‘Scandal’: Blood Will Tell

Kerry Washington on "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

It will be tough for the midseason finale of “Scandal” to be more shocking this episode. There were huge, genuinely surprising plot twists, the most frightening scene of dental torture since “Marathon Man,” and an uncomfortable sex scene. Best of all, the episode finally put a fork in the word “YOLO.”

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How Olivia Met Her Mother

At Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz) suggestion, Olivia (Kerry Washington) took Maya (Khandi Alexander) to a safe house before B613 got to her. There, Maya told her story: She stole some files and was going to blow the whistle on B613 but Rowan caught her and put her in prison under the name Owen Dresden. Huck and Jake (Scott Foley) cut her neck open and took out a tracking chip. When B613 arrived, they were gone. Olivia wanted to put Maya on a flight to Hong Kong. In the motel where they were hiding, Maya said that while she was in prison, she fantasized that Olivia was happily married to a dentist. She wished she were less like her father. Olivia insisted she was nothing like him. Olivia remembered that Maya called the reporter in England before she got on the plane. They can get him to corroborate the story. Maya felt that she had to run but said it was okay because she saw her. Rowan put Olivia on the FBI’s most wanted list under an alias so she could not fly. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense, since the alias wold be under a different name than the fake passport.

Jake told Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) that Maya was alive. He wanted to kill Rowan (Joe Morton) to save Maya. He accused Fitz of not having his back all these years. Fitz told Jake that he wanted to be Olivia’s hero, but that she doesn’t need one. Jake accused Fitz of letting other people fight his battles. Jake hired a team of hit men. They took out a room full of people, but Rowan was already gone.

Olivia called Fitz and he told her that Jake told him her mother was alive. She told him there was nothing he could do, because the president has no power on this show. She just wanted to hear his voice and talk about Vermont. But he took the opportunity to be her hero and told her to consider it handled. Fitz arranged for Maya to leave on a secret military plane. Olivia calmly told her she would keep working to save her. But Abby prodded her to hug her goodbye. So she did. As she got on the plane, Olivia flashed back to saying goodbye to her as a child, then getting a call from a man saying she was looking for her mom Marie. Olivia called Huck to find the name Rowan used to put Maya on the no fly list. It was Marie. Olivia realized Rowan was trying to protect her all along.

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Worse Than a Root Canal

Huck was about to torture a bound and gagged Quinn. He apologized for the fact that he was going to enjoy it. Then he licked her face. He promised not to kill her, then discussed pulling out her teeth. But he was interrupted by the news that Maya was alive. Before he left to help Olivia, he pulled out a tooth and said, “YOLO.” So much for their friendship. Rowan told Charlie to find Quinn, in the hope that she would lead him to Maya. When Huck returned, he resumed the teeth pulling. Later, Charlie rescued her. She started crying. He told her it was against the rules, just like Huck did in the pilot. She said Huck was the only person she had and he hurt her. Now she doesn’t have anybody. He told her, “You have me.” Then she took off her towel and had sex with him, which seemed like it would have been painful under the circumstances. He took her to Wonderland. But Huck left her for Charlie to find because she made a deal with him to kill Rowan. She demanded the tape of her killing the security guard while hiding a syringe. When Olivia figured out the truth about Maya, Huck realized he needed to find a way to stop Quinn.

Third Party Spoiler

James (Dan Bucatinsky) stayed up late writing his article about Daniel Douglas, torturing Cyrus by saying, “He got him to go deep.” Cyrus pretended not to know that they slept together. Cyrus told Mellie the plan was on hold. James, wearing a velvet jacket, told Cyrus that Daniel James would be dropping by their place tonight, saying it was too bad that Cyrus wouldn’t be home because they could have had a threesome. Daniel told James he wasn’t gay and wouldn’t allow James to write about what happened between them. Cyrus came home early, surprised that Daniel wasn’t there. Cyrus blurted out that he knew James slept with him. James was confused. He thought that was what Cyrus wanted. He angrily demanded to know why he pimped him out. He told Cyrus he ruined everything, and he was appalled that Cyrus was a gay man shaming another gay man. James’s article was “I want a divorce” written hundreds of times, a la “The Shining.” He told him he was taking the baby and leaving. Cyrus told him he had photos, so James wouldn’t get custody, saying, “You’d think I’d go through all this without getting proof?” So, how did Cyrus think a photo of James rejecting Daniel Douglas would be incriminating? Without audio, it would have looked like two people arguing.

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Sally (Kate Burton) signed the papers to resign and run for president as an independent but learned that to have a chance at winning, she would have to publicly support choice because she needed the woman vote. Sally told Fitz she was running against him. Fitz told her she could not win, just destroy his chances. Thank you show, for acknowledging that third party presidential candidates never have a chance. Sally told him she was done waiting her turn. He told her she made the biggest mistake of her life crossing him. Fitz lambasted Cyrus for not handling Sally. When Mellie (Bellamy Young) asked him what happened, Cyrus started to cry. She told him that Sally was a weed in their garden. He needed to see it through. Cyrus showed Sally the photos. Sally scoffed; he would never release those pictures and ruin his marriage. Cyrus phoned James to apologize. He lied that he burned the photos, and Sally would never see them. Sally phoned Cyrus and said she committed a sin. Daniel lay on the ground bleeding from a gunshot wound!

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