Oscar Highlights: Jared Leto’s Perfect Acceptance Speech, Ellen Scores And More!

Jared Leto (ABC)

It was no real surprise that front-runner Jared Leto would win the Best Supporting Actor  Academy Award for his role as transgender character, Rayon, in Dallas Buyers Club” but his acceptance speech was an instant classic.

“Incredible. Ellen, I love you. To my fellow nominees, I’m so proud to share this journey with you. I’m in awe and have so much respect for you all. To the Academy, thank you. In 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, there was a teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child. She was a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. She encouraged her kids to be creative, to work hard and to do something special. That girl is my mother and she’s here tonight. And I just want to say, I love you, Mom. Thank you for teaching me to dream. To my brother, Shannon, the best big brother in the world, you’re a true artist. Thank you so much for sharing this insane and amazing adventure that is 30 Seconds to Mars, and for being my best friend. I love you. Thank you. 

To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to say we are here and as you struggle to… to make your dreams happen, to live the impossible… We’re thinking of you tonight. And this is, is incredibly special as well because there’s so many people that helped me get here. And I just want to say thank you to Focus Features, to Mick Sullivan, to Jim Toth, to Jason Weinberg, to Emma Ludbrook, to Kelly Adams, to the entire “Dallas Buyers Club” team. Matthew, I love. Jean-Marc.

And this for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS and to those of you out there who have ever felt injustice because of who you are or who you love, tonight I stand here in front of the world with you and for you. Thank you so much and goodnight.”

Bravo, Mr. Leto!

Other highlights from the 86th Annual Academy Award broadcast:
  • P!nk sings "Over The Rainbow" (ABC)

    Host Ellen DeGeneres moved the night along with her trademark quick wit and charm including joking that Liza Minnelli was really a female impersonator, ordering pizza for the celebs in the audience (Leto took a piece for his mother), taking a group selfie to try to get the most retweets in Twitter history and even donning a Glinda The Good Witch outfit. Too soon to campaign for her to return next year?  Please?

  • Matthew McConaughey predictably won the Best Actor award for “Dallas Buyers Club” and while his acceptance speech lacked Leto’s genuineness and was more like an over-rehearsed monologue, he really did deserve to win, didn’t he?
  • Cinematic heroes were a part of the evening and during the Real Life Heroes portion, included were film clips of Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in Milkand Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in “Philadelphia.”
  • In her first-ever Oscar performance, Bette Midler sang ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ from her film “Beaches” during the ‘In Memoriam’ segment.
  • During 75th Anniversary tribute for The Wizard Of Oz,” not only were Judy Garland’s offspring Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft in the audience but P!nk (aka Alecia Moore) sang a beautiful version of “Over The Rainbow” while moments from the beloved film played on a screen behind her.
  • Biggest flub of the night goes to John Travolta for mispronouncing Idina Menzel‘s name as something akin to ‘Adele Azeem’ for his introduction to the singer performing the nominated song “Let It Go” from Frozen.” (At least the song ended up winning the trophy!) Maybe the glue from his hairpiece seeped a little into his brain?
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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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