Christina Salutes U.S. Military on Leno’s Last Thanksgiving Show: Watch

by | November 29, 2013 at 10:53 AM | The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TV News

Christina Aguilera and Jay Leno on the Thanksgiving Night edition of "The Tonight Show" (Photo: NBC)

Former Army kid Christina Aguilera helped Jay Leno salute the United States military in Leno’s last Thanksgiving show as host of NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

It’s been an annual tradition for Leno (and everyone else at “Tonight”) to work on the Thanksgiving holiday — producing a special edition of “The Tonight Show” with a studio audience filled completely with U.S. servicemen and servicewomen.

Christina donned a military-style “uniform” to make her entrance from the rear of the “Tonight Show” grandstand, escorted by a member of the armed services in a uniform that was decidedly “full dress” — especially compared to hers.

She told Jay she is very familiar with the community of armed services personnel, having grown up on army bases when her father was an Army sergeant. The audience ate it up, of course.

Watch Christina Aguilera’s “military” entrance on “The Tonight Show”:

Christina talked about meeting Hillary Clinton recently, and also spying Jay driving around Beverly Hills in one of his classic cars.

Watch more of Christina Aguilera on “The Tonight Show”:

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