Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal’, Season 3, Episode 9


After two weeks, “Scandal” returns with YOLO, Episode 309. Here are the top ten moments from the show, which left me with so many questions!

YOLO – Quinn is naked and tied up with tape over her mouth, and Huck tells her that usually, he’d skin her like a grape. But since they’re family, she’ll get the “friends and family” discount so all he’ll do is take out her teeth. As he licks her face and tells her that he’s sad that he’s about to enjoy torturing her, I realize that Huck is my favorite psycho. He’s interrupted by a phone call from Liv, who tells him that her presumed dead mom is in her apartment. Huck tells her to head to the safe house and remove her phone battery ASAP. He hangs up and decides that he has time to remove one of Quinn’s teeth before he runs off. Welp.

Choiceless with Pro-Choice – Sally Langston’s campaign manager, Leo, tells her that if she wants to have a chance of winning the presidency, she has to put “Politics over God.” She HAS to say she’s pro-choice to win the women’s vote, which she needs. She tries to protest and he threatens to walk, but she gives in and declares it, dropkicking her values and looking ashamed for it. But Power over Faith.

Safe House Tracking – Olivia is sitting in the corner of the safe house and she thinks back to the day her mother left 22 years before. Lil Liv was playing Michael Jackson’s “Ben” on her walkman and her mother hugs her goodbye. In present day, the Gladiators are trying to figure out how their boss’ mother is there and Mama Pope said she was imprisoned by Papa Pope when she tried to blow the whistle on his Black Ops status two decades before. Huck and Jake figure out that it must mean there’s a tracker in her body so they pin her down and knife it out her back. OUCH!

They were right because Charlie and some other B613 track down the safe house but by the time they arrive, no one’s there. They left the tracker behind though.

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Fireside Chat – Olivia sits with her mom, who insists on finding out who her daughter is. Liv says there isn’t much to tell and her mom points out that she can tell there isn’t much laughter in her life. All these years, she was hoping Liv would have a normal life, with a dentist husband named Ray and a son named Sam.

Hero Complex – Huck and Jake realize that there is no running away from B613, as long as Rowan is alive. But he’s a beast and taking him down won’t be easy. Jake goes to see Fitz and tells him that they need to “terminate” Command but the President is not willing to help. Jake points out that it’s his pattern, because during Operation Remington, he was of no help either and his path was set to become Governor and then President. Jake says HE will handle it and Fitz stops him to say that Olivia doesn’t need a hero. Both of them are constantly looking for her love but does she have any to give? 

Taunts and Tears – James keeps dropping these double entendres about how much he got to know Daniel Douglas, to Cyrus’ pain, Finally, the Chief of Staff runs home expecting to see Daniel there and his husband confronts him about his games. “I cannot figure out why you’d pimp out your own husband… you used me like a cheap whore!” TRUE! He says he wants a divorce, and he’s taking their daughter, Ella. However, Beene says he has picture proof of James’ infidelity and he is stunned. Then, Cyrus gets summoned to the Oval Office where Fitz flips out about the fact that Sally Langston is going to be running against him. Cyrus needs to FIX IT!

When left alone with Mellie, Beene dissolves into tears. His husband wants to divorce him and his political future is hanging in jeopardy. Worst day ever!

Consider it Handled – Olivia wants to send her mother to Hong Kong to keep her safe but Rowan has put her on the no-fly list, under a fake name with terrorist charges. Finally, our main Gladiator calls Fitz, overwhelmed at what looks like a road block she can’t move. Although she’s calling him just to vent and hear his voice, he says he’s going to handle it. They hang up and he places a call to the Pentagon.

No Steak for Quinn – Charlie is looking for Quinn and he finds her in her house, naked and tied up. When he removes the duct tape, she wraps herself in a towel and starts to cry. But he tells her that is not allowed. What did she think was going to come from her playing games she wasn’t ready for? She’s lucky all she lost were some teeth! He says “So you don’t eat steak anymore!” And then the two of them fall into bed together. OOOOO!!!

Ben – The Gladiators are at a private airport, where a military jet is waiting to take Mama Pope to Hong Kong. Liv hugs her mother, at Abby’s urging and watches the plane leave. As it does, she flashbacks to the day her mother left 22 years before and remembers that she picked up a call where someone says “I’m looking for Marie. Your mom. Is she there?” Little Olivia hangs up, saying her mom’s name is Maya.

Well, Big Liv calls Huck and asks him what the fake name on the no-fly list was and he says “Marie Wallace.” Liv realizes that “My father was trying to protect me this whole time. He didn’t want me to know what she did, who she is. He’s not the monster. She is.” WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Sinning – Quinn is at Wonderland with Charlie, in Rowan’s office and she says she has information for him. But he’d need to give her the tape of her killing the security guard first. In her right hand is a syringe, which looks just like her murder weapon from the first time. Is she trying to kill Command??

VP Sally calls Cyrus and says “I have committed a sin.” The sin? Well, the dead body next to her feet is pretty much proof of that. It’s her husband. She took that “Politics over God” thing TOO FAR!

Next week is the winter finale of “Scandal,” and according to the previews, we’re all going to be left in shambles. Murder, blackmail, lies and spying. What is Maya Pope’s REAL crime and how is it that Liv has two superbly evil parents? The poor lady can’t catch a break.

Also, did Quinn make a deal with Huck to kill Rowan in exchange for the rest of her teeth? ANDDDDDD why did Sally kill her husband and call Cyrus first?

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