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The International Channel (CCTV-4) of China Central Television (CCTV) reports on modern China’s politics, economics, society, culture, science, education and sports in an objective and real-time manner. It also introduces China’s ancient history, splendid culture,famous tourist attractions and scenic spots while providing the audience with rich entertainment and information service. It serves as a window through which overseas Chinese connect themselves with their ancestral homeland as well as a bridge through which China and other countries and regions in the world enhance their mutual understanding and friendship.

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On the Way:” [Air time: Mon – Fri, 6:25am ET/3:25am PT – Rebroadcast: Tue – Sat, 5:15pm ET/2:15pm PT, Sun, 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT & Mon, 12:00PM ET/9:00am PT]

“On the Way” is a daily travelling-theme program. It uses travelling as a medium, showcasing to the world the natural and humane fairness in China. “On the Way” enjoys a high popularity for the Chinese audiences both in China and around the world.

Across China:” [Air time: Mon – Sun, 6:30pm ET/3:30m PT – Rebroadcast: Mon – Sun, 12:00am ET/9:00pm PT & 4:30 am ET/1:30am PT]

“Across China” focuses on the concept of humane geography, or socio-cultural geography. The show emphasizes on China’s natural and humane geographic legacy, reporting important archaeological explorations and discoveries and telling about the geographical and cultural backgrounds behind social news. It showcases the oriental characteristics of China’s geography.

Chinese Medicine:” [Air time: Thu, 9:00am ET/6:00am PT – Rebroadcast: Fri, 10:10pm ET/7:10pm PT &Sun, 10:25am ET/7:25am PT]

“Chinese Medicine” spreads the Traditional Chinese Medicine culture and provides doctorial health services. As goes the slogan of the show, “Promoting TCM culture and Improving health around the world”, “Chinese Medicine” focuses on healthy lifestyle information for the audiences all over the world with a unique high-class cultural characteristic.

Chinese World:” [Air time: Mon – Fri, 6:25am ET/3:25am PT – Rebroadcast: Tue – Sat, 12:10pm ET/9:10am PT]

“Chinese World” consists of two parts: “Chinese Footmark” and “Chinese Stories”. “Chinese Footmark” tells the history of Chinese emigrants and their footmarks in the foreign countries, focusing on the unyielding and hardworking journeys of the Chinese people around the world. “Chinese stories” dramatizes the experiences of Chinese emigrants, reflecting the intercultural exchanges and the success and setbacks they caused, as well as the vitality of the Chinese culture.

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