XfinityTV Exclusive: Ken Burns Reacts to Letterman Spoofs

Ken Burns (inset) is A-OK with David Letterman's spoofs of his distinctive documentary style (Photos: Getty Images, CBS)

Ken Burns has no problem with David Letterman spoofing him and his famous documentaries, Burns told XfinityTV on Friday.

On the contrary, Burns loves ’em.

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The filmmaker was reacting to Letterman’s latest “Ken Burns” creation, a bit in which a group of celebrities recited pieces of quotations from statements made recently by scandalized Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he grasped for excuses for his binge-drinking and crack-smoking.

“I love it,” Burns told XfinityTV in an e-mail, after we asked him what he thought of Letterman’s latest short film “by Ken Burns.” Burns even pointed out that Dave has done several of these recently. “It’s the third spoof by David in 10 days,” Burns noted. “Incredible.”

This bit was seen on “Late Show with David Letterman” this past week.

Letterman titled the short film “Ken Burns Presents ‘The Statement’ by Rob Ford” — watch it here:
[iframe—Ken-Burns–%22The-Statement%22-by-Rob-Ford/embed 580 476]

The format was inspired by a recent project of Burns’ in which he recruited five U.S. presidents and other notable personalities to recite passages, in order, from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to mark the 150th anniversary of the famous speech earlier this month.

In the Letterman bit, the “notables” were Jennifer Lawrence, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Martha Stewart.

“I really love him,” Burns said of Letterman, on whose show Burns has appeared many times over the years. “We had many notables who read for our Gettysburg Address challenge [go to], but he’s really kept it alive with good humor and kindness as well as his trademark wonderful irony,” Burns said.

He also noted that Jimmy Kimmel also satirizes his work on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Here’s one that Kimmel did just recently, about Miley Cyrus:
[iframe 580 476]
Now, here’s one of the other recent Ken Burns bits from “Late Show”:
[iframe—Tracy-Morgan-in-Ken-Burns–%22The-Address%22/embed 580 476]
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