My Hit List: ‘Scandal’s’ 3 Best Characters … and 3 Who Should Be Offed ASAP

Yes, Olivia, girl, call your gladiators, the list is out! (Photo: ABC)


It’s the circle of life. There are TV characters who we love and adore and those who we wish would exit stage left–quickly. Sometimes the same name may end up on both lists. And when one person leaves, a new one’s introduced. When it comes to ABC’s “Scandal,” people definitely have their favorites as well as those who irk them. I’ve created a list of characters from the hit drama that I personally think are the most interesting to watch and those who I wish would be killed off. Perhaps binging on Fox’s “The Following” has made me a bit more morbid. Or maybe I’m tired of being bored. Think I’m overreacting? Tune in to ABC at 10 p.m. EST Thursdays and let me know.



Bring in the laurel wreaths because these folks deserve ’em:

1. Cyrus Beene. I said last fall that President Fitz Grant’s Chief of Staff was my favorite character on the show. Cyrus is complex; a dash of cynicism and charm with two heaping scoops  (maybe too much) of loyalty and ruthlessness. I knew I liked him after watching the first two seasons and I think Jeff Perry does a great job in this role. This season? Ehh, it’s waning but he’s still ahead of the pack. His quotient could improve as something tells me he’s onto his journalist hubby James’ betrayal and it won’t be pretty.

2. Vice President Sally Langston. Sally Langston is another one who I think is fun to watch. Like Cyrus, this Southern conservative’s listing is based off of previous seasons though I think her ongoing attempts to be voted the first female to lead the U.S., including her covering up the murder of her bisexual adulterous husband, makes her a bit more spicy. Favorite moment? Second season, episode eight, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” where Cyrus has to check Sally, who tried to ease in as President while Fitz fought for his life. Oh, Sally …

3. Hollis Doyle. No one dishes out one-liners on “Scandal” like this Texas fat cat. After watching him in season two, I was hoping this ruthless, charming guy would return and last week, he did. Yes, Hollis is another one who livens up this show. There are several moments that sealed Hollis’ fate on this list. And of my beloved Hollis quotes, his telling Olivia, “We’ve all done what we’ve done. Can’t get your cherry back,” and yelling, “Get!” to his daughter Maybelle after discovering she staged her own kidnapping, are high on my list. I do think more’s to come when he uncovers Cyrus and Sally’s secret.

Honorable mention: Eli “Rowan” Pope (Olivia Pope’s father was the man we loved to hate until we realized he wasn’t “the monster.”)

Order the floral arrangements because one, if not all, of these characters need a swift offing:

1. Quinn Perkins. People have been calling for her exit for several months now. In episodes six and seven, “Icarus” and “Everything’s Coming up Mellie,” respectively, she really worked my nerves. And last week’s episode, where she pointed a gun at Olivia, telling her, “Get out of my car or I’ll shoot you,” I was outdone. I’m finding her petulant behavior unbearable and boring. She’s an irritant. If she isn’t whacked, I predict that she’ll find her way back to the gladiators after a stint with B-613. Meh.

2. James Novak. It’s just a matter of time before Cyrus catches on to his disloyalty. And at this point, it couldn’t happen soon enough. Cyrus (or more, appropriately, “Scandal” writers), if you’re going to off him, do it already! I haven’t always felt this way about James, but this season…ugh. The point I realized that I was over him? Last week’s episode when he whined incessantly about Cyrus uncovering his deception. Dude, yes, your husband is a lovable provider but he’s also a treacherous, Washington insider who has hitmen on speed dial. Where have you been?

3. Maya Lewis. I’m all for sistas staying employed in Hollywood. And I love Khandi Alexander as Olivia’s mother. But I think I’m over the Maya Lewis storyline. Maybe the winter break was too long for me but when I saw her in the final seconds of last Thursday’s episode, teamed with Adnan Salif, I shrugged my shoulders. I wasn’t even remotely curious about their pairing. I’ve gotten bored with her already. When this lady is taken out, I do believe it will be at the hands of her husband,  Eli “Rowan” Pope, or her daughter, Olivia. Yep, that’s my prediction.

Dishonorable mentions: Olivia Pope (I guess that’s kind of sucky given she is the show, huh?), Mellie Grant (She used to be fun to watch but now, when it comes to her relationships, she’s turning into Olivia–breathy expressions, indecisiveness, etc. Ugh, Fitz, what have you done to these women!)

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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