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CTI-Zhong Tian.

Cti ZHONG TIAN CHANNEL is a Mandarin television channel aimed at serving the Chinese community worldwide. It was launched at the end of 1994 to provide 24-hour information-based programs, broadcasting up-to-the minute news programs, financial information, in-depth news features, as well as a variety of entertainment programs. Since then, Cti has secured the position as a market leader in overseas Chinese television markets with its highly reputable “Zhong Tian News” coverage, nationwide penetration, professional management and quality programming. The channel focuses on the latest trends in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, with a vision to bring different perspectives to global Chinese audiences.

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Fantastic Fun Show (真的不一樣)” Sunday, 10pm-11pm PT]

The new variety Show hosted by Zhong Kang Tuo and Kikki Shao. Fantastic Fun Show creates many different situations to see what guests are going to do, at the same time a psychologist analyses the guests’ behavior. It can help people to understand human nature in communication.

The Faith(信義)” [MondayThursday, 10pm-11pm PT/ 1 am-2am ET]

The Faith is a fusion fantasy-historical-medical television drama series in Korea. It is about a modern-day plastic surgeon that gets kidnapped and travels back in time to the Goryeo period, 700 years in the past. There, she meets and falls in love with a warrior who is the leader of the royal guard. Romantic drama in this summer!! Don’t miss it.

Really Something (真的!了不起)” Saturday, 6pm-7pm PT]

A popular game show in Taiwan, quiz guests about what is the truth. It hosted by Lawyer Arthur C. W. Hsieh and Linda Chien. Six people will be invited, each claiming to be able to accomplish something seemingly unbelievable. However, the stories are truth, but they may not invite the real story people.  Who will be the smartest person? Enjoy the show at Saturday dinner time!

“Super Singer Show(超級歌喉讚)” [Saturday, 9pm-11pm PT/ 12am-2am ET] First Run

[Monday, 5pm-7pm PT/ 8pm-9pm ET] Re-run

The show is hosted by comedian, Kan Kan and singer, Phoebe Huang. They invite 30 radio D.Js become judges. Golden Melody Awards singers, idol singers and ordinary persons are going to sing alone or make a group to get their honor. The game is by PK system. Some of them becoming popular guests on TV shows or landing endorsement deals.

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