‘The Voice’: Results Give One Team the Heave-Ho

Caroline Pennell (NBC)

Team Adam is still intact, and Team Cee Lo was eliminated from the game on tonight’s “The Voice” results. And a pattern emerged—no contestant who was Instantly Saved once has survived a second elimination. Caroline Pennell, who last week mobilized Twitter fans to keep her in the game, was tonight overlooked in favor of Matthew Schuler.

But first: “Are you ready for some music?” Carson Daly asks us. “Do we have a choice?” I reply.

James Wolpert, Matthew and Will Champlin get to sing backing vocals to Ellie Goulding on her new single “Burn.” They are practically muted.

We also get two Top 8 group numbers. First, for the holiday, it is “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” featuring the Top 8 and about 100 more people. Get this—they were backed by The Starbucks Chorus. I looked it up—it’s a real thing not invented to sell coffee via “The Voice.” They sing at regional office parties and stuff. Anyway, the song starts out incredibly awkwardly, with each contestant singing a half a line and shiftily looking confused at someone off in the distance. The chorus was alright though!

The next performance is by none other than Cee Lo! It’s Goodie Mob’s new song, “Amy.” There are people-statues painted in white holding very still. Someone does some flips while flying, someone else comes down from the sky in an open hoop skirt. Cee Lo looks like a marshmallow that broke out of jail.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/74462275574/Top-8-Live-Instant-Save-and-Elimination/embed 580 476]

The second Top 8 number I found very suspicious. First, Carson mentions that Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic is going to write an original song with the Top 3 finalists, and the winner will premiere it on the finale a la “American Idol.” It’s a good idea to at least try to help the winner get an immediate single on the air.

But then the Top 8 come out and do a OneRepublic medley. Not one song, but two that Ryan Tedder gets paid for handsomely in addition to his songwriting services, and his Battle Rounds guest mentor stint. So how did he get so lucky to get this lucrative deal? Between this and the Starbucks Chorus, I don’t know who to trust.

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Safety came one by one, first for Will Champlin, Cole Vosbury and Jacquie Lee , and then in one final swoop, the remainder of Adam’s team—Tessanne Chin and James Wolpert—also moved on. That left Caroline, Matthew and Ray Boudreaux at the bottom. Caroline seemed to understand quickly that no one gets saved twice on this kind of show. Adam said flat out he’d like to see Matthew move on. Christina gets philosophical. “It’s not our place to know exactly why” he was in the bottom, she says.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/74462275564/The-Top-8%3A-%22Apologize-All-the-Right-Moves%22/embed 580 476]

But I have a hunch. Carson touched on it during his contestant interviews, when he mentions that Matthew’s done gospel, rock and pop. Matthew says that Christina has taught him to be versatile. That’s a good ability to have in general, but not on a competition when you have to establish a brand as quickly as possible. Matthew’s been wasting valuable time not telling us exactly who he is. And all the coaches repeatedly referenced the great performance he did of “Hallelujah,” THREE weeks ago. Now that he’s in the game for another week, he needs to figure some things out quickly.

Sadly, this means Cee Lo is once again the biggest loser. But it’s not Team Blake’s fault this time. Blake Shelton has only one contestant left. while it’s starting to get a little sad to see folks go, at least we know after all is said and done, there’s always the Starbucks Chorus.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/The-Voice/7958122402999891112/74202691568/The-Voice-Gives-Thanks/embed 580 476]

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