‘Scandal’s’ Guillermo Diaz & Katie Lowes Call Midseason Finale a ‘Jacked Up Thrill Ride’

Katie Lowes, left, and Guillermo Diaz of "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

Last week, “Scandal” fans were shocked by the revelation that Olivia’s mother, Maya, was a terrorist. But the most haunting moments were Huck torturing Quinn by pulling out her teeth. The dental duo, Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes, shared what it was like to film the intense scenes, how this week’s midseason finale will top it, and how going from 22 to 18 episodes will strengthen this season of the show.

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Was the moment in last week’s episode when Huck licked Quinn’s face in the script?

Diaz: It sure was. It was in the script. With this show … I never feel like I have to add anything. Sometimes as an actor on a TV show, you improve a little bit or you add a little something extra because the material’s not that great, but with “Scandal,” it’s so freaking good and that lick was completely in the script.

What was it like filming those scenes?

Lowes: It was a mixed two sides of one coin. Guillermo and I are really good friends in real life and so I think we had each other’s trust and we knew that each other were both going to be bringing our A game for 150 percent and we knew all that was going to be there. I think on one hand we were, like, hesitant about how dark the places we had to go but at the same time, we also felt insanely exhilarated and excited because, as actors, there’s this stuff that you want to get the chance to do. We get the opportunity to go to those dark places. It’s the hardest, most rewarding acting you can be asked of yourself so I think we felt both of those things. We shot in one day on Halloween and it was about fourteen hours straight of being duct taped naked on the floor and it was just super, super intense, and our crew and wardrobe and camera department and everybody was just so on it and respectful and it was a really hard day for [Guillermo] and I so everyone just really brought their A game. I think looking back now that we’ve seen the episode and it’s out there, we all just felt it was worth it.

Last week’s episode ended with Quinn preparing to kill Rowan as we learned that he wasn’t the bad guy after all. What happens in the episode we’re going to see this Thursday? Will Huck stop her?

Lowes: I can’t tell you exactly but know that it will definitely be dealt with and you will be seeing the repercussions of he is not the monster, [Maya] is, and what Quinn is going to do in that situation with the syringe in her hand. You’ll see all that. You’ll also see that Guillermo and I have a scene together so you’ll get to see the repercussions of how Huckleberry Quinn are post-torture.

Diaz: And the little interesting blinking light on Huck’s screen in the last moment of the last episode, and we’re going to find out what that means, which is really fun.

Watch Last Week’s Episode of “Scandal” Below:

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Huck has spent so many years hating and fearing Rowan. What does it do to him to learn that, at least as far as Olivia is concerned, he’s one of the good guys?

Diaz: I can’t imagine what’s going through his head now. He might not be the monster that we all thought he was, but he still is a bit of a monster, I mean, he still did take his family away from him, his wife and his child, so there is a little bit of monster still in him. But I think it’s changing the game. Everything is turning on its head and it’s going to be such a fun cliffhanger and an amazing next eight episodes. They’re going to be jam packed with crazy moments and unexpected things. We’re so looking forward to it.

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Now that the gladiators know that Maya is a terrorist whom they need to stop, what do they do? She’s on a military plane!

Diaz: It’s a Shonda Rhimes show. They’re going to find a way to figure out how to get that woman off that plane or just figure it out.

It seems like every episode tops the previous one. Since the show is going on hiatus after this Thursday’s midseason finale, what did you do to make it the ultimate “Scandal” episode ever?

Lowes: All you can know is that if anyone can do it, Shonda Rhimes can do it and the “Scandal” writers. They can and they did. No one will be disappointed and I really see that last week’s episode and this week’s episode are kind of like a two-parter and the intensity picks up right where we left it off and it’s like a million storylines going on at once at a “Scandal” pace and the “Scandal” stakes are jacked up to a 150 percent and it’s just a thrill ride a minute.

ABC announced that your season is going to be four episodes shorter. Will that change the show’s stories?

Lowes: I think it will. I think that it’s a great thing because I just feel like the shorter order means that Shonda and the “Scandal” writers are just going to make them as filled as possible and each one is just going to be a flurry of “Scandal” moments that are now so a part of the success of the show and so I think it’s going to be awesome.

Diaz: Now that we don’t have that many more to shoot, I think they’re really going to put their all into these next eight episodes and they’re just going to be the best of the best.

“Scandal” airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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