Top 10 Moments of ‘Scandal,’ Season 3, Midseason Finale

“Scandal’s” winter finale had me reeling and the “Door Marked Exit” was our test in patience. The next episode isn’t until February 27. TEN WHOLE WEEKS! Us Gladiators have to exercise patience but wow! Below are my top 10 moments from episode 310!

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Sally Kills Daniel – Sally calls Cyrus because she’s “committed a sin” and we see what led up to her killing her husband. When she confronts him about sleeping with James, he lashes back by reminding her that she wasn’t unaware of his attraction to men. The VP tells him ”You are the burden I carry on my back as I make my way to salvation.” OUCH! Her husband says he’s done and wants to tell her business on 60 minutes and she stabs him in the back with a letter opener.

Devil in Distress – Cyrus comes up with the plan to clean up Sally’s mess and calls Charlie to move Daniel’s body back into bed, stitch his stab wounds close and clean him up. With Quinn’s help, they dress Sally’s hubby up in pajamas and place him in bed. The agreed cause of death is a heart attack, and when the doctor wants to undress him to confirm, Sally throws herself over his body like a weeping widow.

When Cyrus returns to his office, Mellie joins him to celebrate but Mr. Beene’s drinking is from guilt. He now knows that he’s in fact the devil and his evil ways have reached an all-time high. He maintains his caustic sense of humor with “Hell hath no fury like a woman whose husband is screwing another man.” WELP!

Rowan’s Read – Fitz has Papa Pope picked up and brought to the basement of the Pentagon to be held until Mama Pope is free. He antagonizes Command because having him hostage is such a rare feat that why not make the best/worst of it by pissing him off? He does it by telling Rowan that his daughter is great in bed. And what comes next is well-deserved. Command lets him have it, in the best monologue I’ve seen on TV in recent memory.

“You’re given the world and you can’t appreciate it because you haven’t had to work for anything!… You are always going to be Senator Grant’s disappointing BOY, Fitz! SHE is always going to be the formidable Olivia Pope! Don’t use the person that I made to make YOU into a man. YOU are a BOY.”

WHOOOOOOO!!! Rowan Pope slaps Fitz in the face with his words and I am loving it! It was a statement on privilege taken for granted and it was strong and Joe Morton is a master actor!

No Country for Maya – Abby convinced David to let her see the file on Maya Pope/Marie Wallace and she returns to the Galdiator office with a report on the mom Liv doesn’t know that well. Maya was born in East London and has been moving all over the world using aliases like Hannah Stewart and Margo Bouvier. She didn’t get to the United States until 1972 and that’s when she became Maya Lewis. Also: she was stealing government secrets from her husband. UH OH!

The Plane Truth – Olivia demands to talk to her father so Fitz brings her to the Pentagon. She tells him that she believes her mom was taken off the plane because she was going to blow the whistle on the U.S. government but when she was interrogated, they realized a bomb was on it so they shot it down before it reached London. However, even as she said it, she realized it wasn’t logical. She looked at her father and knew that her mother had LIED about a bomb being on the plane and she basically manipulated and tricked Rowan into killing over 300 people FOR NO REASON.

Quinn’s Loss – Quinn is literally in bed with Charlie when she slips away at night and shows up at the Gladiator office. She heads to Huck’s office and her old mentor/friend tells her that the only reason he hasn’t killed her is because of Olivia. Because of her betrayal, she is no longer a Gladiator. She leaves and shows up at Charlie’s. Baby Huck no more.

Sally’s Run – Part of what Sally had to agree to when she accepted Cyrus’ help with her murder situation was to step down as opposition to President Fitz in his 2nd term election. She was going to go along with it and her campaign manager, Leo was not pleased. So after Mellie comes to visit and after the funeral of Mr. Douglas, Sally says that her husband was a “godless sinner and he deserved what he got! Leo then realized that she had killed her hubby. What he was most upset about was that he wasn’t the first person she called.

Snitching and Secretary – David Rosen gets a visitor from a woman who was a former intern for the NSA and she says she created a software that allows cellphones to be hacked and use to record convos in the room they’re in. Well, she happened upon a convo between VP Sally Langston and Cyrus Beene that started with “I’ve committed a sin.” SHEESH!

Meanwhile, James tells Cyrus he wants to be White House Press Secretary. Cy couldn’t say no because when he had asked James earlier “so what’s next” he gave him carte blanche. But this also signals James’ dice into the evil pool that his husband is lifeguard of.

New Command – Jake says goodbye to Liv, saying he loves/loved her. Later on when she gets home, she calls her dad to find out why he hid her mother from her for 22 years. She asks him if he did it to protect her and he refuses to answer the question. Instead, he reminds her that Sunday dinner is the next day. Cute. Rowan walks to his office and Jake is sitting in his seat. He  tells him that HE’S the new Command. RUH ROH! His former underling echoes his words to Fitz with: “B613 is not an individual. Cut off the head of the snake and another will grow in its place.” FACT!

Mama Pope Returns – Olivia gets a call and there’s a “Hi, Livvie” at the other end of the line. It’s her mother, who apologizes for upsetting her (possibly for hijacking the plane that was supposed to take her to Hong Kong and killing the pilots and the soldier on board). Her daughter demands to know where she is and she says “don’t worry, Sweetheart. I’ll see you real soon.” OH. She hangs up and throws the phone away, strolling off in her off-white trench. SHE’S in front of the White House! OH NOOOOO!

OMG! I have questions.

* How did Mama Pope get back to DC?

* Is Rowan gonna make a move to get his seat and power back? I’m betting on it.

* Is David Rosen gonna pursue an investigation about the murder of VP Sally’s husband.

* What is Quinn up to???

SO MANY QUESTIONS! I cannot wait for the next 10 Thursdays to come. Every time Shonda ties up on loose ends, 4 more sprout up.

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