Ross Mathews On New ‘Hello Ross’ Season & His Best Celeb Tweet!

"Hello Ross!" (E!)

By Jim Halterman

Need something to do in order to unwind after a long week? Friday nights are suddenly so much more fun now that “Hello Ross” is back for a second season.

This week, the always fabulous Ross Mathews talks with a former Oscar nominee who will actually be appearing at this Sunday’s ceremony.

What else is coming up? Ross gave us a sneak peek on this week’s show!

The new set is to die for. What were you going for as far as the feel of the set? (And there’s never too much glitter!)

Ross Mathews: I wanted it to be chic of course, but mostly wanted it to feel welcoming. “Hello Ross!” is a platform for super fans and pop culture to come together and this is somewhere beautiful for that to take place.

You’re so fun with your guests, like last week’s chat with Brandi Glanville. What do you think makes a good guest?

RM: A good guest is someone who comes in without their guard up. Someone who gets that they can be open on our show and can share parts of themselves that they normally wouldn’t at other places.

Your guest this week is Gabourey Sidibe. What will she bring to the show?

RM: Super happy to have her on. I’m a super fan of hers. She’s a super fan of pop culture. She’s a legit former Oscar nominee who is presenting at this year’s awards so we have lots to talk about.

You regularly poke fun at yourself. What do you say to celebs who can’t poke fun at themselves?

RM: Loosen up honey!

Which celeb always makes you gushy and excited no matter how many times you meet them?

RM: Oprah because she IS other worldly. OTHER WORDLYYYYY! (Said in Oprah voice).

Best celeb Tweet you ever got?

RM: A direct message on Twitter from Gloria Estefan asking me out to dinner. Which is tied with the DM from Jackie Collins asking me out to dinner also!

The Springer VS. Scandal game was so much fun! More games like that to come? Any you can tease?

RM: The field pieces we are shooting this season are some of the best that we have ever done! I can’t wait for you to see them each week Fridays at 10pm on E!. I think that I would get into serious trouble if I gave away too much.

MAN UP! is out in paperback, which is so exciting! What’s the biggest thing you learned from writing a book about your life and experiences?

RM: I learned that my journey for self-acceptance is a universal journey that people from across the country and across the world can relate to.

Hello Ross airs Fridays at 10pm on E!

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