EXCLUSIVE: Grab Your Shot Glass And Toast The ‘Tequila Sisters’

Lauren, Jen, Jackie, and Cat Marin on "Tequila Sisters" (Photo: TVGN)

Watch out Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney! The Marin sisters are on the scene and they’re looking for their piece of the reality show pie. Tuesday nights at 9pm ET, the TVGN gives us a peek into the privileged lives of Jen, Lauren, Jackie and Cat in the docu-soap “Tequila Sisters.” Each 30-minute episode follows the modern American chicas, whose ages range from 21-29, as they explore business opportunities and tackle dating under the watchful eye of their conservative parents Bill and Lori.

The multi-generational clash between the traditional Mexican parents raising four beautiful females in America is a major focus of the show. Bill, the patriarch of the family and a tequila entrepreneur, is often left in tears as his daughters revel in pushing the boundaries of what he finds acceptable and respectable. His success in the tequila industry has afforded the family an affluent lifestyle in Orange County, California but he’s had to tighten the purse strings during challenging economic times— much to the chagrin of his spoiled daughters.

We caught up with Lauren, Jackie and Cat to get the juicy details about their lives, plans for the future, and they share their favorite hair tips.

Congrats on the new show ladies! How did the opportunity for the show come about?

Lauren: “We were approached by one of Jackie’s friends who works at Lionsgate who was looking to develop a show with a Mexican-American family. [The ideal family] needed to be very close to each other and get along but who also had some juicy drama. We fit the part perfectly!”

It’s sweet to see how much your parents love you all but does it ever get to be too much? Does it ever make you want to move out?

Jackie: “From time to time I think to myself ‘What am I still doing living at home?! I need to get out of here!’ Then I realize that’s easier said than done.” [laughs]

Cat: “I think we have all thought about moving out because sometimes enough is enough. My fathers rules are very tough but in the end, I know he has very good intentions.”

Jackie, you’re dating famed motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden who travels quite often. Has it been difficult to maintain a good relationship with all the limitations at home?

“It can get pretty tough when we go more that a month without seeing each other. The distance has definitely forced us to be completely honest and open with each other— that makes our relationship very strong. I can’t get enough of Nicky!”

Lauren, you’re a budding actress and your family has been supportive. But during your film screening, your dad flipped when he saw you had a topless scene! Does he have the power to get you to quit or at least cover up in the future?!

“He definitely has the power, [laughs] and I learned my lesson. Next time I will ask for their blessing before I do another nude scene! I truly respect my parents and I hope I would never do anything to embarrass them or make them feel ashamed of me.”

Being the youngest child definitely has its advantages. Cat, did your sisters break your parents in and make life easier for you?

“Being the youngest has definitely paid off. I get to stay out later and go on trips with my friends. This season you should expect to see me sneaking off to places and getting away with all the trouble I get myself into.”

The most popular question on social media while the show airs is about your hair! Tell us your secrets…

Cat: “That’s the biggest compliment that people like our hair. I wash my hair every other day and I always use a heat protector. My all time favorite product is the Wet Brush.. best brush in the world!”

Jackie: “My hair colorist and stylist Ashlin Wiley at Kim Vo Salon— she’s amazing! And dry shampoo!”

Lauren: “It’s not easy being blond nor cheap. With all the styling I do, I have to use a lot of products to save my hair from getting damaged. My top products are heat protector, Moroccan Oil and hair masks.”

To keep up with the Marin sisters and their adventures, tune in Tuesday nights at 9pm to TVGN. Below, is an exclusive preview of tonight’s episode entitled, “Las Vegas.”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Tequila-Sisters/6770319904764171112/98876483745/Tequila-Sisters—Vegas-Clip-For-PR-H.264/embed 580 476]
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