Quentin Tarantino Marks Final Appearance on ‘Leno’: Watch

by | November 27, 2013 at 3:03 PM | The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TV News

Director Quentin Tarantino became the latest celebrity to come on “The Tonight Show” for what will probably be his last time with Jay Leno before Leno leaves the show in February.

Tarantino seemed genuine when he thanked Leno for all the times he had him on “The Tonight Show” over the years, starting in 1992 — in Leno’s first year as “Tonight Show” host. Leno even showed a clip from Tarantino’s first appearance — which you can see in our clip, above.

Tarantino pointed out that he had never done any talk show of any kind before appearing on “Tonight,” and he had nothing but kind words for the way Leno has treated him over the years.

He was the latest in a growing line of celebs who have come on “The Tonight Show” recently and remarked that it would likely be the last time they would come on the show before Leno hands the show over to Jimmy Fallon next year.

With the show moving to New York, after 40 years as a fixture in southern California, it truly will be the end of an era when Leno leaves and Fallon takes over.

Now watch Tarantino’s entire appearance on “The Tonight Show” in two parts: