Can’t Stop Watching: Drake’s Best ‘SNL’ Impersonations

by | January 21, 2014 at 6:20 PM | Black Entertainment, Can't Stop Watching, Saturday Night Live

Drake as Katt Williams. (Photo: NBC)

If you still haven’t checked out the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live,” you may want to give it a gander. Though the show was thought to be a coming out of sorts for “SNL’s” newest cast member Sasheer Zamata it was rapper Drake who stole the show (If you want more information on why Sasheer’s hire is a big deal, read here.).  And he was quite entertaining. Apparently most people, myself included, forgot he starred on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” and were impressed by his ability to impersonate and play a myriad of characters. He definitely has range. My favorite sketch of the night–and it’s not so much the entire sketch as it is his performance–is the “Nancy Grace” piece where he played comedian Katt Williams. From the lace front wig and hand gestures to the voice, clothing and lines, he had Katt down. It earned a few hearty laughs from me. I also liked him as the Ned Flanders-looking dad in the slumber party sketch (thanks @BlackGirlNerds for that comparison), the Disney World park attendant in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular sketch (he was good; the sketch was meh) and as embattled MLBer A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) in the “Piers Morgan Live” cold open–please note, Kate McKinnon was hilarious as Justin Bieber. The sketch I liked the most? The “Resolution Revolution” skit where he played a guy who deviated from his goals early. It also starred Sasheer, who was featured in a few sketches and did well (It’s customary that “SNL” newbies don’t dive in during the first few weeks.) Overall, I think the writing could still improve and hope that Sasheer, like her cast mates, is allowed to show her funny. Same for its writing staff, including newbies Leslie Jones and LaKendra Tookes. Is all of this going over your head? No worries. I’ve included examples of the sketches I liked below.

“Piers Morgan Live” Cold Open

“Nancy Grace”

“Resolution Revolution”

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