Deep Soap: ‘Days of Our LIves’ Jen Lilley & Casey Moss on J.J. & Theresa’s ‘Fatal Attraction’

Casey Moss, left, and Jen Lilley of "Days of Our Lives" (Photo: NBC)

They’re dysfunctional, diabolical and drugged. “Days of Our Lives” misunderstood teen J.J. (Casey Moss) and rebellious bad girl Theresa (Jen Lilley) have one of the most unusual relationships on soaps. He sold her drugs while dreaming of being her boyfriend. She expressed contempt for him unless she was jonesing. Then she overdosed when they were about to have sex and he saved her life by calling his nemesis, Daniel, for help. Now Daniel is claiming that he was the one with Theresa when she nearly died, while J.J. reluctantly avoids her so he won’t be busted for violating parole. It’s definitely not the typical young adult romance.

Lilley and Moss revealed to xfinityTV why their characters can’t stay away from each other, whether or not they’ve really turned over a sober new leaf and who else they want to spend time with in Salem.

Some fans have suggested that J.J. affiliate himself with the DiMeras who will nurture his bad boy ways.

Moss: They are evil. I’m just a troubled teenager.

How is J.J .and Teresa’s relationship going to develop in the wake of her overdose?

Lilley: I think before the drug overdose she did tolerate him. I think she also felt like they had kinship. I think she related to him. I think there was a comfort that she found in JJ. I think that they were just kindred spirits. But after that, she’s the mastermind and he’s her muse. It’s taken a turn, but it’s all the more entertaining.

So you are still going to be working together?

Lilley: Oh, we’ll be working together.

Will they become a couple?

Lilley: We can’t say. What does the audience think? Do you want Theresa and JJ to be together? Tweet it @NBCDays.

 I enjoy JJ and his sidekicks “That 70s Show” stoner vibe. They’re the most realistic teenagers in daytime.

Moss: They smoke weed and they eat donuts.

Now that JJ’s been scared straight, is he still going to stay friends with them?

Moss: Yes

Lilley: JJ is loyal. That’s one of his admirable qualities.

How did Shane and Kim’s visit impact Theresa?

Lilley: It’s going to hit her like a ton of bricks. She’s tied to the train tracks and she knows the train’s coming and there’s nothing she can do about it. Hopefully, it [cracked] some sense into her but they probably need to come to Salem a couple more times before she listens to them. I think that one of their character flaws that a lot of parents do is that instead of speaking to what the child is, and complimenting that and encouraging that to flourish, they point out everything that she’s not. They just degrade her. Instead of saying, “You’ve hit rock bottom and you’re wroth more,” they say, “You’ve hit rock bottom and you’re worthless and you’re embarrassing us.”

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Daniel has thrown himself on the cross to save JJ which made him look like he slept with a drugged Theresa. He is the worst liar ever. There are a million plausible reasons he could have come up with for dropping by her apartment and discovering she overdosed. Is she ever going to remember what happened, and is she going to clear his name?

Lilley: What I can say is that obviously she’s attracted to Doctor Dan (Shawn Christian). I think that she sees a father figure in Daniel. Theresa’s aware that Daniel loves Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and I think there’s something so appealing in that, that he fights for her even though she hates him.  So I think that Theresa wishes she had a man that would accept her for who she is and who she is not. And I think that she sees that in Daniel. But what’s interesting, and I’ve thought about that a lot, is why did they have him lie? Is he attracted to Theresa? Maybe so. I think that the mystery of that lie is intriguing to the audience. It certainly was intriguing to me as I was reading the script.

The scenes where J.J. learned that Jack raped Kayla were incredible. What was it like to film those?

Moss: When I look back on it, to be able to be angry, to be real for that long of a time, it was a difficult process. There’s things that you have to thing about to trigger you to be able to get that angry. It’s a little tough to just be connected. That was difficult, difficult getting there, difficult accepting that you have to get there.

JJ right now is trying to be a good person and stay out of trouble. How long is that going to last before he backslides and decides Theresa is his soul mate?

Lilley: There is this magnetic attraction between the two. They say that the closest emotion to love is hate so they either love each other or they hate each other and there’s something really energetic and magnetic about their relationship and torrid. It’s a fatal attraction and whether it’s a sexual attraction or an emotional attraction, I think that they’re always drawn to each other and sometimes they’re fighting but I think it’s like fate. We don’t know where our characters are going.I think they’ll always have a connection.

What’s interesting about  both of your characters is that you haven’t had the stereotypical daytime portrayal of drug use which is that if you ever smoke a joint, even once, you’re an addict who needs to go to a twelve step program.

Lilley: Theresa’s different because she has a felony and she’s on parole and so she has a history of being an addict.

Moss: It was awesome because it’s realistic. The writers are phenomenal.

Is JJ accidentally going to give everyone pot donuts again at some point? That was awesome.

Moss: I loved that. It was so much fun. Everyone played it really well.

Lilley: That was the day Days became a sitcom.

Jennifer could use one of those brownies every day. She’s so uptight and humorless.

Lilley: She’s so tightly wound. She never takes the blame for anything. You preach responsibility, yet you’re never responsible

A lot of people are rooting for Theresa and Anne to destroy her.

Lilley: Whether you want to call it Tanne or Aneresa, we don’t care. We’re kind of a comedic super couple.  We’re like the evil Lucy and Ehtel. We’re scheming, but it always turns against us. I think Anne wants Jennifer’s job.

What Christmas gift would you give your characters?

Lilley: I would give Theresa love. She needs actual, Agape unconditional love.

Moss: A fatherly figure. He needs a man in his life.

If you could work with anyone on the show you haven’t worked with yet who would you pick?

Lilley: Deidre Hall and John Aniston.

Moss: Alison Sweeney and James Scott.

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