Here TV’s ‘From Here On Out’ Goes For Sexy Laughs With Gay Hollywood Flair

by | March 27, 2014 at 8:26 AM | LGBT

T.J. Hoban, Terry Ray (Here TV)

After many failed attempts, your big TV series idea finally gets the green light at a big gay TV network with one stipulation – the lead has to be a proud, out gay man. So what happens when the perfect man with all the right assets for the part, Sam Decker (played by hunky T.J. Hoban), is revealed to be (gasp!) straight?

That’s the starting point in Here TV’s new, outrageous sitcom “From Here On Out,” which debuts Friday at 9pm on the Here TV Network. The first two episodes will kick off the launch of the comedy with single episodes airing every Friday night.

Created by Terry Ray (who also stars as writer/producer Jimmy), the sitcom follows the insanity of putting together a television series when you’re trying to navigate bare back – and front – sides, a horny cast, sassy Juliet Mills (yes, from “Nanny and the Professor” and daytime’s “Passions“) and tight budgets knowing if one big secret gets out, the show will be tossed out with the trash.

The good folks at Here TV sent over a clip from the new series which takes much pleasure at poking fun at Hollywood.

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