‘Revenge’: The Ring, The Necklace & The Bracelet

Emily VanCamp on "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

After two weeks off, “Revenge” returned with “Surrender,” an episode designed to set up next week’s midseason finale. It could have been nothing more than a series of chess moves in preparation for next week’s wedding from hell. However, the return of Lydia (Amber Valetta) has breathed new life into the show. Let’s hope she becomes a series regular in the second half of the season. Three different stories in this episode involved jewelry. Zales missed a golden sponsorship opportunity.

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Lydia Makes a Grand Entrance

Bringing Lydia back from the dead proved to be the best idea the show has had since it gave Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) an off-camera miscarriage. The resurrected Lydia saw her allegiance with Margaux (Karine Vanasse), who believed Lydia had information about Conrad, as an opportunity to sponge off her. She demanded a per diem generous enough to buy her Cartier. She was luxury-starved after spending the past couple years working as a bartender in Ecuador. Margaux insisted that Lydia remain in hiding in a luxury suite while she corroborated her story. Lydia had other plans. When Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) met to finalize plans for the wedding, they were startled to see Victoria’s clothes being tossed out of the upstairs window onto the lawn. They ran upstairs and found Lydia trying on one of Victoria’s cocktail dresses. She asked them to zip her up. Victoria confirmed that she saved Lydia from the plane crash. Lydia was supposed to stay in hiding, as was Victoria. She reminded Lydia she could have let her die. Victoria claimed she had to come out of hiding to save her children and reminded Lydia that Conrad was the mastermind behind the plane crash.

Lydia lured Conrad (Henry Czerny) to her suite by making him think she was an editor for TIME who wanted to do a cover story on him. How out of the loop is Conrad if he still thinks being on the cover of TIME matters? He was shocked to find his formerly dead former lover. He claimed he always hoped she’d survive. She reminded him he let her get on the plane knowing there was a bomb on board. She told the still-smitten Conrad he should go, saying, “Trust me Conrad, when I’m done with you, you’ll know it.” Aiden (Barry Sloane) phoned Margaux pretending to be the concierge and informed her that Conrad came to see Lydia. Margaux was upset that Lydia violated the terms of their agreement and dropped her as a source.

After Margaux cut her off, a broke Lydia told Conrad she was wrong to choose Victoria over him. Conrad, who had not had sex in a while, succumbed to Lydia’s considerable charms. Later, Lydia found the old photo of Emily as the maid at the Graysons New Year’s Eve party in a photo album.

Watch Sunday Night’s Episode of “Revenge” Below:

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Daniel Is the Most Old-Fashioned Millennial Ever

Emily doubled down on her plan to keep Daniel (Joshua Bowman) from dumping her by claiming she was pregnant and it worked like a charm. Daniel was reluctant to go public with the news, claiming it would force Voulez to rework the profile the magazine was running about the couple, which was ridiculous, because that might actually make the tacky puff piece about the magazine’s publisher interesting. Really, he just did not want Sara (Annabelle Stephenson) to find out. He was avoiding his townie love. When he lamely told her things with Emily were complicated, she told him to make up his mind: her or Emily.

When Daniel saw Lydia at the Grayson estate, Emily seized her opportunity. Lydia told Emily she was no longer falling for her act. Emily retorted that she was the expert on falling. Lydia pushed her to the ground. Daniel, alarmed, blurted out to Victoria that Emily was pregnant. Victoria warned Daniel that Emily was lying to stop him from leaving her for Sara. He insisted that Emily was giving him the opportunity to raise a child in a loving household, though his definition of “loving household” apparently includes a father who pines for his old flame.

Emily and Daniel headed to the doctor but paparazzi swarmed their car, preventing them from going inside. Daniel accused Victoria of leaking the news of the pregnancy. Victoria told him Emily did it. Daniel stubbornly insisted he would marry Emily even after Victoria informed him that she told Emily that he was having an affair with Sara.

Sara confronted Daniel about Emily’s pregnancy. He told her he loved her but had to stay with the mother of his child. Sara claimed to understand his decision because she also grew up in a “broken” home. This story beat doesn’t make a lot of sense unless the show is now set in 1956. Sara gave him back his necklace. He let it fall into the water, because he is so rich that diamonds mean nothing to him.

Daniel asked Emily why she didn’t ask him about Sara. He insisted he didn’t sleep with Sara and promised he was committed to Emily.

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Aiden Turns Emily Into Nolan’s Cousin

Emily stole a bracelet from Victoria and wore it to the shooting range so she could get gun powder residue on it. Wouldn’t she also get her own DNA on the bracelet? Since this isn’t “CSI,” it probably doesn’t matter. Aiden later got down on one knee and proposed to Emily. She temporarily put his ring on her finger. He presented her with fake passports with the last name “Ross” on them so Nolan could easily visit them after they disappeared. Emily’s plan was going off without a hitch until Victoria informed her she would not be attending the wedding. Well, that will make it difficult for Emily to frame her for murder.

The Death of Investigative Journalism

Jack (Nick Wechsler) noticed that Margaux had a file on Conrad. He asked Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to take control of Margaux’s computer to make sure she did not find out too much. Nolan encouraged Jack to just tell Margaux the truth about Conrad. He went a step further and told Margaux to ask Jack what he knew. Jack admitted that Conrad is responsible for the death of his wife and his brother. She was shocked even though she has spent the past few months looking for dirt on Conrad. He was worried that she would try to make him pay and then he would lose her too. She decided to let the story go, because a short-lived romance is more important than exposing that the former governor was responsible for multiple deaths. Margaux is an awful journalist.

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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