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'Treme' (HBO Home Entertainment)


Over the course of its four seasons, ‘Treme– David Simon and Eric Overmyer’s critically acclaimed follow up to the legendary HBO hit ‘The Wire’- has used the interweaving tales of a community of musicians, artists, politicians and regular citizens of New Orleans to shine a light on the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina and to demonstrate that the power of music and cultural traditions can overcome corruption. ‘Treme: The Complete Series’ begins three months after the storm—when more than half the population of New Orleans is still displaced and the city is left wrecked, muddied and cased in mold—and follows the stories of a community of locals trying to piece their lives back together. Over the course of the series, years pass and as the city slowly recovers, crime rates and corruption rise as newcomers try to capitalize on the city’s rebuilding efforts. Throughout, the ordinary people of the Big Easy must band together to demand that their music, art and well-being be protected against opposing institutions. The complete series includes all 36 episodes from all four seasons, plus all of the extra features from each individual release that highlight the music, food and culture of the show. Also included is a bonus disc that offers more than a dozen music videos from the series. Buy the complete series Blu-ray right her

Nicholas Sparks Limited Collection

The gift of romance for movie lovers everywhere. For the first time ever, own all seven films in this limited edition DVD collection. The 7-film DVD collection includes ‘Safe Haven,’ ‘The Lucky One,’ ‘Dear John,’ ‘Nights in Rodanthe,’ ‘The Notebook,’ ‘A Walk to Remember,’ and ‘Message in a Bottle.’ It also includes 7 collectible postcards, a personal letter form best-selling author Nicholas Sparks and special features on select titles. Buy the limited collection right here.

The Agatha Christie Hour

Collecting ten tales of intrigue and romance from renowned mystery writer Agatha Christie, ‘The Agatha Christie Hour: Complete Collection,’ now available on DVD. In these suspenseful stories set in Art Deco-era England and broadcast on PBS’s Mystery! in the early 1980s, lesser-known Christie protagonists—including “happiness expert” Parker Pyne—find themselves embroiled in illicit love affairs, supernatural mysteries, false accusations, life-changing encounters, and murder. Agatha Christie has delighted millions of fans with her deft plots, memorable characters, and keen insight into the darker motives of mankind. The star-studded ensemble casts include John Nettles (Midsomer Murders), Amanda Redman (New Tricks), Christopher Cazenove (The Duchess of Duke Street), Ralph Bates (Poldark), Cherie Lunghi (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), Maurice Denham (All Passion Spent), James Grout (Inspector Morse), Stephanie Cole (Doc Martin), and Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding). The Mysteries: The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife; In a Glass Darkly; The Girl in the Train; The Fourth Man; The Case of the Discontented Soldier; Magnolia Blossom; The Mystery of the Blue Jar; The Red Signal; Jane in Search of a Job; The Manhood of Edward Robinson. Buy the complete collection right here.

Downton Abbey

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The most-watched drama in PBS history enters its fourth gripping season with the whole world waiting to learn how the beloved characters deal with a shocking tragedy. The acclaimed ensemble is back, together with returning guest star Academy Award-winner Shirley MacLaine and new guest star Paul Giamatti. Also joining the cast are Harriet Walter, Gary Carr, Joanna David, and Tom Cullen, as the legend continues. ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 airs Sundays on Masterpiece on PBS from January 5, 2014 to February 23, 2014. The DVD and Blu-ray sets contain all of Season 4, including the finale. The DVD and Blu-ray feature the original U.K. edition of Season 4 and more than 30 minutes of bonus video. Written and created by Julian Fellowes, ‘Downton Abbey’ is a Carnival Films/Masterpiece Co-Production. The series’ many accolades include 10 Emmys, two Golden Globes, and a coveted Screen Actors Guild Award for the ensemble cast. Buy the Season 4 Blu-ray right here.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

The boisterous road trip ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa‘ is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and VOD from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  Jackass ringleader Johnny Knoxville reprises his role as 86-year-old Irving Zisman in the story of a crotchety old man unexpectedly saddled with the care of his 8-year-old grandson, Billy (Jackson Nicoll). The two generations of troublemakers soon develop a bond, as they hustle their way across the heartland of America pursuing hijinks and pulling pranks on unsuspecting, real-life people—all of whom had no idea they were starring in a hidden camera film. “We had so much hilarious footage that we had to cut for various reasons, so I’m psyched that people are going to get to see everything, especially when it’s unrated and on Blu-ray.  Woohoo!!” said Johnny Knoxville.  “Plus I think fans will get a kick out of seeing how we pulled off some of the pranks in the behind-the-scenes footage.  As Irving would say, ‘The show’s not over until I hogwrench the fat lady’s spatooly.'” ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’ is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack with an Unrated Cut crammed full of even more outrageous footage, along with the theatrical version of the film.  The combo pack features UltraViolet™ or a digital copy and also includes over an hour of behind-the-scenes antics, deleted scenes and alternate reactions from real people.  The film will also be available as a single-disc DVD. Buy the Blu-ray combo pack right here.

Danny Phantom

Not Seeing Is Believing. And you thought the hassles of everyday high school life were bad! Meet Danny Fenton, a good-natured, ordinary 14-year-old kid with extraordinary powers. The son of two highly eccentric ghost-hunting parents, Danny now has the half-ectoplasmic DNA of a ghost, giving him the ability to fight off the horrible spooks, specters and vengeful ghost hunters threatening our world! But before Danny can defeat anything, he must first learn to control his newfound powers with the help of his best friends, tech-head Tucker and self-proclaimed goth Sam. Finally all 3 ghost hunting seasons in one ghoulish package. Buy the complete series DVD right here.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and the Swallow Falls gang are back with another helping of adventure in Sony Pictures Animation’s ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,’ now available on Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Inventor Flint Lockwood thought he saved the world when he destroyed his most infamous invention — a machine that turned water into food, causing edible weather like cheeseburger rain and spaghetti tornadoes. However, he soon learns that his invention survived and is now creating food-animals, or “foodimals!”  Now, Flint and his friends must embark on a dangerously delicious mission to battle hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, hippotatomuses, cheespiders and other foodimals to save the world once more. Fans hungry for more can indulge in a host of bonus materials on the ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,’ 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Packs, including four mini-movies directed by animation veteran David Feiss. The first all-new mini-movie, “Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear,” finds Steve chasing a mischievous gummi that misused one of Flint’s inventions to grow into a 50-foot beast. In the second never-before-seen mini-movie, “Steve’s First Bath,” Flint must quickly alter his plans for a romantic date with Sam after his monkey-cleaning invention goes awry. Both Combo Packs come with two additional previously released mini-movies, “Super Manny” and “Earl Scouts,” along with strawberry-scented scratch ‘n sniff packaging. The Combo Packs and DVD are also stuffed with filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes and seven behind-the-scenes featurettes, including candid interviews with the animators and voice talent, and a look at the stunning end credits and all-new, making-of-the-music video from fan-favorite Cody Simpson. Buy the Blu-ray combo pack right here.

The Fifth Estate

Based on true events, the fast-paced global thriller ‘The Fifth Estate‘ takes you behind the shocking headlines. ‘The Fifth Estate’ reveals the Wikileak’s rebel founder’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) quest to expose fraud and corruption to the widest audience possible: the internet. Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s “Sherlock Holmes”, Star Trek:  Into Darkness, War Horse) as Julian Assange, Daniel Brühl (Rush, Inglorious Basterds, The Bourne Ultimatum) as Daniel Domcheit-Berg, Laura Linney (TV’s “The Big C,” “John Adams” mini-series) as Sarah Shaw, Stanley Tucci (The Terminal, The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games) as James Boswell, Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker, The Adjustment Bureau) as Sam Coulson. Buy the Blu-ray combo pack right here.

Last Vegas

Director Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure franchise) brings together a legendary all-star cast for the box office hit ‘Last Vegas‘ now available  on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Academy Award winners Michael Douglas (Best Actor, Wall Street, 1987), Robert De Niro (Best Supporting Actor, The Godfather: Part II, 1974; Best Actor, Raging Bull, 1980), Morgan Freeman (Best Supporting Actor, Million Dollar Baby, 2004) and Kevin Kline (Best Supporting Actor, A Fish Called Wanda, 1988) star as four 60-something-year-old friends who take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal. The cast also includes Academy Award winner Mary Steenburgen (Best Supporting Actress, Melvin and Howard, 1980), as well as Romany Malco (Think Like a Man, TV’s “Weeds”) and Jerry Ferrara (TV’s “Entourage”). Fans can go behind-the-scenes with in-depth bonus materials included on the ‘Last Vegas’ Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD, including filmmaker commentary with director Jon Turteltaub and writer Dan Fogelman. Also included are three featurettes exploring the film’s storyline and character arcs — “It’s Going to be Legendary,” “Four Legends,” and “The Flatbush Four.”  Three additional featurettes on the supporting cast and filming in Las Vegas are available exclusively on the Blu-ray Combo Pack, including “Shooting in Sin City,” “Ensemble Support,” and “The Redfoo Party,” which breaks down the pool party scene hosted by musician Redfoo of LMFAO. Buy the Blu-ray combo pack right here.


Returning to record ratings in the U.K. in 2013, the third series of the acclaimed British mystery series, ‘Vera, Set 3,’ is now available on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. Based on the award-winning novels by Ann Cleeves (Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award winner), the ITV series stars two-time Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn (Little Voice, Secrets & Lies, Pride & Prejudice, Atonement) as a cantankerous but brilliant detective. In these four new feature-length mysteries, Blethyn imbues DCI Vera Stanhope with “a monumental intelligence” (The Guardian) as she solves unthinkable crimes. Broadcast on ITV in August 2013, the series made its North American debut in October on Acorn TV; the first British TV focused streaming service at www.Acorn.TV. Garnering a devout legion of fans, the series is broadcast continuously on public television and has a fourth series in the works. This DVD 4-disc set includes four mysteries, plus bonus photo gallery and text interviews with Brenda Blethyn and David Leon. Patrolling her patch of northeast England, Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope resolutely pursues the truth in cases of murder, kidnapping, and blackmail. While her manner is sometimes caustic, her single-mindedness gets results. Vera is supported by her trusted team, including right-hand man Detective Sergeant Joe Ashworth (David Leon, RocknRolla). A family man, Ashworth is ever trying to strike a balance between home and work. Meanwhile, forensic pathologist Billy Cartwright (Paul Ritter, The Eagle) and Detective Constable Kenny Lockhart (Jon Morrison, High Times) tend to bring out the scathing side of their boss. Guest stars include Saskia Reeves (Luther), Dean Andrews (Life on Mars), and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones). Buy the Set 3 DVD right here.

Agatha Christie

Collecting three feature-length Agatha Christie mysteries with all-star casts in a value-priced collection, ‘Agatha Christie’s The Queen of Crime Collection’ is now avaiable on DVD. Agatha Christie has delighted millions of fans with her deft plots, memorable characters, and keen insight into the darker motives of mankind. The Queen of Crime enchants once again with these three fascinating mysteries featuring sublime casts, including Sir John Gielgud (Brideshead Revisited), Francesca Annis (Lillie), Pauline Collins (Upstairs, Downstairs), James Warwick (Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime), Cheryl Campbell (Pennies from Heaven), Dominic Cooper (The Duchess), and Susan Hampshire (The Pallisers). The collection includes Sparkling Cyanide, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? and Seven Dials Mystery. Buy the Queen of Crime Collection DVD right here.

Argento’s Dracula

Horror maestro Dario Argento puts his unique stylistic spin on the classic supernatural tale in ‘Dracula,’ a sexually charged, visually sumptuous retelling of the legendary myth. The film is now available on DVD and 3D Blu-ray via IFC Midnight. It’s been 400 years since Count Dracula’s (Thomas Kretschmann, Wanted, Valkyrie) beloved Countess Dolingen passed away, leaving the immortal bloodsucker forever abandoned. But when he discovers that local newlywed Mina Harker (Marta Gastini, The Rite) bears a striking resemblance to the Countess, his furious yearning is reawakened as he believes Mina to be a reincarnation of his beloved. Luring her husband Jonathan away to his castle with the help of his minion (and Mina’s best friend) Lucy (Asia Argento, xXx, Boarding Gate), Dracula embarks on a bloody quest to reunite with his long-lost love and live forever with her in hellish immortality. Only the arrival of vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing (Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner, Hobo With a Shotgun) can put an end to the fiend’s unholy plan. Luridly violent and brimming with passionate eroticism, Dario Argento’s Dracula is an all-out assault on the senses from one of horror cinema’s most celebrated auteurs. It stands in grand company with such Argento classics as The Girl With the Crystal Plumage, Tenebre, Deep Red and The Cat o’ Nine Tails. Buy the 3D Blu-ray right here.

The War Between Men and Women

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the hilarious romantic comedy The War Between Men And Women, now available on DVD for the first time ever.  Starring Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon and based on the writings of humorist James Thurber, this unique comedy follows Peter (Lemmon), a near-sighted cartoonist who abhors women, children, and dogs but falls for Terri (Barbara Harris), the divorcee who comes bag and baggage with all three. Peter and Terri couldn’t be more wrong for one another, but Cupid has a sense of humor and soon the pair finds themselves dangerously close to living happily ever after.  If they can overcome flirtatious ex-husbands, clashing lifestyles and Peter’s potential blindness, the might just see their relationship for what it is – true love.  Interspersed with mesmerizing animation sequences, The War Between Men And Women also stars Jason Robards. Buy the DVD right here.

The Beast of Hollow Man/The Neanderthal Man

The Beast Of Hollow Mountain

Based on an idea by the legendary special effects wizard Willis O’Brien (King Kong, Son Of Kong, The Lost World), ‘The Beast Of Hollow Mountain’ is a classic creature feature. An American rancher living in Mexico is staying near Hollow Mountain, an impenetrable swamp where, stories have it, dwells a living prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The Neanderthal Man

A mad scientist uses his new serum on his housekeeper, turning her into an ape-woman. Like most crazed scientists, he then tries the serum on himself, creating…’The Neanderthal Man’! Robert Shayne (How To Make A Monster) and Beverly Garland (It Conquered The World, The Alligator People) star in this harrowing creature feature. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.


From the producer of The Transporter and Taken 2 comes the heart-pounding action thriller ‘Collision,’ now available on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD Ultraviolet), DVD (plus Digital Ultraviolet), Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. After a deadly accident in the Sahara, newlyweds must survive the journey back to civilization and face the bitter truth about how they got there.  The Collision Blu-ray and DVD include a behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted scenes.While on their honeymoon in Morocco, Scott and Taylor Dolan set off on a day trip through the Sahara. When something goes terribly wrong, the couple finds themselves stranded in the middle of the remote desert with no way home. Soon, lies and betrayals are revealed, as well a shocking discovery: nothing happens by chance. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Bonnie & Clyde

History, Lifetime and A&E present ‘Bonnie & Clyde,’ the passion-filled mini-series, executive produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron and is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ follows one of the nation’s most notorious couples, Clyde Barrow (Emile Hirsch) and Bonnie Parker (Holiday Grainger), who lusted after fortune, killed for fame, and embarked on an adrenaline-filled crime spree across America. Fans, historians and skeptics who are restless to uncover more about this legendary couple can dive into a host of bonus materials available on the two-disc Blu-ray and DVD sets. Exclusive to the ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Blu-ray set is a never-before-seen featurettte “A Legendary Story Revisited,” giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the tale was refreshed to take on a modern twist. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

LEGO: Legends of Chima

Get ready for all-out action with the release of ‘Lego Legends of Chima: The Lion, The Crocodile and the Power of the Chi’ Season 1, Part 1, now available on DVD. ‘Lego Legends of Chima: The Lion, The Crocodile and the Power of the Chi’ Season 1, Part 1 provides the ultimate blend of action and humor guaranteed to entertain fans of all ages. For a thousand years, animal tribes have rules the land of Chima, their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as … The Legends of Chima. The kingdom of Chima has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes, best friends that have become enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in Chima understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of Chima that will result from its misuse. Animals throughout the kingdom relied on the magical CHI orbs to energize their vehicles, gear and themselves. The orbs were a power source that the Lions had always shared equally with everyone. They played and worked together, cooperated and prospered- until the outbreak of the Chima conflicts. As conflict spreads, the fate of the kingdom of Chima hangs in the balance. Buy The Lion, the Crocodile and the Power of the Chi Season 1, Part 1 DVD right here.


Breaking Glass Pictures, Monster Pictures and Vicious Circle Films are excited to announce the release of ‘Antisocial,’ now available on DVD. The feature length debut of director Cody Calahan, which has been scaring up impressive reviews on the international festival circuit, ‘Antisocial’ sees a New Year celebration between a small group of friends turn into a vicious fight for survival when a mysterious viral outbreak forces them to stay indoors. Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year.  Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world. With nowhere else to turn, they barricade themselves indoors with only their phones, laptops, and other tech devices. They use their devices to research the possible cause of this outbreak. Information and video footage over flow their computers as they descend further into the cause and the ensuing chaos. As the virus spreads, the mood in the house changes from fear to paranoia. Who is safe? Who can they trust? Reality becomes blurred as they slowly discover the source of the virus causing the sickness…and there is no going back. Buy the DVD right here.

Dark Touch

After a mysterious and bloody massacre in her isolated country house leaves her parents and younger brother dead, 11-year-old Neve (Missy Keating, The Sea) is taken by police to friends of the family to be looked after. When Neve tries to explain that an evil force within the house caused the deaths, she’s met with disbelief from both the authorities and her new family. But before long it becomes apparent that whatever killed her family has followed Neve to her new home, and soon she and all those around her are in mortal danger of some malevolent power that seems to be tied to the unfortunate girl. The pulse-pounding ‘Dark Touch’ skillfully blends elements of the paranormal thriller with the sadly more earthly horrors faced by the most innocent among us. The IFC Midnight theatrical release, written and directed by Marina de Van (In My Skin), was an Official Selection at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Buy the DVD right here.

A Perfect Man

In the thoughtful and charming ‘A Perfect Man,’ a womanizer inadvertently falls back in love with his wife when she pretends to be another woman. James (Liev Schreiber, X-Men Origins, Ray Donovan) and Nina (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Criminal Minds, Basic Instinct) seem to have a perfect marriage. But below the surface, miscommunication is gnawing at their relationship. When Nina catches James cheating (yet again), she makes a very public and humiliating break from him. As James laments the way he has treated his wife and how he has thrown away everything they built, he begins to receive phone calls from a mysterious woman, who discusses with him his reasons for cheating. Soon a new connection begins to grow between James and the caller, who is in fact Nina using a foreign accent. But is it too late to repair their old romance? Buy the DVD right here.

The April Fools

Get swept away with screen legends Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve in the delightful romantic comedy ‘The April Fools.’ Howard Brubaker (Lemmon) is a newly promoted man trapped in a loveless marriage. Catherine’s (Deneuve) marriage would be ideal if her husband weren’t a womanizer. When Howard and Catherine meet at a trendy party for New York’s corporate elite, they decide to escape and explore the city instead. Soon the pair find themselves falling in love and deciding to run away together. All they have to do now is tell their spouses. With outstanding performances by Lemmon and  Deneuve, this urban adventure truly demonstrates the power of great love and great entertainment. Rat Pack legend Peter Lawford also stars in this fun romance, arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day. Buy the DVD right here.

The Princess Twins of Legendale

Enter an unforgettable world of adventure full of princesses and fairies with the release of ‘The Princess Twins of Legendale,’ now available on DVD.  In the magical land of Legendale, two brave sisters must come together to reunite two worlds separated by an evil enchantment. Highlighted by music from award-winning songwriter, producer, singer and former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and featuring spectacular CGI animation, the world of Legendale comes to life in this movie adventure perfect for the whole family! Find the magic of ‘The Princess Twins of Legendale’ exclusively at Target locations nationwide. From MGA Entertainment, the creators of Lalaloopsy, comes an enchanted movie adventure. Sheltered in the land of Eternal Daylight, Princess Dawn dreams of a world beyond the palace. Certain the forbidden Night World holds the key to her past, Dawn embarks on a mystical moonlit adventure and discovers that the two worlds were divided by an evil sorceress. The kingdom’s only hope is revealed when Dawn encounters her twin sister Eve and they realize that they alone hold the power to unite the kingdom. Buy the DVD right here.

Who is Harry Kellerman…

Headlined by screen legend Dustin Hoffman, ‘Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?’ is now available on DVD for the first time ever. A critical hit, Barbara Harris also stars in an Oscar-nominated role. The film follows Georgie Soloway (Hoffman), a successful writer of love songs who ironically cannot love others, or himself. Although he’s rich, successful and seemingly on top of the world, he spends his days dreaming of suicide and trying to track down a man named Harry Kellerman, who had been spreading outrageous lies about him. Buy the DVD right here.

African-American Leaders: Past & Present

Celebrate Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech with History’s phenomenal collection ‘African-American Leaders: Past & Present,’ now available on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This outstanding DVD set includes five films that tell the stories of five influential African-Americans.  The in-depth profiles of Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall and Barack Obama delve into their lives, the experiences that shaped them and the impact they had on history. The landmark DVD collection profiles five men who changed the course of a nation. “Civil War Journal: Frederick Douglass” examines the life of the brilliant writer and orator who escaped slavery and launched a lifelong fight for emancipation. “Martin Luther King Assassination” looks at the impact of America’s most powerful civil rights leader who, even in death, helped unite the movement. “Malcolm X: A Search for Identity” reveals a man whose intelligence and independent search for meaning made him one of the most charismatic leaders of his generation. “Thurgood Marshall: Justice For All” tells the triumphant story of the first African-American Supreme Court justice, whose fight to end racial discrimination in the South as a lawyer in the ’40s and ’50s paved the way for the Civil Rights movement. “Barack Obama” follows the journey of the first black U.S. president from his life with his single white mother and estrangement from his African father, to his arrival as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review through to the White House. Buy the DVD right here.

The Prey

A low-level crook must break out of jail in order to save his family from a deranged killer in the year’s biggest thriller import, ‘The Prey.’ Albert Dupontel gives an unforgettable performance as a “good” bad man in director Eric Valette’s new hit, now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Cohen Media Group. Bearing some of the traits of such modern classics as The Fugitive, Enemy of the State and Taken, ‘The Prey’ makes its own mark as a dose of pure suspense. Franck Adrien (Albert Dupontel, The Clink of Ice, Paris) is serving a short prison sentence for robbing a national bank, but before he got caught he managed to hide the money. And it’s not just the police who are looking for the loot. Franck has unwittingly told his seemingly friendly cellmate Jean-Louis Maurel (Stéphane Debac, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, The Girl Cut in Two) about the money, but soon Jean-Louis is cleared of the charges against him – rape and child molestation. His departing words as he leaves prison are a promise to Franck that he will look after his family. Franck’s qualms turn to genuine fear when he learns that Jean-Louis really is a serial killer, and Franck’s family may be his next target. It’s up to the bank robber to somehow break out and protect his family – and his hidden stash – while remaining one step ahead of the police. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


A family’s livelihood is threatened, but their very humanity may be on the line when they’re faced with a moral dilemma in Emanuele Crialese’s new film, ‘Terraferma.’ The beautifully shot Sicilian seaside drama is now availabe on Blu-ray and DVD from the Cohen Media Group. Set on a summer tourist island off the coast of Sicily, ‘Terraferma’ tells the story of two struggling, yet disparate families, whose members become fatefully intertwined. Teenager Filippo (Filippo Pucillo, Golden Door) and his grandfather support their family by fishing, but there are fewer and fewer big hauls lately. Mom (Donatella Finocchiaro, To Rome With Love) decides to rent out their house to the wealthy tourists who occasionally come ashore the little island. But when a raft of desperate Ethiopian refugees arrives, all plans change and the Sicilian family must choose between their economic survival and doing the morally right thing. Italy’s entry for the Best Foreign-Language Film at this year’s Academy Awards, ‘Terraferma’ won the Special Jury Prize at the Bastia Italian Film Festival, the Movie of the Year Award at the Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival, the Bridging the Borders Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and the Pasinetti Award, the Special Jury Prize and the UNICEF Award at the Venice Film Festival. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

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