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'The Wolf of Wall Street' (Paramount Media Home Distribution)

The Wolf of Wall Street

Legendary director Martin Scorsese delivers another masterpiece ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and VOD from Paramount Home Media Distribution. Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Leonardo DiCaprio), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jonah Hill) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Terence Winter), ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has appeared on over 25 Top Ten lists including the AFI, the National Board of Review, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, New York Times, New York Daily News and The Hollywood Reporter. Leonardo DiCaprio earned a Golden Globe for his portrayal of a young stockbroker hungry for a life of non-stop thrills, where corruption is king and more is never enough.  Based on an outrageous true story of American excess, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ features a script by Terence Winter and top performances from Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, Jean Dujardin and Margot Robbie.  Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Best of Bogart Collection

Making the pinnacle of an incredible and enduring career, Bogart’s greatest films including his Oscar- winning The African Queen, come together for the first time in this remarkable high-definition collection.  Includes hours of special features and vintage art cards for each film. Films Included are The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The African Queen. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Put aside your dreary spring cleaning chores and join the intrepid gang as they shake the cobwebs off some truly cheesy movies on board the Satellite of Love! Shout! Factory has released ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX’ on DVD, featuring four previously unreleased episodes Untamed Youth, Hercules and the Captive Women, The Thing That Couldn’t Die and The Pumaman. This 4-DVD set is also brimming with bonus features, including new interviews with Mamie Van Doren and Walter G. Alton; new featurettes The Movie That Couldn’t Die and MST3K Artist in Residence: Steve Vance; new introductions by Joel Hodgson, About Joel Hodgson’s Riffing Myself, four exclusive Mini-Posters by artist Steve Vance and more. ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX’ brings us Untamed Youth,  a rock n’ roll exploitation flick about two beautiful and talented sisters on their way to Tinseltown who are arrested on trumped-up charges by a corrupt judge;  the 1961 sci-fi fantasy adventure Hercules and the Captive Women, where, in a mishmash of myths, the celebrated Greek hero must battle an army of super warriors who are under the mysterious power of Atlantis’ treacherous queen; The Thing That Couldn’t Die, the tale of young Jessica, who is drawn to a crate buried on her aunt’s ranch, only to discover the living head of a 16th-century devil worshipper; and The Pumaman, a 1980 sci-fi miracle in which a young paleontologist discovers that he is actually a flying man-god descended from aliens, destined to protect a really important mask before it falls into the hands of Donald Pleasence. Buy the XXIX DVD right here.


In Season 2 of the acclaimed HBO comedy series ‘Veep,’ which follows the day-to-day life of Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, winner of the 2012 and 2013 Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in ‘Veep,’), Meyer puts out political fires, juggles a busy public schedule and demanding private life, and defends the president’s interests. From Academy Award nominee Armando Iannucci (In the Loop), the show’s hilarious political humor is not to be missed. In Season 2 of ‘Veep,’ as midterm elections loom, Vice President Selina Meyer is scoring higher ratings than the president in several popularity polls, which she hopes will boost her influence and help her curry favor with the chief executive. But despite her best intentions, even the most banal actions can set off unexpected and often disastrous consequences. Her staff – played by an ensemble cast including 2013 Emmy winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Emmy nominee for ‘Veep’ Anna Chlumsky (In the Loop, My Girl), Matt Walsh (HBO’s Hung), Reid Scott (My Boys), Timothy Simons (Days Together) and Sufe Bradshaw (Overnight) – is close at hand with a laugh-out-loud combination of personal problems and government-insider antics. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray right here.

William & Mary

Starring Martin Clunes (Doc Martin, Shakespeare in Love) and Julie Graham (The Bletchley Circle, At Home with the Braithwaites, Bonekickers) as two improbable love birds, ‘William & Mary: The Complete Collection’ is now available on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. Martin Clunes stars as an undertaker in this BAFTA nominated drama (2004) who finds an unlikely connection with a midwife. Broadcast on ITV 2003-2005 in the U.K. and on public television in the U.S., the DVD 6-Disc set includes all three poignant series of the acclaimed dramedy celebrated for its strong writing and outstanding performances, plus a bonus 40-min. cast interview segment. She brings people into the world, he ushers them out—but for this unconventional pair, love is the greatest journey of all. Martin Clunes and Julie Graham are the slightly jaded (but ever hopeful) couple looking to finally get it right in this addictive British dramedy. William Shawcross is a widowed undertaker whose profession has kept women at arm’s length. Mary Gilcrest is a no-nonsense midwife who has little time to muck about with romance. From the minute they meet, the demands of family and their unpredictable professions keep things complicated. But they find that, like birth and death, love is a force that won’t be denied. Guest stars include Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender (12 Years A Slave, X-Men), Annette Crosbie (Doctor Who), Saskia Wickham (Peak Practice), Russell Tovey (The Pirates! Band of Misfits) and Miranda Hart (Miranda). Buy the complete collection DVD right here.

Little House on the Prairie

One of the most cherished TV series of all time, ‘Little House on the Prairie‘ continues to capture new generations of fans around the world by sharing its timeless themes of love, morality and rich family values. This American classic can now be experienced like never before with the release of ‘Little House On The Prairie – Season One Deluxe Remastered Edition,’ now available on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD UltraViolet), DVD (plus Digital Ultraviolet) and Digital HD. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the pilot movie premiere, the beloved series has been completely restored and remastered and will be available in high definition for the first time from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products.  First introduced to American families in March of 1974, the show remained a top-rated series throughout its nine season run and garnered 17 Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations along with two People’s Choice Awards. ‘Little House on the Prairie was produced by NBC in association with multiple Emmy nominated and highly successful television producer Ed Friendly.  The show remains one of television’s most meaningful TV series and now loyal fans along with new viewers will be able to discover the Ingalls’ unconquerable courage as they strive to build a better way of life. Not seen since their original TV broadcast, all twenty-four season one episodes are now presented complete and uncut, newly restored and remastered for optimal picture and sound quality. Plus, you’ll discover where the “Little House on the Prairie” TV legend began—with the original, full-length pilot movie that introduced the Ingalls family to millions of viewers around the world. Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert both earned Golden Globe nominations for their unforgettable roles as Charles Ingalls and Laura Ingalls in the inspiring story, based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling and much-loved “The Little House on the Prairie” book series which chronicles the dramatic, gripping adventures of a young pioneer family’s struggle to build a new life for themselves on the American frontier of the 1870s.  Relive all the heartwarming adventures from season one—from the arrival of Charles Ingalls and his family in Walnut Grove, through the building of a new home and friendships to battling for their lives against a vicious blizzard. Buy the Season 1 Deluxe Remastered Blu-ray right here.

Delivery Man

In the heartwarming comedy ‘Delivery Man,’ underachiever David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) learns he’s actually an overachiever — he’s fathered 533 children via donations made twenty years earlier! David soon discovers that the shock of his life might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Along the way he discovers not only his true self, but also the father he could become. Also starring Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders — and complete with bonus materials, including behind-the-scenes footage — it’s a feel-good movie that really delivers. The cast includes Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers, Couples Retreat) as David Wozniack; Cobie Smulders (Marvel’s The Avengers, TV’s “How I Met Your Mother”) as Emma, David’s Girlfriend & Chris Pratt (Moneyball, The Five-Year Engagement) as Brett, David’s Best Friend. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Mapp & Lucia

Serving up an exquisite dish of quirky characters and razor-sharp satire, the British comedy based on the beloved books by E.F. Benson, ‘Mapp & Lucia: The Complete Collection’ is now back on DVD from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. In the fictional village of Tilling-on-Sea circa 1930, two formidable matrons vie for social supremacy, using unconventional weaponry such as gardens and lobster recipes. Broadcast on PBS in 1986 and starring Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers), Geraldine McEwan (Agatha Christie’s Marple) and Nigel Hawthorne (Yes Minister), the DVD 4-Disc Set includes all 10 episodes from Series 1 & 2 of the acclaimed British comedy. The accents may be posh, but the battle for social supremacy is down and dirty in this classic British series set in 1930s provincial England. The indomitable Elizabeth Mapp (Prunella Scales) reigns as queen bee in the seaside village of Tilling—until elegant Emmeline “Lucia” Lucas (Geraldine McEwan) moves to town for the summer and decides to stay. As arbiters of good taste and propriety, they are unchallenged by all but each other. On battlegrounds such as art, marriage, local politics, European connections, and a certain coveted lobster recipe, these high-minded adversaries clash in contests rich in intrigue, scandal, and antic comedy. Buy the complete collection DVD right here.

Alpha and Omega

In a year with such major sporting events as the Winter Olympics and the World Cup, kids can look forward to a whole new tournament in the family adventure, ‘Alpha And Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital HD UltraViolet) and DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet) exclusively at Walmart from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Alpha, Omega and their pups get together for some friendly competition with the fellow forest dwellers. The film is the latest installment in the hugely successful Alpha and Omega franchise which has sold over 1.5MM DVDs to date and has captured over 5MM digital views. The pups are back and howl-ing for fun in The Great Wolf Games! Join in on the excitement as the Alpha pack competes against all different animals to win bragging rights for their territory. Laugh along with Stinky, Claudette and Runt in this hilarious and exciting story where the pups learn that with teamwork and training – anything is possible. Buy the Great Wolf Games Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

DreamWorks Animation’s ‘How to Train Your Dragon fans’ can soar higher than ever with the DVD release of the first part of the award-winning top-rated TV series, DreamWorks ‘Dragons: Defenders of Berk.’ The DVD kicks off the franchise’s “Year of the Dragon” which will continue with the highly anticipated film sequel arriving in theaters this June as well as Dragon game apps, books and other fan experiences releasing throughout the year. The DVD of the 2013 Annie Award winner for Best Animated Television Production for Children is loaded with exciting bonus content for the whole family to enjoy and contains 10 epic adventures and four all-new dragons. Based on the DreamWorks Animation Academy Award nominated movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon,‘ ‘Dragons: Defenders of Berk’ Season 2, Part 1 follows Hiccup and his fellow dragon trainers as they battle to protect their island home. The young Vikings must put their dragon training skills to the test to defeat dangerous and surprising new enemies! The series features original voice talent from the film including Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse and will include, Zack Pearlman and more. Defenders of Berk, and the previously released Riders of Berk, is a must-own for any Dragons fan to catch up before the summer event when How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits theatres June 13th! The DVD is jam-packed with special features that dive deeper into the exciting world of Dragons, including Dragon Tracker Part 3 featuring an in-depth look at the Screaming Death, Fireworm Queen, Flightmare and Skrill dragons; Evolution of Screaming Death, a featurette with visual effects supervisor David Jones who explains the history behind this interesting and scary dragon; and the “SuperFly” Dragon Mash-up music video. When it comes to action and excitement, the sky’s the limit in this high-flying animated TV series. Buy the Season 2, Part 1 DVD right here.

Geography Club

Breaking Glass Pictures, Huffington Pictures, and Shoreline Entertainment are pleased to announce the DVD release of ‘Geography Club,’ produced by Michael Huffington of Huffington Pictures. Starring Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect), Justin Deeley (“Drop Dead Diva”, “90210”), and Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray), ‘Geography Club’ has been a hit with audiences since its November theatrical and VOD release across the United States and Canada. Based on the first novel in Brent Hartinger’s best-selling critically acclaimed Russel Middlebrook Series, Geography Club is a smart, fast, and funny account of contemporary teenagers as they discover their own sexual identities, dreams, and values. 16-year old Russell (Stewart) is going on dates with girls while nurturing a secret relationship with star quarterback Kevin (Deeley), who will do anything to prevent his teammates from finding out. Min (Ally Maki, “10 Things I Hate About You”) and Terese (Blonsky) tell everyone that they’re just best friends. And then there’s Ike (Alex Newell, “Glee”), who can’t figure out who he is or who he wants to be. Finding the truth too hard to hide, they decide to form a Geography Club, thinking nobody else would want to join. However, their secrets may soon be discovered and they could have to face the choice of revealing who they really are. Buy the DVD right here.

Medical Center

Chad Everett and James Daly, as Chief of Surgery Joe Gannon and Chief of Staff Paul Lochner, lead their hit medical drama into its fourth outing tackling controversial topics and cutting-edge medicine simultaneously. Alternative medicine, parapsychology, professional sports’ abuse of performance enhancing drugs, “angels of mercy” killers and more are tackled with compassion and conviction by Dr. Joe and Dr. Lochner alongside a ward full of A-list guest stars. One those guests, Audrey Totter, was on her way to becoming a series regular, thanks to her compelling Nurse Wilcox. Among the other stars showing up at County UMC are Courtship of Eddie’s Father stars Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz (in separate episodes), Jim Backus, Stefanie Powers, Celeste Holm, Larry Hagman, Barbara Feldon, John Ritter, Ruth Buzzi, Jessica Walter, Robert Foxworth, Will Geer, George Chakiris, Nancy Walker and William Windom. A 6-Disc, 24-Episode Collection. Buy the Season 4 DVD at

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night! Green Lantern shines bright in DC’s radiant, groundbreaking CGI animated series. The Green Lantern Corps patrols the galaxy, fighting evil. But in the farthest reaches of deep space where few Lanterns patrol, a new evil is rising – the Red Lanterns! Hal Jordan and fellow Lantern Kilowog defy The Guardians of the Universe and board a new experimental spacecraft, the Interceptor, and race to the Guardian Frontier to face the evil Red Lanterns head-on! But a menace lurks beyond the Red Lantern invasion and Hal, Kilowog and fellow Green Lanterns Tomar-Re and Aya discover an even greater evil that threatens to extinguish all life. It’s an interstellar race to destroy the mechanical Manhunters, aid Saint Walker and his Blue Lanterns and stop the planet-eating Anti-Monitor! Pick up this exciting double-disc complete series set to see if Green Lantern’s light can defeat these powerful new enemies! If not, the universe will fall into darkness. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray at

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Marvel’s Avengers are back in the new, feature-length animated adventure ‘Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher,’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In this action-packed animated film, two of Marvel’s most popular characters, Black Widow (voiced by Jennifer Carpenter, TV’s “Dexter”) and the Punisher (voiced by Brian Bloom, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”) team up alongside Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers. Go behind-the-scenes with two revealing, making-of featurettes “Espionage and Punishment” and “The Vigilante Vs. The Spy.” In both featurettes, fans will hear from filmmakers on the highly anticipated pairing of two of Marvel’s most deadly Super Heroes. The Blu-ray Combo Pack includes a special Conceptual Art Gallery offering fans an expanded view of the imaginative design. After interfering with a top secret mission, The Punisher is taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Avenger, Black Widow. At the orders of Director Nick Fury, Punisher and Black Widow are sent on a mission to stop Leviathan, a global terrorist organization that plans to sell stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to the highest bidder. Now, the vigilante and spy must work together to prevent this technology from falling into the wrong hands. The fate of the world, and of the Avengers, hangs in the balance. ‘Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher’ was directed by Kenichi Shimizu, with a story by Marjorie Liu and screenplay by Mitsutaka Hirota. It was produced by Marvel, Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Madhouse Inc. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Past

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is honored to announce the Blu-ray Combo Pack release of writer/director Asghar Farhadi’s latest film, ‘The Past,’ nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Golden Globes. Farhadi’s last film, ‘A Separaton’ won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and an Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. ‘The Past’ features a star-studded international cast, including Oscar-nominee Bérénice Bejo (The Artist, Academy Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actress, 2011), Tahar Rahim (A Prophet) and Ali Mosaffa (The Last Step).  A Sony Pictures Classics film, ‘The Past’ was selected as the Iranian entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2014 Academy Awards.  Bejo was awarded Best Actress at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival where the film won the Ecumenical Jury Prize and was nominated for the Palme d’Or. ‘The Past’ is nominated for five César Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. Special features on ‘The Past’ Combo Pack include a Commentary and a Q&A with Asghar Farhadi, as well as “Making The Past” featurette. Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa) returns to Paris to finalize his divorce so his wife Marie (Academy Award Nominee Bérénice Bejo, 2011 Best Supporting Actress, The Artist) can marry her new boyfriend, Samir (Tahar Rahim). During his tense stay, Ahmad discovers the conflicting nature of Marie’s relationship with her daughter Lucie (Pauline Burlet). Ahmad’s efforts to improve this relationship soon unveil a secret from their past. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Key & Peele

Critically acclaimed ‘Key & Peele‘ Seasons 1 & 2 give the viewers no choice but to laugh again at the duo’s hilarious way of examining life in a provocative and irreverent way, through a combination of filmed sketches and live stage segments.  From gangsters sharing a passion for Twilight, to the flamboyant East/West College Bowl players introducing themselves, to racist superheroes, Key & Peele showcase their chemistry, camaraderie, and unique point of view, born of their shared background and experience growing up biracial in a not quite post-racial world. Buy the Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-ray right here.

Tim Holt Western Classics

(1940-52) Tim Holt rides again in this action-packed three disc, nine movie collection that gives Western fans a chance to saddle up with Tim across more than a decade’s span of sagebrush sagas. From Wagon Train, the film that crowned Tim a Cowboy King, to some of his final Western adventures in Overland Telegraph and Trail Guide, Holt’s acting dexterity that’s on ample display in his A-list supporting player career, gets plenty of chances to shine. He also larks through screwball comedy Western The Fargo Kid, fights a grim battle against a town of outlaws in Land of the Open Range and even buckles on some costumed adventurer swash in Red River Robin Hood! But no man rides alone for long as Tim is joined by a posse of cool co-stars like Ray Whitley, Lee “Lasses” White, Marjorie Reynolds, Janet Waldo, and “Ukulele Ike” Cliff Edwards. But why waste time jawin’? Let’s ride! Collection includes: Wagon Train (1940), The Fargo Kid (1940), Cyclone on Horseback (1941), Riding the Wind (1942), Land of the Open Range (1942), Thundering Hoofs (1942), Overland Telegraph (1951) and Trail Guide (1952). Buy the Volume 4 DVD at


Since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 1968, ‘Wonderwall’ has remained one of the quintessential films of the psychedelic movement. The mind-bending classic is making its Blu-ray debut in a collector’s edition Blu-ray courtesy of Fabulous Films. In addition to a 32-page book from director Joe Massot featuring extensive essays, historical analysis and production history, the collector’s edition of Wonderwall  features an all-new print, a high-definition restoration by the Pinewood Studios Film Restoration Team. The release includes the original Theatrical version as well as the re-edited Directors Cut, which features music from the original Wonderwall session that was never included in the original theatrical release. Featuring a score composed by George Harrison and performed by an all-star ensemble of musicians including George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, Wonderwall’s  kaleidoscope of images set to Harrison’s soundtrack catapult the audience into a lost world of innocence, where love and laughter reign supreme. Buy the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray right here.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Now 20% Cooler! Rainbow Dash is one cool pony … make that an awesome pony! ‘My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: A Dash Of Awesome’ is now available is on DVD from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, and it includes a sing-along as a bonus feature. Join Rainbow Dash for five thrilling adventures alongside her very best friends in all of Equestria; the studious Twilight Sparkle, quiet animal lover Fluttershy, the party enthusiast Pinkie Pie, the always loyal apple farmer Applejack, and Ponyville’s very own fashionista Rarity! That’s right! Five episodes dedicated to everypony’s favorite highflying Pegasus, Rainbow Dash! The episodes include “May the Best Pet Win!,” “The Mysterious Mare Do Well,” “Read It and Weep,” “Daring Don’t,” and “Rainbow Falls.” Buy the Dash of Awesome DVD right here.

Winx Club

A  tale about friendship, magic and fun, see where the blockbuster global Winx Club franchise began when every episode of mega-hit freshman season of the beloved series becomes available in one collection. The hugely entertaining first episodes of the television series follow Bloom and her five best friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. Residing in both a magical universe and Earth, the fashion-loving fairies unlock mystical adventures and battle against darkness, all while helping Bloom find out about her mysterious past. In addition to the hugely popular Winx Club line of consumer products, the long-standing series currently airs on Nickelodeon, including new episodes and TV specials. The Winx Club is a modern fantasy adventure series following five fashion-forward best friends (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna). The show is situated mainly in the Magical Dimension and on Earth. When trouble arises, the Winx Club transforms into beautiful fairies who use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Throughout the story, they discover new, evolved, much stronger fairy transformations and forms, unlock new secrets and even stronger magical abilities, battle against the darkness and support Bloom as she tries to discover her true past, home world and birth parents. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse

Breaking Glass Pictures is excited to announce the DVD release of ‘Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse.’ The film brings moviegoers into one of the darkest moments in the Portland’s recent history. Mayor Charlie Hales said, ““It’s a stunning film.  It’s a public service, and I hope more people see it.” James Chasse, a shy and gentle man with schizophrenia, was tackled by three police officers in front of dozens of eyewitnesses on a downtown street corner in Northwest Portland in September 2006. He was not suspected of a crime, nor had he committed one, but nonetheless he suffered 17 broken ribs, a separated shoulder, a punctured lung, and numerous bruises and contusions before dying. Chasse’s death and treatment shocked the city, asking profound questions about how we treat those with mental illness and what kind of a police force we want. Brian Lindstrom’s moving film, six years in the making, provides both a detailed chronicle of Chasse’s tragic final hours and a deep look at the arc of his life from suburban childhood to trying to live as an independent adult with mental illness in a society ill-equipped to recognize his needs. Buy the DVD right here.


There’s something terrifying in the waters in Black Lake, but what’s above the surface is just as dangerous. Scream Factory has unleashed director Larry Fessenden’s enthralling creature thriller ‘Beneath’ on Blu-ray and DVD. Featuring a general dose of suspense terror and wicked satire, ‘Beneath’ follows a group of high-school grads as they face the ultimate tests of friendship and sacrifice during a terror-stricken fight for survival – an allegorical tale about the tragic inability of people to rise above their differences even in the face of grave threat. Directed by Fessenden (Wendigo, The Last Winter), the film stars Danny Zovatto (Innocence), Bonnie Dennison (Stake Land, Third Watch), Chris Conroy (Sorority Row), Jonny Orsini (Imogene), Griffin Newman (Political Animals) Mackenzie Rosman (7th Heaven) and Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) as Mr. Parks.  Packed with special bonus content, Beneath is a must have for horror movie enthusiasts and loyal fans. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Truth About Emanuel

Jessica Biel (Playing For Keeps, Hitchcock), Kaya Scodelario (Clash of the Titans, TV’s “Skins”) and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, The Da Vinci Code) star in writer/director Francesca Gregorini’s (Tanner Hall) intimate drama ‘The Truth About Emanuel,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment. A young woman (Scodelario) becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor (Biel) who bears a striking resemblance to the girl’s dead mother. The film also stars Frances O’Connor (Jayne Mansfield’s Car, A.I. Artificial Intelligence), Aneurin Barnard (Citadel, Ironclad) and Jimmi Simpson (White House Down, TV’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). Bonus materials include an interview with Director Francesca Gregorini, plus deleted scenes and outtakes. ‘The Truth About Emanuel’ premiered in the US Dramatic Competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. In addition, the film won awards for Best Feature Director at the 2013 LA Femme Film Festival, Best Acting Ensemble: Feature at the 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival and awards for cinematography at 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival and 2013 Brooklyn Film Festival. Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), a troubled young woman, becomes preoccupied with her mysterious new neighbor (Jessica Biel), who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. When an unexpected discovery results in a shared secret between the two, their relationship intensifies, and Emanuel’s already-fragile world begins to spin out of control. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Punk Singer

Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention in the 1990s as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement. She became both one of the most famously outspoken feminist icons and a cultural lightning rod. While her critics wished she would just shut up, her fans hoped she never would. So when in 2005 Hanna stopped shouting, many wondered why. Through 20 years of archival footage and intimate interviews with Hanna and those who were part of the scene, including music legends Joan Jett and the Beastie Boys’ Adam Horowitz (Hanna’s husband), ‘The Punk Singer‘ takes viewers on a fascinating tour of contemporary music and offers a never-before-seen view into the life of this fearless leader. The film, which premiered at the SXSW festival and went on to a successful theatrical run through IFC Films, also features Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and actress-writer Carrie Brownstein. Buy the DVD right here.


Breaking Glass Pictures is excited to announce the DVD release of ‘Junk,’ from director Kevin Hamedani of Zombies of Mass Destruction. Hamedani and co-writer Ramon Isao lead an all star cast including James Hong (Blade Runner, R.I.P.D., Kung Fu Panda), Lynn Shelton (Laggies, Your Sister’s Sister) Jake Johnson (“New Girl”, Drinking Buddies) and Brett Davern (“Awkward”), as well as performances by rock band OK Go. ‘Junk,’ took home the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival. Kaveh (Hamedani) and Raul (Isao) are two B-movie co-writers who have suffered a bitter falling out. Kaveh’s lost his girlfriend, and spends his days getting high in his apartment, while Raul is off studying at Columbia University.  But when one of their films (Islama-rama 2) is accepted by a film festival, the two ex-friends are forced to tentatively re-connect in order to pitch their script to the mysterious producer, Yukio Tai (Hong). Along the way, they will have to brave brutish bodyguards, cutthroat colleagues, inept agents, romantic entanglements, prima donna actors, and the trials of their own bitter friendship. Buy the DVD right here.

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