Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’s’ Delayed Wedding Gratification

Jason Thompson of "General Hospital" (Photo: ABC)

Robin and Patrick: Reunited and
It Doesn’t Feel So Good

General Hospital” fans were actually happy when the Thanksgiving holiday ended because it meant that they finally got resolution to the previous Wednesday’s epic cliffhanger: Robin (Kimberly McCullough) showing up at Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) wedding. I, along with many other people, longed for her to run into the church and reclaim her family. Instead, she waited and watched outside the door while thousands of viewers Tweeted their disappointment and confusion. Why, after avoiding being killed by Faison, Jerry and Olbrecht, and finding a cure for polonium poisoning, all so she could return to her family, would she be unnerved by a wedding she knew was going to happen? But she stood outside, unnoticed, despite wearing an ugly patterned shirt that would have been visible from outer space. Even when Patrick paused for about five minutes before saying, “I do,” she still did not take the hint and stop the wedding. Fortunately, Emma finally noticed her mother and Robin got to reintroduce herself to most of Port Charles.

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Though I will always wish that Robin had pulled off the greatest interrupted wedding since Tina on “One Life to Live” brought a baby to his ex’s ceremony, both of in terms of my viewing experience and Robin’s character, I sort of buy her logic. She decided that since Patrick seemed happy, she should wait until she could speak to him in private and avoid making a scene. Robin has always had an annoying tendency to martyr herself in the service of “doing the right thing.” Her decision not to go home with Patrick, who had just forgot about his bride and kissed her in front of a room full of people, because he expressed some human confusion about his feelings and did not actually dump Sabrina at her own wedding, was classic Robin at her most annoying. Even though she acknowledged that she told Patrick to find another wife on the DVD she made when she thought she was dying, she still decided that since he had failed to live up to her lofty expectations, he wasn’t quite good enough. Never mind that the fastest way to make him get over his feelings for Sabrina would be to spend the night with him. I do have to give credit to both Robin and Sabrina for telling Patrick to make a decision about who he wanted to be with, then get back to them. On “The Bold & The Beautiful” both women would be groveling at his feet begging to be his choice.

Making this into a long, drawn out love triangle would be ridiculous. Setting aside how annoying I find Sabrina, the months Patrick spent with her, in which she deliberately positioned herself as a Robin substitute, hardly compare to the years Patrick and Robin spent together. But I grudgingly respect the decision to play Patrick’s realistic confusion rather than give me the immediate gratification of an uncomplicated instant reunion.

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The Best Murder Cover-Up Ever

I am loving “Days of Our Lives” decision to have Sami (Alison Sweeney), Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Gabi (Camila Banus) conspire to cover up Nick’s (Blake Berris) murder (or “murder” as I hope the case turns out to be). After Nick attacked Gabi, and Gabi defended herself by hitting him in the head with a rock, they were all convinced that he was dead. So, deciding nobody would believe Gabi’s entirely plausible story that a man who previously went to prison for killing a woman became violent, they decided to dump his body in a lake. Unfortunately, he woke up when he hit the water and they let him drown. I am a sucker for any storyline involving female enemies forced to work together to cover up a crime. So far, this one has been especially hilarious. Kate and Sami have become Gabi’s cover-up mentors, telling her to stop freaking out with a hilarious, “This is your first time at the rodeo,” attitude. From Kate complaining about how uncomfortable it was to cart around a body while wearing heels, to Sami’s surprise at learning from Kate that the earring she lost during the body dragging was worth $30,000, this has been a thoroughly amusing plot. It has even made me interested in Gabi for the first time. (The way the whole town acted like she was Satan because she wanted to take a job in another state definitely contributed to my sympathy for her. Maybe someone should tell Will about Skype, which allows families that live apart to see each other every day.)

I’m impressed by the clever complications that the writers have come up with, from little Theo finding Sami’s missing earring to Kate discovering that the flashdrive Nick gave her when he thought he would be moving to New York was actually malware. I have no idea why Sami has opted not to tell E.J. (James Scott) about her latest kill, given that he would gladly join in the cover-up fun, other than her lifelong tendency to make things as difficult for herself as possible. I hope that it will continue to have these smart twists rather than fall back on the “Days” trope of having nothing but repetitive scenes of characters lying about what happened until the writers decide its time for the secret to come out.

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