Boris Kodjoe Lands Another TV Gig, OWN’S ‘Love in the City’ Premiere Date, ‘Boondocks’ Creator Not Returning & More

OWN's "Love in the City" cast. (Photo: OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)

The workweek may have ended but the happenings in black entertainment haven’t. Read more about Boris Kodjoe getting another television show, OWN’s  new reality show dubbed the multicultural “Sex and the City” and Aaron McGruder’s plans for “The Boondocks.” Also, check out my weekend watchlist and what’s hot and what’s not.

Boris Kodjoe lands another TV job. Two weeks ago, I shared that “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star Boris Kodjoe star will play Secret Service Agent Benjamin Hernandez in the CBS pilot “Unforgettable.” Now, the former model will co-star in the 13-episode ABC drama, “The Club,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Kodjoe will play Deacon Harris, a former Hall of Fame football player who is persuaded to join the country club,” THR reports. Mmmhmm, that black Hollywood renaissance is looking more and more like a permanent shift than a trend. He joins a growing list of black actors and actresses–Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Terrence Howard, Sophie Okonedo, to name a few–who have TV series planned. Read more about Boris’ latest opportunity here.

“Love in the City” gets April 12 premiere date. Previously called “Crazy.Sexy.Life.,” the docu-series stars celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright, life coach Bershan Shaw, actress Chenoa Maxwell and philanthropist Tiffany Jones. The ladies have known each other for years, with Kiyah is the link that brought the four ladies together. I’ve watched the pilot episode of this OWN show and I like it and am pretty sure it’ll get a welcomed response. The relationships seem very genuine, even though there’s tension between some of the ladies. Doesn’t seem terribly forced like some other reality shows (they shall remain nameless…for now). Another thing I like is that the women seem more vulnerable and revealing of their shortcomings. For example, Bershan admits she’s insecure, Chenoa and her husband struggle to conceive–and it’s a strain on their marriage (they even discussed having a second wife–wow!), Tiffany’s breast cancer returns and Kiyah unapologetically wants a baby sans a husband. So, yeah, this show definitely brings a little something different to the table compared to other reality shows targeting an African-American audience.  It’s already drawn comparison to Bravo’s s “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” which aired its tense reunion show Sunday. I can tell you right now, from what I’ve seen so far, these shows are different. Is that really a bad thing? Let me know what you think when it airs.

Aaron McGruder exits “The Boondocks.” “The Boondocks” creator won’t be returning for the fourth season of his groundbreaking animated series. Instead, Aaron McGruder will funnel all of his energy toward his upcoming series “Black Jesus,” according to the Black Jesus Facebook page. “As for me, I’m finally putting a life of controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK JESUS,” the Aaron’s post concludes. It’s been nearly four years since “The Boondocks'” last aired and the show has (cleverly and humorously) mocked everyone. EVERYONE. From BET, Tyler Perry, President Barack Obama stans, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly–no one was immune. I guess we’ll have to check it out April 21 and see. Watch past episodes here.

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On my watchlist? What I’m tuning in to see and what I’ll catch up with XFINITY On Demand this weekend…
 “Resurrection”: This show sort of reminds me of AMC’s “The Killing,” with a sound storyline that’s taking several episodes to unfold. It airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Watch it here.
“The Walking Dead”: The season 4 finale airs this weekend. Will the prison crew reunite? Is Terminus as righteous as they believe? Tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on AMC to find out. Watch it here.

The Hot List: Who/What’s Hot, Not
HOT: Michael B. Jordan mentoring student filmmaker finalists at CinemaCon this week (I knew there was  reason I liked this guy!).
NOT: The drama surrounding Whitney Houston’s family, where her sister-in-law Pat Houston got a restraining order for Bobbi Kristina’s new hubby Nick Gordon (I know Nippy’s rolling her eyes at this foolishness!).

HOT: Wu-Tang Clan’s “secret” album, “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” (Whenever it does drop, I’ll be there to get it, whenever that will be.).
NOT: “Scandal” episodes since its mid-season return (Yeah, I think the 3-month break was too long, with many viewers complaining that the storylines have proven more predictable and too soapy.).

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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