Miller, who happens to be the real-life Beckett to showrunner Andrew Marlowe’s Castle. This was a great fall finale.

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Thanksgiving Costume

Castle and Beckett planned to spend their first Thanksgiving together. (Continuity purists can fanwank that she spent the holiday with her father last year.)

Castle told her that everyone in his family wore Thanksgiving costumes for the occasion, suggesting that she go the slightly offensive route and dress as Pocahontas. If Thanksgiving costumes were real, Plymouth Rock or a turkey would seem like the most culturally sensitive ways to go.

Watch the latest episode of ABC’s “Castle”:
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Two Detectives and a Baby

The case of the week starts with a bang: A bleeding man walked into a church, handed a baby to the priest, then died.

At the crime scene, Castle and Beckett learned that the victim, Cam, was carrying a commercial drivers license, and a lottery ticket. Castle volunteered to watch the kid until a social worker arrived. By watch, he meant buy the kid hundreds of dollars in clothes and supplies.

Castle had fallen in love with the three-month-old who he called Cosmo. He claimed that was the name he picked out before Alexis was born, which, given Alexis’s age, suggests that Castle was a big fan of Kramer on “Seinfeld.”

Beckett was not as enamored of Cosmo, admitting that she was not a “baby person.” She assured Castle that if they had a kid, she’d be fine, but he was concerned about her lack of enthusiasm.

When a social worker could not find Cosmo a foster home that night, Castle persuaded her that he could take care of the baby, delighting shoppers with his query, “What do you say, Beckett, want to have a baby?”

At Castle’s Castle, the baby fussed. So much for Castle’s claim that he was the baby whisperer. Beckett read a baby book to figure out how to calm Cosmo down.

At her suggestion, she bounced him on an exercise ball, which both relaxed him and made him puke. In a charming sequence that was filmed like an action movie, Castle and Beckett teamed up to change his diaper and put him in jammies. Beckett warmed to the baby and contentedly held him. She may not get excited about random babies, but Beckett does not hate children.

The Diaper Inspiration

Cam, who was childless and seemingly had no connection to Cosmo,  had a secret past as a getaway driver in a bank robbery. But there did not seem to be any connection to his past and his murder.

Beckett eventually figured out that he was plotting another robbery, which led to surveillance footage of a heist at a large building housing multiple companies where nothing appeared to be missing. After a sleepless night with baby Cosmo, she had an epiphany. If Cam was taking care of a baby for any length of time, he must have disposed of dirty diapers.

While she and Castle searched a dumpster, he admitted that one of the reasons he brought Cosmo home was to make sure she was not like his ex-wife Meredith, who left him to do all the child rearing by himself. She assured him that she would not let hi, raise their baby alone. Their dumpster diving revealed a receipt for Cosmo’s diapers from a convenience store and ping pong balls.

The Lottery

Ryan (Seamus Dever) was also impacted by Cosmo’s arrival. The soon-to-be dad was concerned that the baby cried whenever he picked him up. He worried that he was not ready for the responsibility of parenthood.

Esposito (Jon Huertas) assured him that because he cared so much he was already better than many other dads including his. Ryan dealt with his anxiety by purchasing Powerball tickets, which he hoped would secure his child’s future.

While Ryan watched the drawing on tv, Castle realized that Cam had ping pong balls and a lottery ticket because he rigged the lottery. The TV studio where the drawing was filmed was in the building where the heist took place.

Cam’s ticket was the winner, thanks to the way the balls were rigged. Cam’s boss had pressured him to get involved. They kidnapped the lottery announcer’s husband and baby — aka Cosmo — telling her that after they collected their winnings, they would release her family. When Cam realized that they were going to kill them to prevent being identified, he took the baby and ran, getting shot in the process. Our hero cops reunited the mother with her child and rescued her husband.

Pilgrim’s Progress

At Thanksgiving dinner, Alexis terrified Castle by pointing out that, if he and Beckett have kids in a few years, she could have one at the same time.

Beckett arrived dressed as Pocahontas, while everyone else wore regular clothes. Castle was kidding about the costumes.  However, she had already figured that out. She told him that she thought costumes would be a great family tradition and handed him a pilgrim outfit.

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