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'The Middle' (Warner Bros Home Entertainment)

The Middle

Heck, yeah! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the fourth season release of ‘The Middle,’ one of TV’s most acclaimed comedies, on DVD. Finding laughs in the heartland, the Hecks are back to tickle everyone’s funny bone with 23 hilarious episodes plus deleted scenes and a gag reel. Throughout the fourth season of ‘The Middle,’ the Hecks continue to deliver more laughs and good times straight from America’s heartland. Struggling to sell cars at the only dealer left in town, an unexpected turn of events soon forces Frankie (Patricia Heaton) to reevaluate her career path. Meanwhile, Mike (Neil Flynn) has made it his mission to ensure his sloth-like son Axl (Charlie McDermott) gets a football scholarship so he can get into college next year. Sue (Eden Sher) finds herself not only navigating high school but also the roads of Indiana, if she can finally get her driver’s license. With all the crazy happenings, it’s no wonder youngest son Brick (Atticus Shaffer) keeps his head in a book and, as usual, whispers to himself. No matter what happens, viewers can count on this quirky and delightful family to continue to bring on the laughter and fun. The Middle has consistently remained a hit among television viewers, leading off ABC’s Wednesday comedy block; the show’s fourth season is averaging a strong 9.5 million viewers* per week. The popular series also recently launched into national syndication, airing five nights per week on local stations as well as on ABC Family. The Middle is also slated to debut on the Hallmark Channel in March 2014. Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.

Adventure Time

Cartoon Network has released the third full-season installment of its most mathematical animated series on both Blu-ray and DVD as ‘Adventure Time‘ The Complete Third Season is now available. Continuing the franchise’s home entertainment momentum which has included a series of top-selling releases to date, the Blu-ray and DVD both feature all 26 episodes from the series’ third season, as well as must-have bonus features including episode commentaries for ALL 26 episodes, an interview with series creator Pendleton Ward, an alternate show introduction. Plus, further satiating even the most passionate Adventure Time fans, it’s BMO! Fans and collectors are in for a special treat with a custom die-cut BMO slipcase, which transforms the Blu-ray and DVD packaging into their very own collectible BMO figurine. As one of Cartoon Network’s most popular series, ‘Adventure Time’ continues to grow and thrive since its on-air debut in April 2010. With strong on-air success through its fifth season, critical acclaim, passionate fan base and strong consumer products program, the brand has become a massive hit among audiences of all ages. During its fifth season, the series was the #1 show among boys 6-11, as well as a top-rated show among kids 6-11, and kids and boys 9-14, according to Nielson Media Research. With a huge social following of more than 10 million fans on Facebook, Adventure Time consistently ranks as a top digital brand as well, with top-rated apps and online games featured on Additionally, the Adventure Time consumer products program attempts to satiate the fan base’s desire to interact with their favorite characters with a robust licensing program that includes toys, apparel, publishing, accessories, interactive games, youth electronics, comic books, posters and much more. Buy the Season 3 Blu-ray right here.

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World

Marvel’s ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself.  In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. To defeat an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor sets upon his most dangerous and personal journey yet, forced into an alliance with the treacherous Loki to save not only his people and those he loves…but our universe itself. Chris Hemsworth (Marvel’s Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman) stars as Thor, Natalie Portman (Marvel’s Thor, Black Swan, Star Wars Episodes I-III) as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston (Marvel’s Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers, War Horse) as Loki and Anthony Hopkins (Marvel’s Thor, Silence of the Lambs, Nixon) as Odin. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Above Suspicion

Based on the bestselling novels by Lynda La Plante (Prime Suspect) and blending taut storytelling with convincing chemistry, ‘Above Suspicion, Set 3’ is now available on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. Kelly Reilly (Flight alongside Denzel Washington, Sherlock Holmes) stars as DI Anna Travis, a detective trying to prove herself in what is still mostly a man’s world. Acclaimed actor Ciarán Hinds (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, There Will Be Blood) co-stars as Anna’s former boss. The DVD Single contains the final three-part mystery Silent Scream (2012, Series 4), plus two behind-the-scenes segments including a meet-the-cast segment and interviews with Lynda La Plante and crew. Set 3 made its U.S. premiere on Acorn’s streaming service, Acorn TV ( in Oct. 2013. When the brutal murder of a famous young actress brings DI Anna Travis face-to-face with her old boss, DCS James Langton (Ciarán Hinds), the two must find a killer and deal with their own relationship. She’s determined to get ahead; he’s angry about being passed over for promotion. Meanwhile, there are too many suspects for the murder, and Langton becomes obsessed with finding the person on his team who betrayed him. Based on the bestselling novel Silent Scream by Lynda La Plante, this three-part drama delves into the shallow world of stardom and the harsh realities of deception. With the smoldering chemistry between Travis and Langton, this hit British series is “easily one of the best detective shows on the box” (Wales on Sunday). Above Suspicion debuted in the U.K. and aired for four series (2009-2012). Acorn previously released Set 1 (Series 1 & 2) and Set 2 (Series 3) on DVD. Buy the Set 3 DVD right here.


The heartfelt new movie ‘Nebraska’ is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD from Paramount Home Media Distribution. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Alexander Payne), Best Actor (Bruce Dern), Best Original Screenplay (Bob Nelson), Best Supporting Actress (June Squibb) and Best Cinematography (Phedon Papamichael).  The film was also named one of the best movies of the year by the AFI, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Times, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Variety, Huffington Post, Slate, the National Board of Review and numerous critics associations. From Academy Award-winner Alexander Payne, the director of Sideways and The Descendants, comes the captivating story of a father (Bruce Dern) and his adult son (Will Forte) who embark on a journey to claim a million-dollar prize; what begins as a fool’s errand becomes a search for the road to redemption. Screen legend Bruce Dern gives an unforgettable performance that has earned him widespread critical praise, as well as the Best Actor award from the Cannes Film Festival, the National Board of Review and the Los Angeles Film Critics and Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG, Spirit and Satellite award nominations. ‘Nebraska’ also features an outstanding supporting cast including Stacy Keach, Oscar nominee June Squibb and Will Forte. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

L.A. Law

Created by award-winning writers/producers Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher, the critically acclaimed television series ‘L.A. Law’ held court in primetime during the course of its eight-season run on network television from 1986 through 1994. Winner of fifteen Primetime Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes and numerous honors and accolades,’L.A. Law’ takes viewers inside the inner sanctum of a fictional Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak. There, a team of ambitious and competitive attorneys must face the conflicts between their personal desires, their obligations as lawyers, and their principles as human beings. A portrayal of the law and its litigators that was both realistic and irreverent, L.A. LAW captivated millions of viewers with its hardboiled drama, rich characters, wry wit and tackled emerging social issues of the time.  Season One of L.A. LAW boasts an all-star ensemble cast including Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey, Corbin Bernsen, Jill Eikenberry, Alan Rachins, Michele Greene, Jimmy Smits, Michael Tucker, Susan Ruttan and Richard Dysart.
Marking 28 years after its initial premiere on network television, Shout! Factory has released ‘L.A. Law’ Season One of the series in a 6-DVD set containing all 22 acclaimed episodes, new interviews with series creator Steven Bochco and the cast, including Jimmy Smits, Michael Tucker, Jill Eikenberry, Susan Ruttan and more. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Mama’s Family

In the world of prime-time television, success often begets success by way of the spin-off. ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ lasted eleven seasons on CBS, thanks in part to the recurring comedy sketches that attracted a large, loyal viewership. “The Family” remained a favorite because fans related to the Harpers’ constant squabbling about the mundane. As the irascible Mama Harper, Vicki Lawrence was wondrously transformed into a full-tilt senior citizen, and it wasn’t a matter of if, but when, she would get her own TV series, ‘Mama’s Family’ debuted in 1983 on NBC, lasting two seasons before going into syndication for another four years. Following the DVD release of the first two single seasons of this hilarious – and often heartwarming – family comedy, StarVista Entertainment/Time Life delivers another season of laughter and dysfunction in equal measure with ‘Mama’s Family: The Complete Third Season.’ Across four DVDs, fans of classic TV comedy will find 25 complete episodes from the show’s first full season of syndication, and a host of specially-created bonus features. One of the first sitcoms to successfully reinvent itself in first-run syndication, the creative team behind Mama’s Family – which, in The Third Season included the return of Joe Hamilton as executive producer and director Dave Powers, who had previously helmed “The Carol Burnett Show” and “Three’s Company” – was able to build upon the first 35 episodes and reshape the series to its full potential. In this third season, big changes are afoot in the Harper household: Vint’s kids Buzz and Sonja are gone, replaced by Bubba Higgins (Allan Kayser), the son of Eunice and Ed. Bubba arrives fresh from a stint in juvenile hall, learning of his parents’ move to Florida only after he settles in at Mama’s place. Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.


The outrageous new comedy ‘Legit‘ stars Australian Jim Jefferies as an edgy, foul-mouthed stand-up comic living in Los Angeles, struggling to make his life and career more “legit.” But every time Jim tries to do the right thing, his good deeds turn into wildly inappropriate and utterly hilarious escapades. Joined by his neurotic best friend and roommate, Steve, and Steve’s wheelchair-bound brother, Billy, Jim takes comedy to a whole new level, whether it’s visiting a Las Vegas brothel, partying with the mentally-challenged or trying to pick up women at a gay bar. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

The Shadow

Alec Baldwin stars as the legendary crime-fighting superhero in ‘The Shadow.’ Donning his sweeping black cape and disguise, The Shadow takes on his most dangerous nemesis yet: the last descendant of the great Genghis Khan whose weapon of choice is an atomic bomb. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, they square off for a spectacular battle in a dazzling mixture of mind-blowing special effects, humor and a dose of the macabre that will hold you spellbound. Featuring an all-star cast: Penelope Ann Miller (Carlito’s Way), John Lone (The Last Emperor), Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Ian McKellen (X-Men). Buy the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray right here.

Under Capricorn

Based on the popular novel by Helen Simpson that was also the subject of the 1949 Hitchcock adaptation, and filmed on location in Australia, the engrossing saga, ‘Under Capricorn’ is now available on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. brand. Broadcast on A&E in the late 1980s, this British series in the tradition of Rebecca follows the fortunes of the Flusky family during the tumultuous 19th century. Wealthy, powerful, and with their share of dark secrets, the Fluskys are beset by drama and trauma in this riveting Gothic romance. The series made its exclusive streaming debut in December 2013 on Acorn TV; the first British TV focused streaming service at www.Acorn.TV. In 1831, young Irishman Charles Adare (Peter Cousens, Return to Eden) arrives in New South Wales, Australia, eager to make his fortune—and make it fast. But what he finds are secrets that won’t stay buried. Adare is swept into the private world of wealthy land baron Samson Flusky (John Hallam, The Pallisers) and his mentally unbalanced wife, Lady Henrietta (Lisa Harrow, Kavanagh Q.C.). The gruff, unmannered Flusky hopes the well-bred Adare can bring Henrietta out of her mysterious dark moods and back into society. But her manic behavior masks something unspeakable. As Adare attempts to help this haunted woman, greed, jealousy, and a secret passion threaten to destroy them both. Buy the DVD right here.

Ice Soldiers

A new kind of Cold War begins in the sci-fi action thriller ‘Ice Soldiers,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Dominic Purcell (TV’s “Prison Break,” Blade Trinity), Adam Beach (Cowboys & Aliens, Flags of Our Fathers) and Michael Ironside (X-Men: First Class, Terminator Salvation) lead a hard-hitting cast in this gritty, militaristic adventure about a scientific expedition that unearths three genetically engineered Russian super soldiers frozen in ice since the height of the Cold War. Now, the team must stop the killing machines at all costs or risk the total destruction of the Western world. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Twice Born

Academy Award winner Penélope Cruz and Emile Hirsh star in ‘Twice Born,’ an epic family mystery that becomes a moving portrait of love, loyalty and the unbreakable bonds of motherhood in a time of war that is now available on DVD. Based on the runaway European bestseller by Margaret Mazzantini, ‘Twice Born’ begins as the Italian professor Gemma (Cruz) heads off on a summer vacation to the battle-scarred city of Sarajevo with her discontented teenaged son Pietro.  She longs to show him the country where she fell passionately in love with his father, Diego (Hirsh) – but she is about to discover a long-hidden secret, one that will reveal far more to their knotted past than even her haunted memories can disclose. Years before, when she herself was still a student, Gemma traveled to a very different Sarajevo, an electric, youthful city in the midst of the triumphant 1984 Winter Olympics.  It was then that she began a heated love affair with the young American photographer Diego, drawn to his intense zest for life and art.  For a time, she was compelled only by the all-consuming desire to start a family with him; but that desire would soon be complicated by her struggles to conceive, and her hopes of becoming a mother would in turn be interrupted by the coming of the brutal Balkan war and the longest violent siege of a city in modern history. In a series of transforming events, Gemma would finally make it back to Italy – but alone with an infant son who has never known the story of who he is or how he was born. Buy the DVD right here.

Mr. Nobody

‘Mr. Nobody’ tells the life story of Nemo Nobody, a 118 year-old man who is the last mortal on Earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. On his deathbed, Nemo shares his life story with a reporter and reviews the choices he made along the way. Yet even with his last breath, a pivotal decision awaits to conclude his destiny. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Lost in Thailand

In a follow up to the 2010 film ‘Lost on Journey,’ writer and actor Xu Zheng (Call for Love, One Night in Supermarket) makes his directorial debut with the road trip comedy ‘Lost in Thailand,’ now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from Well Go USA Entertainment. Two rival business managers, Xu (Xu Zheng) and Bo (Huang Bo), are fighting over a revolutionary new technology, the winner of which will gain control of the company. Each embarks on a search for their boss and hijinks ensue when Xu meets the happy-go-lucky Wang (Wang Baoqiang), an unexpected travel companion who sidetracks Xu’s search, but opens his eyes to life’s true priorities. In addition to Zheng, ‘Lost in Thailand’ stars Baoqiang Wang (Lost on Journey, Assembly), Huang Bo (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons), Ron Smoorenburg (Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?), Tao Hong (Colors of the Blind, The Red Violin) and Fan Bingbing (upcoming: X-Men: Days of Future Past). Bonus materials include a behind-the-scenes “Making-of” featurette. Two rival businessmen (Xu Zheng and Huang Bo) must track down their boss at a Buddhist temple to secure a patent on a revolutionary new fuel additive. Xu catches the first plane to Bangkok, where his plans are delayed by the happy-go-lucky Wang (Wang Baoqiang), an unexpected travel companion who will open his eyes to life’s true priorities. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The 300 Spartans

For the first time on Blu-ray comes ‘The 300 Spartans,’ the iconic action classic about the epic 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae! Richard Egan stars as Spartan King Leonidas, who commands a small band of fearless Greek warriors in their defense of the civilized world’s last bastion of freedom. Impossibly out-numbered by the marauding forces of the totalitarian Persian Empire, these brave heroes will take no prisoners and never surrender—even unto death. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Transformers Prime

Spring into action with Bumblebee from Hasbro Studios’ Emmy Award-winning series Transformers Prime! Beloved by kids and legions of fans worldwide, Bumblebee is a dedicated warrior and a scout who serves as part of the elite squad lead by Optimus Prime. Though he may be one of the smallest and youngest of the Transformers, don’t let that fool you. Time and time again, this Autobot proves that he has the bravery to fight for what is right and the tenacity to throw himself into action to battle against his opponents no matter where they appear. ‘Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee’ is now available on DVD, featuring a collection of four best Bumblebee adventures from the Transformers Prime lore. Packed with visually stunning CG animation and unforgettable characters, this new DVD delivers fun-filled home entertainment that kids and parents will enjoy. Buy the Ultimate Bumblebee DVD right here.

Vitaphone Comedy Collection

Samuel “Shemp Howard” Horowitz wrote his own rules for comedy from the very beginning. Heckling his way into brother Moe’s “rough house” act with Ted Healy, Shemp was an original Stooge. After Larry Fine filled out the team, fame beckoned, but Shemp balked at playing second banana to Healy and lit out on his own as a Vitaphone player. Shemp quickly rose from bit parts in shorts like Gobs of Fun to supporting player alongside Daphne Pollard and Harry Gribbon (and even pro baseball’s famous Dean brothers), and went on to steal the show in the Joe Palooka series based on the hit comic strip. Shemp’s character of Knobby Walsh quickly became the comedic center of the series, and Shemp emerged as a new king of comedy. Hollywood beckoned Shemp away from the east coast confine of Vitaphone out west, where he carved out a comfortable spot as a film comedian until fare and fate and family compelled him to return to his roots in The Three Stooges. Here’s to Shemp! Buy the Volume 2 DVD at

You Will Be My Son

A successful but demanding father turns against his own child in ‘You Will Be My Son,’ the stirring new dramatic thriller starring Niels Arestrup in an unforgettable performance. The César-nominatedfilm is now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Cohen Media Group. Director Gilles Legrand (The Maiden and the Wolves) creates a powerful and moving drama with echoes of nothing less than King Lear and the novels of Balzac. The elderly Paul de Marseul (Niels Arestrup, War Horse, A Prophet, The Beat That My Heart Skipped) is the passionate but abusive proprietor of his prestigious family wine estate in the Bordeaux region. Paul lords it over all his employees, and that includes his son Martin (Lorànt Deutsch, Humans, Asterix and the Vikings), who works at the vineyard in administration and sales. Paul has no faith in Martin’s ability to take over the operation after he’s gone, and he never misses a chance to belittle his son and his university education, even when Martin secures a lucrative export deal for the winery. A lifetime of being treated like a servant has made the clearly competent Martin into a nervous, uncertain adult. Paul wishes he had a different son to leave his empire to – a wish that seemingly comes true when he meets Philippe (Nicolas Bridet, Regular Lovers, Mr. Bean’s Holiday), the son of his trusted estate manager (Patrick Chesnais, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly). The handsome and charismatic Philippe has arrived home from California (where, it seems, he’s a rising star in Francis Ford Coppola’s Napa Valley wine empire!) to care for his father, who is dying of cancer. Immediately, a rivalry between Martin and Philippe is set in place. Does the scheming Paul have the legal means – let alone the heart – to turn against his own faithful, hard-working son Martin and somehow make the ambitious and talented Philippe the rightful heir to the estate? Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Capital Games

Breaking Glass Pictures and the G.A. Hauser Collection are proud to announce the DVD release of Ilo Orleans’ ‘Capital Games,’ based on the best-selling erotic novel by author and executive producer G.A. Hauser.   Following a world premiere at Philadelphia QFest, the first adaptation of Hauser’s work captivated audiences with its unbridled depiction of the fine line between love and hate between two statuesque men. Take two ambitious men, one top LA advertising firm, and add a competition for the same high-ranking job. Tough ex-LAPD cop Steve Miller quit the police force to work in the calm of an office environment. Mark Richfield, the glamorous new kid in the office, soon wins favor with the big boss and co-workers causing Steve to cringe in jealousy. After a team-building exercise in the Santa Fe desert goes awry, the two men share a night of passion that leaves them both with unresolved emotions. Steve becomes torn between passionate love and passionate hatred and Mark must endure an agonizing decision that will affect his life forever.Buy the DVD right here.

Les Petits Meurtres D’Agatha Christie

Featuring lavish French adaptations of Agatha Christie’s treasured tales, ‘Les Petits Meurtres D’Agatha Christie,’ Set 1 is now available on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. Agatha Christie’s masterful storytelling gets a soupçon of French flair in these sexy, witty mysteries which made their exclusive U.S. Premiere on ‘Best British TV’ streaming service Acorn TV in Dec. 2013, Acorn.TV. In 1930s France, Superintendent Larosière has a passion for beautiful women and solving cases, while hapless young inspector Lampion just tries to keep up. And in the mid-’50s, suave Commissioner Laurence unravels knotty crimes with the help of a reporter. Set 1 features Antoine Duléry (De l’autre côtė du lit), Marius Colucci (Populaire), Samuel Labarthe (Le Divorce), and Blandine Bellavoir (Maison close). These seven adaptations aired on France 2 between 2009-2012. Buy the Set 1 DVD right here.

Lesson Before Love

Breaking Glass Pictures is excited to announce the DVD release of ‘Lesson Before Love,’ the debut feature of writer/director Dui Jarrod. In the vein of ‘Love Jones,’ ‘Love & Basketball’ and ‘The Best Man,’ ‘Lesson Before Love’ is a contemporary story of modern professional African Americans looking for a happily ever after. The film was a hit on the festival circuit, taking home the Best Drama Award at the San Diego Black Film Festival, the Audience Award at Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, and screened at the Hollywood Black Film Festival, Bronzelens Film Festival, and New Voices in Black Cinema. Eric, Alexis, Cullen and Janae are all single and unsatisfied living their monochromatic lives. The contentious, first time meeting between on-line chat buddies, Eric and Alexis, brings about a torrent of emotion as they all meet up for a night on the town. After which, they begin to experience love lessons that force them to search their own hearts and passion for the love that has long eluded them. Buy the DVD right here.

Beware the Batman: Shadows of Gotham

Another night falls in Gotham City and the ever-vigilant Dark Knight watches over his city and its citizens. With the help of his ex-secret agent butler, Alfred, and sword-wielding assassin Katana, the Batman wages a tireless war against Gotham’s twisted criminal underworld. Buckle up for 13 all-new adventures from the first season, and ride along as Batman battles the evil machinations of Professor Pyg, Magpie, Mister Toad and criminal mastermind Anarky. It’s a crime-fighting collection of hidden clues, cool tech and detective thrills as Batman prowls in the shadows, ready to deliver action-packed excitement and justice! Buy the Season 1, Part 1 Blu-ray at

Jamesy Boy

Jamesy Boy‘ is based on the true story of teenager James Burns (Spencer Lofranco) who goes from a suburban street gang to a maximum-security prison cell surrounded by hardened criminals. He turns his life around in prison thanks to the unexpected friendship he forms with a convicted murderer (Ving Rhames) who becomes his mentor. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


A gruesome legend comes to life in the pulse-pounding horror film, ‘Scarecrow,’ now available on DVD from Cinedigm. The deadly thriller stars Lacey Chabert (“Party of Five,” “Baby Daddy”), Robin Dunne (“Sanctuary”) and Brittney Wilson (“Bates Motel”). For years the urban legend of the deadly scarecrow has haunted children, and in one small town, the evil comes to life.  During the annual Scarecrow Festival, a group of teens are tasked with working on a local farm. Inspired by the surrounding cornfield, they recount a well-known creepy tale of a terrifying, murderous scarecrow. They soon find that there’s some truth to the story. As darkness falls over the cornfields, a monster is out for blood and the teens must run for their lives. Buy the DVD right here.

What Price Hollywood?

Sassy and ambitious waitress Mary Evans (Constance Bennett) amuses and befriends seldom-sober director Max Carey (Lowell Sherman), who stumbles into her restaurant. Max invites Mary to his film premiere and, after a night of drinking and carousing, Mary charms her way into a screen test and then a contract with a movie studio. Just as Mary finds her dreams coming true and her career on the upswing, Cary’s life and career begins its descent. A seldom-seen gem from the oeuvre of famed film director George Cukor, What Price Hollywood? Takes a shrewd, playful and pragmatic view of cinematic life from the other side of the camera, and created the blueprint from which all other “true-life Hollywood tell-alls” have been created, including A Star Is Born, in the 1954 version of which Cukor directed Judy Garland. Buy the DVD at

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